Programmed Universe 5

We can’t live the past physically

The second imagery you can take from ‘Interstellar’ – where the protagonist is transported through the tesseract into the past where he can see himself and his daughter’s childhood but does not change the scene in front of him, more than simply conveying the message through binary or Morse code.

If we can go physically in the past or have the ability to interfere by looking at the physical scene, then we will do so much, which will change the present again and again. Like if we go to the past and finish our grandfather, before his marriage – then all the people related to him who came into existence later, should be finished automatically – including ourselves, but the biggest practical problem here is again What will be the future of the people associated with them. That means the future of grandmother, your father/uncle / aunt will be deleted. But what about the future of your mother/aunt?

programmed Universe 5
Time Travel Concept

Or, by going to the past, you kill any person whose very long dynasty has flourished in the present…or go straight to the Stone Age and eliminate the early humans? Then every moment there will be a new change in the present.

Or suppose you can go back in the past even for a minute, then if you shoot yourself, who will die – if you are the one who died, then you are dead a minute ago, then how did you shoot yourself?  And if you are alive as an assassin after being shot, then who did you shoot? On the basis of these things, this imagination is completely rejected.

That is why I believe that even if we would have been able to travel in time, either in the past or in the future, we would reach there virtually – where we wll unable to manipulate anything, or if we reach physically, then the past or future will be virtual – which we can see but cannot change it. I can explain this thing in another way.

To see the sky in the night is also our time travel

You see sky in the night – your viewing is a confluence of the real present and the past. Have you ever thought that when you are watching the stars of heaven, then in reality, you travel back to a few minutes to several thousand, million, billion years. We who sit on Earth and see distant stars, is possible through light, which has a speed of about three million km per second, but in spite of this things are so far away in space that It takes billions, billions of years for the light to reach us from them – so what happens is that the view of a star, a planet, a galaxy, which has just reached us, actually may take time as an hour to a billion years in this travel.

Space view in Night

For example, suppose it takes a thousand years for the view of a galaxy to reach us — that is, the view we are seeing now is actually a thousand years old, and the view right now will be visible after a thousand years on Earth— And it could also be that the galaxy was destroyed a year ago, a hundred years ago, or immediately after this view, and in reality, it does not exist – whereas for the next thousand years we would see it this way will remain as it is in our view.

This is your time travel to the past and if you want to see the history of your earth in exactly the same way, then understand the theory of space travel. Einstein’s theory says that nothing can move at the speed of light and that this speed is so low that you cannot walk out of your Galaxy in your lifetime, even after running at this speed, then if we hope to reach somewhere else is useless. For this, either a wormhole can be an option, or you have to go to a transmission technique – where you can cover the distance to Andromeda in the blink of an eye – it is strange to hear but any civilization that will be able to travel in space, they can make their journey possible with this option.

Suppose- If you develop such a technique, then you will be able to see the past by reaching at different distances from the earth in the blink of an eye. With this way, you will be able to see the Hiroshima nuclear attack, dinosaur era or cause of their end. Yes, off course, you should have object to make things clearly visible from so far away – but here too you will be able to see just the virtual form, will not be able to change it.

infinity The cycle of civilization

Time in space moves at different speeds

This is the journey of the past – for the future journey, you have to understand the fact that time is not absolute for every place, means it is not always the same for everyone, as Newton claimed or you might think because anyone who has no interest in science, he still thinks the same even today — that is, the longer we spend an hour, the longer the space will spend an hour anywhere — while the reality is not like this.

In reality, time passes differently in proportion to the gravitational field and velocity of something – as in space-time will pass faster than the Earth, while on Earth itself around the Pyramid of Giza time passes slower than the rest of the places— This difference is a small fraction of a second, but at different places in space, time can be very fast or very slow…like according to mass of the planet Jupiter its gravity is too much so time would pass too slow there than on Earth.

programmed Universe 5
Event Horizon

Apart from this, time passes very slowly around a black hole. You can understand this from the movie ‘Interstellar’, where an hour passes on a planet near the Gargantua Blackhole, even outside an equivalent of seven years. Or if you can go inside a black hole, even after spending a few hours when you come back to Earth, a lot has changed here and you will reach the future with one stroke – but it is like a one way, Here you can move forward with the help of the fourth dimension but you cannot return to the past with the help of the fifth dimension.

Apart from this, speed also has a profound effect on time – the faster you can walk, the slower the time will pass in front of you. It means if you can walk at the speed of light, time will almost stop for you. You can understand it better from the ‘Clock Stopper’ or ‘Xmen’ series films, where the characters able to do this act at such a pace that the rest of things feel stopped – or a little you can also understand from a mosquito whose speed is much faster than a human being, and the human action done to kill him is seen to him in slow motion, and he can save himself very easily.

But there is another fact associated with it that you cannot see an object moving at such a fast speed – for example, ceiling fan blades, mosquito’s or fly’s wings. Since you have seen them in a stagnant state, then you know that they exist – if you had not seen them in a steady-state? Then these things do not exist for you – by the same rule it is possible that there are creatures around us – but due to their fast speed, we cannot see them even when they see us acting in slow motion….on the same line, there may be things in space which we cannot see due to their speed.

Vulture feast

Possible causes of paranormal activities

Now let’s talk about ghosts, phantom, supernaturals or paranormal activities. You can say that what is the need to talk about them in this article – but according to a possibility if we are really a computerized program, then you should consider them as an error in this program – so keep checking this aspect as well.

The common beliefs about these are of two types – the first is that of a wandering soul and the second is the Jinnat who exists in the Muslims mythology. So today we have modern equipment and technology with which we can detect the existence of any object from its heat, and can even see them and so the existence of Jinnat is dismissed completely, Because if you say that they are made of fire, then how can they be heatless.

programmed Universe 5
Paranormal Terror

Perhaps the concept of souls can be considered, but is there really such a thing like a soul? Actually, there is a ‘consciousness’ that drives a human being, which we can call a form of energy. As long as it is in the body, the body is moving and as soon as it is finished – life is over.

Like when we watch TV or computer, which shows and teaches us things from the whole world, but when the electricity, that drives him ends, it stops performing. Electricity is the main factor for running it, but it has no independent existence. It can perform with any supporting object like bulb, fan, TV, mobile, battery, wire. The soul is just like that.

You can also understand this thing from the radio phantom that as soon as you enter cells, it narrates you the stations around the world, but when you remove the cells, it becomes a box. These cells/batteries/electricity itself cannot narrate you nor can the radio narrates anything without them. Both will perform only when they connect with each other. This battery is consciousness while the radio is your body. Without body or consciousness of any work and body without consciousness, are worthless – this consciousness or energy we call soul in ordinary language.

God's Existence

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