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Faith versus Logic Final

Could Shara’s rule be an ideal system?

If you want to give the example of Sharia law as an example of low crime rate and safe environment, and then also consider that ten countries of the world with the lowest crime rate Iceland, Denmark, Austria, New Zealand, Portugal, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Canada, Japan, and Slovenia are there— so why not their system is ideal?

Faith versus Logic
Faith versus Logic

Sharia laws were defined at a time when there was a tribal culture in Arabia – the monarchy was the system. In that era, there were often wars for animals, women, domination, and expansion of power, in which women were widowed largely— to support them, more than one marriage or to make them mistress was allowed… what wars are happening now?

If the people living there accept it due to happiness or helplessness, but even if enjoying full civil liberties in democracy, the Sharia system of Saudi Arabia is attracting you, where there are restrictions at every step, then you are religiously ill— and you don’t want to think anything beyond faith. Even in that system, this thinking of mine will also come under Blasphemy because I raised the questions, whose punishment is death— do you want such a system? I really do not want it. The one who follows another religion cannot get citizenship there nor can he adopt his method of worship.

And in India, those who are advocates of Sharia seen wandering here and there – there is a request to them that even if our rule is a democracy, but as a true believer, they should apply the Sharia to themselves and don’t do anything which is wrong or a crime with the Shariah. For example—

Avoid the interest-bearing banking system— immediately cash whatever mutual funds, shares, FDs you have. Avoid stealing power, which is the most common custom among Muslims. If photos are not allowed in the house, then break the TV and throw it away. Since porn is also available on mobile and you can see a picture/video of unknown women on Facebook etc., then quit using your Smartphone and keep a simple buttoned mobile. Do not wear tight clothes (jeans, t-shirt, etc.). On the way, getting-up or sitting, do not look at any girl and woman. The Sharia has made the daughter a shareholder in the property, immediately give her due right to your sisters or daughters. These are the deeds which Momins are doing indiscriminately— the rest things like gambling, liquor, womanizing, are a different issue.

If you can do this much then try doing it, then after that, if you talk about Sharia law or Sharia, only then your say will matter to the people.

Did God make a man or the man, made God?

God created man or the man, made the God— this dispute may never be resolved, but an unseen God is in existence ever since the first human being in the world would have found first hope amid awe. Fear and hope – right here begins the God, and even though he may not have been known in any particular way then, but as man became smarter, God too became accepted in different forms and its separation is the prevalent “religion” at present.

The real meaning of religion is not what is in front of everyone in the world today, but its practical meaning is this— you are Hindus, I am Muslim, that is a Sikh, that is a Christian and that is Jew.

So for a while, free yourself from this tilak, cap, cross, turban— and find out what is religion? What is its real form— why is it and what has it given to you? What are you achieving from this religion?

Vulture feast

Leave the past in the past, whatever was written in those books, was according to the circumstances of that time, was written to handle the humans of that time. Come in the present and think, can it be a religion to abuse someone, or to speak to someone with love should be the religion?

Can it be religious to hate someone or to love someone should be the religion? Taking someone’s life should be a religion or to save someone’s life? To take away someone’s right can be religion or to help any poor fellow to get his right? Can injustice done to someone be religion or give/help to get justice? To torture, someone with the opposite ideology can be religion or to give respect to people of other ideology?

Faith versus Logic

Think as many questions like these as you can think, think those questions with closed eyes and introspect yourself honestly. Test your answers on the criterion of religion you have been carrying from generation to generation. Think, brainstorm what religion was for— why there was a need for religion and how you are practising that religion. Among Hindus too, “Meditation” is said to be the way to seek God and to connect oneself with him and in us too it is called “Salat”.

Salat means meditation, that is, attaching oneself to God— the Prophet adopted this Salat as “Namaz”, Sufis in some other form— but later on people adopted Namaz as a rule and today its meaning is lost somewhere. Do not ask me this question, but ask yourself whether you reach that state of “meditation” in Namaz? That you feel connected to Allah or does your mind keep wandering in worldly additions/subtractions? Remains stuck in High pyjama or Skull cap?  Do you find yourself ever close to “Salat”? If not, find out the reason for that.

However, if by churning so much you do not get this pearl of knowledge, that to hurt someone is not a religion, but to help in someone’s suffering, to help him overcome his suffering is religion— then be sure, that there is a lacking in you being a human.

Religion, Iniquity and Foul-Iniquity

Here people are often seen asking the question, what is religion? So the question is right in its place but the answers of those in front can be different… Actually, when you say Religion in English or ‘Mazhab’ in Urdu, it has a direct and only meaning— The particular ideology, creed, the enclosure bound with the law of uniformity— but when you say ‘Dharm’ in Hindi, then it has two meanings. The first meaning that is commonly practised is Religion itself.

But what it has as another meaning is, in fact, the actual meaning of the word “Religion”. Your good deeds— your behaviour that is in harmony with the welfare of humans, that actually is the religion. Now understand this in detail—

Every small or big practice of your entire life is divided into only three parts— Religion, Iniquity and Foul Iniquity. Maybe you ever gave attention to this or not— but every little or big work of yours, every small or big decision taken at every step of your life, comes only under these three rules.

Telling the truth, supporting the truth, living honestly, avoiding false deception, doing justice, to support the justice, to stand for the rights of the victim, to stand against the cruelty, not doing injustice, helping others, avoiding illegal, excluded and selfish deeds that are outcaste by society, means to say that everything you do for the betterment and welfare of human beings… is actually religion.

And on the contrary, whatever you do, the result of which is harmful, troublesome to any human being, which gives suffering… will come under the purview of Iniquity.

Faith versus Logic
Faith versus Logic

Now there is a link between them, that is, your acts which may seem iniquitous to appear but religion is hidden in them— that is a ‘Foul-Iniquity’ You can understand this with two or three examples— You lie in a place where telling the truth can be harmful to one or more humans— then that lie of yours is Foul-Iniquity. You steal somewhere, where the stolen goods have the welfare of others hidden behind them and not your selfishness, then that theft is a Foul-Iniquity.

You stand somewhere with a Cruel, and there you can help the victims in any way, then it is a Foul-Iniquity to stand with that cruel. You may or may not understand this, but every activity of yours is tied to these rules. And the interesting thing you will find is that it is the core of all religions. On this basis in the Gita, the ‘Kauravas’ were declared unjust by Lord Krishna, or else they also believed in the worship of God and other things— and in fact, “Kafir” in Islamic Mythology has also been determined on this basis. People derive the meaning of ‘Kafir’ as an atheist or non-Muslim according to their own belief.

Whereas, as a religious person, whatever rituals of worship, Aarti, Pilgrimage, Roza Namaz, Hajj, Zakat, etc. have you mistaken as religion, they, can be called the flattering methods or ritualism of God, but it is not the real religion. Real religion is your good conduct, with which if you do these rituals, then in a way we can see them as religion, but alas that it does not happen in practice.

The real religion is Humanity and not these worship methods

Let’s give many examples of this and explain— A true Momin believes in himself that by doing Namaz, keeping Roza, and doing Haj, he is doing a lot of good work and he will get a lot of praise for it – but while he sits at the shop and lying to the customer that this much of this merchandise is purchased, he can give it in that much— though this is not true. He is performing all the good rituals but he is sitting on the rented or untitled land occupied by a house or shop. The stolen light is glowing in the house and after washing himself with water pulled with that stolen electricity, he is reciting Namaz. He is eating sacred food made on the heater burning with that stolen electricity.

infinity The cycle of civilization

Consuming water, fans, lights obtained by direct theft or rigging of the electricity in the mosque, is washing himself and performing Namaz— Performs Haj and becomes a Haji with the money acquired through bribes, commissions, frauds, rigging or by other illegal means. Performing Namaz by surrounding roads as religious work, doing processions, even if all traffic is disrupted, may someone miss their train, plane or bus… or may someone die in an ambulance.

Similarly, a true Hindu by applying a Tilak on the forehead, ties a red thread in his hand, chanting Ram-Ram day and night, keeps on ringing bells for hours in temples— but at the same time lies, deceits, manipulations, deception are all being done. Donating from the money saved through commissions, bribe, black marketing, stealing tax. The religious pandals are decorated with stolen electricity. Narrating religious stories by installing big loudspeakers, DJ sound— whether there are sick people around, children going through exams or people are going crazy by the noise.

They have been occupying the streets in the name of Ganapati, Navratri, Kanvar processions, even though the traffic system is collapsing. By surrounding the roads in the name of Jagran or big sacred type of religious events and causing problems for the people wandering around— by making noise pollution from the heavy sound systems, making people around it sick— but thinking that he is doing very religious work and this will give him great virtue, which will lead him to salvation or heaven.

Faith versus Logic

In the name of religion, all these people who commit hypocrisy, pretence are in deception— they are confused as to whether they are doing any religious work worth virtue. Actually, while knowing all of this, he is engaged in wrongdoing with closed eyes and it is not that he has is no feeling of it… he has it and to erase the guilt created by this feeling, they try to show that they are very religious people and continue to prove others as trivial, by making a lot of noise from personal life to social media.

What do you think are these religious people and if there is a God/Allah will he be happy with them? So by putting yourself in his place and thinking about it, maybe instead of being happy on their gimmicks, you will reel off their skin by hunter until they do not truly understand the difference between religion and Iniquity.

God's Existence

Faith versus Logic 7

Islamic history has been quite contradictory

Three types of details of Islamic history are available— one that is found in the Hadiths of the Sunnis, the other of the Shias and third one of the Muslim historians. In many places, all three are the same, in many places the two are the same and at many points, the differences among the three are a terrible contradiction, especially among the hadiths related to Hazrat Ayesha.

Whatever may have been the reality, but whatever was written at that time was certainly destroyed either by itself or deliberately and then whatever was written, it was written after two hundred years. It’s a very long time— in the meantime, four to five generations had passed, and things were told person to person.

infinity The cycle of civilization

If you want to test your human capabilities, make a hadith related to Rasool yourself, write it down and recite it to someone close and tell him that not only does he keep repeating it but also keep telling it to others…

Faith versus Logic
Route of Hearsay

Then exactly after one year, to the persons it has been reached, listen to it from them and compare it with your writing— Human limitations will come in front of you. A person cannot remember an object exactly and for the part, he forgets— to fill the space, he fills it with his own made version in that part – which he feels is right – and in this way, the matter loses its original form.

So for two hundred years, the things that kept going forward as a verbal expense— there is no guarantee to how true they are, how many percent they are true or to what extent they are lies… in a way we can say that they can be true and also false, but we cannot claim that they are true only.

Because if we make claims, then it is bound to arise a question that among Sunni, Shia and historians, of which, what version is true… There will be one truth; there will not be three different truths. Interestingly, there is hatred, bigotry behind these books, there are rubbish rules and there is bloodshed.

Are people really afraid of God?

There is one thing, fear of God… You must have felt it around you— fear of God, love of God, Love of God’s Prophet! These are the emotions that are visibly ruling every Muslim. You can clearly feel Its effect on your life’s surroundings or on social media— where any such thing about God, God’s book or God’s grace, has the power to hurt, provokes the Muslim youth in such a way that they not only come to abuse, troll – but even become a threat to your life… and in other parts of the world – where they can do it, they have also shown by doing so.

Vulture feast

Now the matter to think here is whether these almighty bearers of Islam are in awe of God, or love him – any attachment to the nature of their Prophets? Let’s explore its aspects from history to present.

Well, whatever happened in the Prophet’s life, let’s assume it was out of the bounds of “Fear of God” for the sake of spreading Islam, but that happened after his death— look at that. Daughter Fatima’s house was attacked, she had a miscarriage and after a few months of her father’s death, she also left this world. Would the people who did all this have felt the fear of God? Second, Khalifa Hazrat Umar suffered a lethal attack— which resulted in his death… Third, Khalifa Hazrat Osman was surrounded and murdered in the house. His wife’s fingers were amputated, which came forward in defence. Fourth, Khalifa Hazrat Ali was murdered in the mosque— would those who did this have felt the fear of God?

This question is there not only because he was a Khalifa, but also a holder of elevated status. Today, swords come out in the name of his insult— then people kept watching them murdered. Did those viewers then felt that love of these Soldiers of God, what these people show today?

Faith versus Logic
Battle of Karbala

There is no need to say what the Prophet’s stature is— but his brother and son-in-law were murdered. One young grandson was killed by giving poison, the other was slaughtered in Karbala along with the rest of the family— their corpses were trampled by horses, their heads were cut and hanged on the spears and exhibited… Their women were dishonoured, even after that the remaining people were continued to be targeted— Even then was there any love in the hearts of people for the Prophet and their loved ones, so that so they would have come to kill/die madly in their grief. Were the Muslims who did so, had no knowledge of the justice of God – or were they not afraid?

Muslims of high status were fighting among themselves

Shortly after Hazrat Ali became Khalifa, Hazrat Ayesha rebelled against him, prepared the army and reached Basra to fight, where more than ten thousand people were killed in the fierce war and all of them were Muslims— would anybody have felt Fear of God, have felt his love? After this battle where one victory took place, another fracas came ahead of Hazrat Ali as Muawiya and in the wake of the revolt, a battle was fought in Siffin, where thousands of Muslims died again, and both of them had declared their war against Ali as Jihad— did they fear God while doing so? Or have thought about the status of Islam?

Faith versus Logic
Battle of Siffin

Although Muawiya was defeated in this war, he still refused to compromise and did not get back from establishing and governing a separate sultanate in Syria. Muhammad bin Abu Bakr, son of Egyptian governor Hazrat Abu Bakr was arrested; sewed in donkey skin and was burnt alive. Ali’s followers, who were part of Ali’s rule, were slaughtered and their heads were cut and hanged on the spears to create panic.

And after Ali’s death, he entered into an agreement with Hassan and seized the whole rule and later on, by turning hostile to the agreement, handed over the throne to his son Yazid— as a side effect to which, Karbala was carried out under the leadership of Ibne Ziyad and Shimr. After the incident of Karbala, the only rebellion which took place in Mecca and Medina, there was a march under the leadership of Muslim bin Aqaba and the game of slaughters was played in Medina. Sahabi’s were searched and killed, women were dishonoured — because of which hundreds of illegitimate children came into existence, Nabi’s mosque was made a horse stable.

After this, Haseen bin Numair attacked Mecca. Tried to burn Kaaba, but had to retreat after Yazid’s death. After Yazid, his son was the ruler for a few days then the Marwan of the Umayyad dynasty seized power. Marwan was the same nephew of Hazrat Osman, to whom, by entrusting him with important responsibilities, he himself was engulfed in controversy, and this very person had advised killing Hussain who had come by invitation in the court of Waleed. While the responsibility of Madina was in the hands of Abdullah ibn Zubair, Hazrat Mukhtar who took revenge on the murder of Hussain, fought among themselves forgetting the slogan “Intakam-e-Khun-e-Hussain” once shouted together, and then again the dead bodies of Muslims fell.

Whereas in the future, the dynasty of Marwan was mainly ruled as Umayyad Sultanate, which ended in 750 A.D. to the hands of Abbasis— and this entire period is called Islamic rule.

Abu Tahir al Jannabi devastated the Kaaba

Faith versus Logic
Abu Tahir Al-Jannabi

After this, in 930 Abu Tahir al Jannabi, a warrior, attacked Mecca and plundered the Kaaba and destroyed it. Killing thousands of the Hajis, filled the well of Abe Jamjam. Uprooted Sang-e-Aswad and took it to Al-Hisa— Where he disgraced the Stone… Haj could not be performed for twenty-two years due to the absence of Sang-e-Aswad. In 952, the Fatimi regime giving a huge sacrifice regained Sang-e-Aswad and established it in Kaaba.

That is, immediately after Rasul’s eyes closed, the process of slaughtering among the Muslims kept on going continuously. And people continued to drop the corpses of those people of great stature, in the name of insult to them, people of today take out the swords— Do you somewhere see the fear of God, love to the Prophet in them… Love for their family? Or do you see the feeling that there is a God who will punish every wrong practice and they can feel that fear? While in that period of continuous slaughter, One Muslim only kept cutting the other Muslim’s neck.

Come out of the history and come into the present — those who cry out the fear of God, Bless the love of God and the Prophet… Really say the truth? Let’s consider those who spread terrorism, bloodshed in the name of God or Islam, as “Strayed” keep them aside and come at the common Muslims— if they really have the fear of God and Jahanum, and they are sure that there is really a God who will finally punish all of their bad deeds, then think who are those people, who are still lying after knowing this truth? In spite of the prohibition from Khuda, are indulged in artifice, extortion, dishonesty.

Some are drinking alcohol, some are gambling, some are flirting with girls, some are watching porn on mobile, some are womanizing, someone is stealing electricity, someone is stealing tax, someone is sitting in possession of someone’s house, someone is sitting in possession of someone’s shop… How many such Muslims will you find, who are not involved in any of these bad activities? They are worth counting on fingers… Why do they do like this — it is clear that they are neither in love or fear of the God nor they have the shame of the Prophet’s nature.

Because if they had either of them, their tongue would tremble when they told a lie— they would look down at the sight of an unknown-girl. While watching porn, they would die of shame— while stealing, their hands would tremble and while committing profanity, conscience would beat him down— Heartbeats would stop while confiscating someone’s right… but have you seen this happening anywhere? If all this is happening indiscriminately then obviously their claims of fear or love of God, love, and attachment to the Prophet are false and hollow.

But still, it is important to make noise that they are so close to God and Rasool that if someone commits mischief in their pride, they will not be behind in abusing him, trolling, taking off his neck, shattering with bullets or exploding themselves as a bomb.

What is Sharia?

Shara is on the same lines… Shara aka Sharia, aka Islamic law system, which every Muslim will be found advocating for and will ask considering it to be the best law and order system in the world, but when it comes to execution on himself, he will secretly find an exit door.

Let’s understand this a little… There is no scope for a very long investigation or litigation in it. Quick decisions are made— (There is always scope for a mistake in impulsiveness)… Hands are cut directly as punishment for theft or robbery. There is a punishment of hundred whips for Pre-marital sex, five hundred whips on alcoholism— Direct death sentence for murder, drug trafficking, rape, blasphemy, treason, terrorism or anti-government demonstrations. Death sentence for Homosexuality, Extra-marital relations also have a death sentence – but men rarely get this one.

How Sheikhs of Saudi live an upstanding life full of luxuriousness— there is no need to tell, but what is the status of women? Understand it like this, that a woman has no independent status. She has to be completely in Hijab, just hands and eyes must be open, not even hair should be visible. She cannot drive or go to any public place without the will or company of any male member of the house, Neither can she open a bank account— can even not meet an unknown man. She has also got the right to vote just recently.

Faith versus Logic
Faith versus Logic

Marital rape is not considered a rape there. If the woman misbehaves, then the man can beat her in such a way that her face doesn’t get the mark— but if the man is a crook, the wife does not have this right. If the woman is raped, then the victim herself will need to arrange four witnesses to punish the guilty. Now if the rapist has raped in private, then he can escape very easily.

In India, people imprisoned for tens of years on charges of terrorism, are freed after being proved innocent, if they had been decided at the same time to punish them with the death penalty, could it have been compensated? It is common in countries around the world to implicate people in false accusations, which at times may not prove to be false even in the investigation. In this case, if you have already cut off anyone’s hands or neck, and could it be proved in some way later in favour of a man who was killed that he was innocent, can it be compensated?

The Sharia allows to conquer a woman in battle and use it as a commodity (having sex without marriage, to give birth to a child, to be given as gift)— even though in today’s perspective there is no need for it, but if a rule is there, it is there, the benefit of which has been fully exploited by the Taliban and IS people even today. Yes to say, you can shout that Islam has given women a niche— but what is the ground reality, you can guess yourself from the above things.

God's Existence

Faith versus Logic 6

Did the Prophet really go on a Skywalk?

Many hadiths are also associated with this concept of Heaven and Hell, some of which are related to the Meraj of Rasool, which states that on his journey of Meraj, Hazur Saheb had not only seen Heaven but had also visited the Hell.

Faith versus Logic
Masjide Aksa

If you look at this anecdote in the Quran, then the Quran in its verse tells just this – it is a sacred caste that has taken along its fellow from Masjid-e-Haram to Masjid-e-Aqsa, around which we have set holy things… (17:01). Now you will find its evidence in hadiths, which tell that on one night (in a dream-like condition), Jibreel came to his house and took the Prophet from the Kaaba (Mecca) to the Masjid-e-Aqsa (Jerusalem) on his divinely animal ‘Burrak’ and then visited the heavens.

After going through questioning they entered the First Sky (as it happens while entering at a bungalow or factory gate), where they met Hazrat Adam Alassalam and exchanged salutes. Then they reached the Second Sky wherewith the same process they met Hazrat Yahya and Jesus— Hazrat Yusuf on the Third, Hazrat Idris on the Fourth, Hazrat Aaron on the Fifth, Hazrat Musa on the Sixth and on the Seventh Sky they met Hazrat Abraham. 

On this Seventh Sky, they also saw Bait-ul-Mamur— this is that heavenly holy place which is in the straight direction of Kaaba (Then it was not known that due to rotation the earth rotates in all four directions and it does not have a straight line— now that you know it, you can’t do anything about it)… Seventy thousand angels encircle the Bait-ul-Mamur and once they do, then they don’t get the next opportunity till Judgment Day.

infinity The cycle of civilization

Here both Hazrat reached at Sidrat-ul-Muntaha— the last extent of the seventh sky. Here was a tree with elephant-like leaves and pitcher-like fruits with four canals bursting from its roots. Two secret canals flow from there in the paradise and are two others Nile and Euphrates which flow on the ground… (When the Ganges can descend from heaven, why not Nile and Euphrates), then Jibril could not go further ahead from here so the Prophet went alone.

There, not only did they see the gardens of Heaven and Nehr-e-Kausar, but they also visited Hell and saw some people getting punished. Here he received a reward of fifty Namaz’es for the community, which after the process of being intervened, persuaded and sent back by Hazrat Musa while returning, was later on edited to five Namaz’es. This description is derived from Ibne Qasir, Al Tabri, Quratbi, Sahi Muslim, Sahi Bukhari and Sunan hadiths.

Skies are envisioned as a multi-story building

This whole hypothesis is such as Sky is a seven-story building where you can reach from one section to another with the help of stairs— it is your discretion to believe it or not, but according to today’s information, we can do some investigation by getting out of this big earth.

Faith versus Logic
Distance Between Earth and Moon

The closest body to the Earth is the Moon, but even between it, there is such a distance that thirty piles of the earth will fit in it and if we travel at a speed of hundred kilometres per hour towards the moon, it will still take one hundred and sixty days to reach there.

Then we have a nearby planet Mars which is at a distance of 225 to 400 million km (in different conditions of rotation). Where the light also takes twenty minutes to reach, nothing can move faster than the light in space and the speed of light 3 lakh km per second. The far-flung Voyager Probe in the space, which has been running at a speed of 17 km per second, it will take hundreds of years to completely exit our solar system.

Now if we exit this solar system, we will reach the Interstellar Neighborhood where there are other solar systems. In our solar system, you can measure distance in an astronomical unit (the distance of the Sun from the Earth), but on exit, Light years has to be used as a unit to measure the distance (9.461 trillion kilometres) that is, the distance the sunlight travels in a year.

Our nearest star after the sun is Proxima Centauri, which is 4.24 light-years away from us— if you try to reach it at the speed of the Voyager vehicle, it will take thousands of years. Now, this solar system is a part of the which galaxy, the galaxy itself is spread over one lakh light-years, in which there are twenty thousand crore stars and planets and the interesting thing is that we can see only one percent of them at night.

Now if we go even a little further, we will get the Local Group of Galaxies— which has 54 galaxies and it spreads (from one end to the other) to One Crore light-years.

And when you zoom out this circle, you will find Virgo supercluster — whose spread is 11 Crore light-years, so think how big will this circle be— but this big circle is also equal to just one grain of rye in the Laniakea supercluster, in which there are one Lakhs galaxies and its spread is 52 Crore light-years.

Vulture feast

Now, this is also not everything— rather it is just a small part of the Titanic Laniakea supercluster, and the Laniakea supercluster is just a small part of the Observable Universe, which we have been able to see till date. In which there are two lakh crores Galaxies in total, the distance from our Earth to one end of this is 4,650 Crore light-years, that its total dispersion is 9,300 million light-years.

Our position is almost nothing according to the universe

The age of our universe is believed to be 137 billion years because the light before that could not be detected yet. According to the Cosmic Inflation Theory, there can also be Multiverse across it, with no accurate estimate of the exact dispersion and it is possible that the entire observable universe keeps just a status like of a football on Earth (in comparison to the entire super universe).

However, such a large local group with 54 galaxies is only 0.00000000001 percent of the Observable Universe, and it has so many planets, which are more than the particles of sand on the entire earth. Think about where we exist in the Universe and what is our status.

Faith versus Logic

Think to stand in front of one of the deserts and there are some micro bacterias sticking on one of the particles, would you write their fates and deeds? Make Heaven or Hell for them? Only a person with religious intelligence can think of this, not someone with logical intelligence. However, now put the whole scenario in front and think for yourself where is the first Sky, where is the second one and what is the distance between them – and where can the word of God be?

What is the practical knowledge of people called ‘Aalim’?

Well, you will find a lot of people around you who keep memorized data related to Hadiths, Puranas and they keep giving their expert views on everything, but do you really think they are knowledgeable people… one day in my circle, I had asked a simple question in the conversation going on a religious issue between these types of people. That whatever you are saying, how do you know that? What is your source of information?

A respected one mentioned the names of some Islamic books, now that the gathering was of Sunnis, then obviously the books were related to them. 

I told them three forms of one incident – one was in their book, the other in the book of Shia Hazrat and the third version was the version of independent Muslim historians. The interesting thing is that all three were different from each other… and then I asked if there was a guarantee that one of these or your writing is correct.

Apparently, there was no answer. In such cases, no one happens to have any argument other than unwavering faith in his writing. The problem with most people is that they have read one-sided books (only related to their creed) and they don’t even know what the people on the opposite side have written on the same issue.

Yes, since childhood, it is filled in the raw minds by codifying that our writing is right and what all others have written is wrong. They ​​grow up with these values and from personal life to the virtual world of social media, they are seen fighting with sticks, that whatever is written in their books, whatever they have read-only that is the real and the last truth.

Faith versus Logic
Faith versus Logic

Such a tremendous belief, as if they had been an eyewitness to those things. Even for a moment, there is no doubt in them that there can be lies and adulteration in the things that reached them.

God's Existence

Faith versus Logic 5


Obviously, you will not know the answer… because at the time when all these books were written, the Universe used to be earth-centric, the land used to hold the acceptance of a shape like a flat platform and ‘Up’ meant only one-sided sky… Well, there is a similar term ‘Testimony’. Now understand what this testimony is—

If you were asked who killed Gandhiji, you would immediately say that Nathuram Godse did… Yes, some newborn species can be found saying that the bullet was fired on its own like Salman’s car went on its own in the hit and run case.

infinity The cycle of civilization

But broadly everyone knows and believes that who killed… Now imagine that one day you get a call from some court since you know who killed Gandhi, you have to come to court and testify about this.

Then you will surely be surprised as to how can this happen— an incident or a thing can only be testified, when you are an eyewitness when you are physically present there, you have seen or heard everything with your eyes or ears… or you were in any way connected to that event or thing.

Whatever you have read, or heard— at least you cannot testify it? But in another case, similar testimony is believed to be a guarantee to Faith, even if you find it strange to read.

Faith versus Logic
Faith versus Logic

Listen carefully to an Azaan— Muazzin gives this testimony several times a day. Ashhaduallah ilaha illallah… i.e. I testify that Allah is one and no one is equal to him. Ashhaduanna Muhammedurrasulallah… i.e. I testify that Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa Salallaho Alaiwasallam is his Prophet.

This very testimony is Kalma— this testimony is the foundation of faith. Here two things are worth thinking that Allah is ‘One‘and Muhammad Sahib is his Prophet… It is important to believe, or to testify that I testify that this is so – what for the testimony is given?

All religions have beliefs— Jehovah is one according to the Jews, God is one according to the Christians, ‘Ishwar’ is one according to the Hindus… Moses is the messenger of Jehovah according to the Jews, Jesus is God’s son according to the Christians, Sri Ram and Shri Krishna are ‘Avatars’ of God according to the Hindus… but why don’t they need such witnesses?

Are people really eligible to give such testimony?

If a Christian says that I testify that Jesus is the son of the divine or that the Jews testify that Moses is the angel of the Lord or if the Hindu says that I testify that Rama is an incarnation of Vishnu— would you believe that he is eligible to testify? No— even if you do not say anything but will laugh within, taking care of his faith, because he must be making a practical mistake… but this is what you do.

When Kalma or Azan established in the era of Rasul, then because the Prophet himself was present in front of them and telling whether the God was One or More and making a guarantee by his tongue that he is a Prophet himself, the martyrdom of people was technically not wrong— but now?

When you say, Lailaha Illalla— it is true, because it is a belief of other religions too that God is one. When you say Mohammadurrasulullah, still you are right that Muhammad Sahib is his Prophet— Yes, they may be. Like everybody has beliefs, so is your belief… it cannot be put to doubt.

Faith versus Logic
Kalma Shahadat

But as soon as you associate your martyrdom with it— technically, the practicality of your words becomes suspicious, because the definition of testimony is something else. Yes, there is also a possibility that in the case of ‘Deen’ you should have made different meanings of testimony, because since childhood we had made the same rhetoric that the first Kalma is Tayyab— Tayyab means Pure, the second Kalma is Martyrdom, means testimony… and I testify that Allah is one and Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa Salallaho Alaiwasallam is his Prophet.

Do not present only your beliefs or beliefs in your favour, because others have faiths and beliefs too, but they don’t testify.

In the same way, a question related to the grave also forces one to grapple with, if a person has the ability to understand and think, otherwise if believing is everything for you, then nothing can bother you.

Vulture feast

What will happen after death?

Just think, does this question not come to your mind that what will happen after death— according to Islamic beliefs, after the burial three questions will be asked in the grave and in case of not being able to give the correct answer, the walls of the tomb will become so hardened that the ribs will penetrate each other— and till the judgment day the sorrows of the grave will shower on him as snakes and scorpions.

Faith versus Logic
After death

But the problem with this theory is that every person living on the land is a creation of God, and only the Muslims know the answers to these questions, so how will the other non-Muslims go through the barrage of answers? When the body will decompose in two months, what can the snakes and the scorpions do to it? Or there is no burial in the grave itself… because there are so many ways of body termination. 

However, one more thing is said that the life after death is forever— here it refers to the Hell and Heaven after death, where there is no death afterwards — but then those who have died before us and since it is clear that doom has not come yet, so where are they?

The Quran and Hadiths have proved in many places that people were sent to Heaven or Hell— for example, the Aayet no. 26 of Surah Ya-Sean… which tells about a person who supported the Prophet in front of him and God says to him – Enter the Paradise.

Whereas in the Quran itself it is also clearly said that everyone will be tested according to, on their judgment day and then everyone’s fate will be decided and they will either be rewarded or punished and sent to Heaven or Hell according to their deeds while passing through the bridge Sarat— so how did people already reach in Heaven or Hell?

The Barjakh or the Alam-e-Barjakh

The answer to all these questions is in the concept of the name “Barjakh”, i.e. such a virtual world where a virtual Paradise for the good people in the form of Vaadi-us-salaam (the valley of wellness) and a virtual hell for bad people in the form of Vaadi-e-barhoot (the dreaded valley) exist. That is the house where the souls get sheltered as soon as they leave the body and stay there, feeling the pleasures of Heaven or the heat of the Hell, till the Judgment day comes.

Faith versus Logic
Concept of Barzakh

The body is going to rot here; it has nothing to do at the moment, and the difference between the Alam-e-Barjakh and the real Heaven or Hell is that in ‘Barjakh’, the punishment or reward will be given in virtual form and after the Judgment day, the same punishment or reward will be given with body after making the body alive… A point to note here is that when the feelings of punishment or reward are real, what does it matter whether they were got with the body or not? And what is the meaning of this concept, if the feelings will not be real?

The other thing to note is that only Muslims or people of previous Prophets will be able to join in the Vadiyussalam part of Alam-e-Barjakh, while all the other will go to Vaadi-e-Barhut. That is, in today’s date, apart from 150 million Muslims (only noble ones among them too) all the remaining five hundred and fifty million people are the material of Vaadi-e-Barhut – as a Universe Maker, is it not a discriminative behaviour?

But anyway— From here the question begins – that human civilization is more than a million years old, and since then billions of sinners, the ‘Barhut’ materials, may have died and must have been serving the punishments, but the Judgment day has not yet come – and suppose after ten and twenty thousand years if it comes, or maybe even tomorrow, the sinners who will die in the last… they will not be getting punished till the doom and they will directly be accounted for— the punishment is the same proportion to the crime… Suppose two sinners had committed theft, now they both get the same punishment to be whipped for a hundred years— one who died yesterday too and one who stole and died a million years ago and was being whipped for a million years in Vaadi-e-Barhut of Alam-e-Barjakh.

Is it not discrimination and injustice for a just God?

God's Existence

Faith versus Logic 4

Does God really make couples?

There is a similar complication about weddings, in which case it is said that God makes the couples or the couples are made in heaven… Look at the wedding cards – somewhere you will find written that couples are made in heaven. Otherwise, on the rest of the earth, Pandits match the Kundalis and make them couples and somewhere else the pairs are even set without the matching by a Pandit/Kundali— somewhere they set by themselves.

The common understanding and belief of our society are also that God makes couples and that’s why vocals of the songs like “Rab ne banaya tujhe mere liye, mujhe tere liye” can be heard.  

Now let’s consider this question with reasoning— can it practically happen?

Suppose this is so, then first of all the casteist character of God emerges in front— because in almost all religions, most marriages are fixed in the same caste, Pandits are also found to match the Kundalis of the same caste.

Why brother— wasn’t this system anthropogenic? In the early stages of human civilization, there was nothing like this, with the development of civilization human chain kept dividing into religions and castes, with them marriages too started to become homogeneous in the same way – means after looking at humans, God also turned a racist. Is man through God or God through man?

infinity The cycle of civilization

Then there is also a belief in the case of God that God does not make mistakes. Is it so? how many marriages in the world, end at the threshold of Divorce. In western countries, marriage merely lasts for a few years and the situation in Muslim countries is just slightly better.

Faith versus Logic

Talking about Western countries, at least three or four marriages are done by a man or a woman in their lives— that eventually means the same amount of divorces. So how come, wrong pairs are made on such a large scale? That means if God makes Couples then in this case he makes horrible mistakes.

Biased characterization of God

Then it also reveals the masculine face of God— from past to present, thousands of such men may be found who had ten, twenty wives to sixteen thousand queens… but hardly a woman, with ten or twenty husbands will be found.

There are thousands of examples in Muslim countries where one man has more than one wife— but no woman will be found with more than one husband. Now don’t cry about the social recognition – because if God makes couples then this responsibility will fall on him.

Then one face of God will look like an unjust to you – in older times you will find plenty of people with names like slaves/kaneez/laundi/mistress who were never matched— even today people like Kalam, Atal, Ramdev, Maya, Mamta, Jaya may be found in our society who lived alone and went alone or will go alone.

Why was the happiness of that of a couple not written in all these cases— is it not injustice? Don’t say it was their wish – Neither would this have been a will of Modiji, otherwise why would he have been alone – but at least the marriage took place.

Then there is another trend nowadays, of gay couples— where the boy is determined to live with the boy and a girl with the girl, and in many societies of the West, it is already recognized and now it is allowed in India too. Now, this is just opposite to the reproductive nature, how God is making such a mistake?

Couples are also made in Live-in relationships, just like in a marriage, the difference is just of the certificate— Suddenly the attitude of God becomes interracial here. Why so?

On one side, Jannat was barred for ‘Gair-momins’, on the other side Aamir was matched to Reena, Kiran, Saif to Amrita, Kareena, All the children of Salim Khan were married to non-Muslims. Lord, isn’t this a matter of double standard?

Faith versus Logic
Faith versus Logic

Now there is society— which shouts to the core, that couples are formed in heaven but as soon as their son/daughter married a Muslim boy/girl – They raise the flag of Love Jihad and start to wail. When a Hindu daughter-in-law or son-in-law comes to a Muslim house, they start preparing to teach them Kalma and if a Dalit boy/girl marries an upper caste boy/girl, they do not delay in killing them with sword/gun.

In every such situation, the ‘Couples are made in heaven’ is wrapped, folded and hidden.

Look, brother— if you still believe that God makes couples, then face this accusation on God, or assume that we make the pairs, not God. 

Religious books are not science research books

Religious books are not the books written on scientific research, but they are actually there so that people take the lesson from the things related to them, not to hold their stories and start searching science in them, whereas unfortunately people sit and start looking for science in those books which were written in those times when the knowledge about Earth or the Universe was very limited and very nominal. Now if people make claims, then those with a questioning nature will also raise questions.

Vulture feast

Similarly, in my view the Quran is that instruction manual— it is a book of instructions, which is not meant to earn the reward but to read and to implement its instructions, to implement its teachings in one’s life. It tells you that as a human being or as a society how do you have to stay, how to live life and how to make decisions — through different events, it tells you the things you can apply in your life by learning through them. It is not any theory book which was written by Darwin or Einstein, that you start finding the rules of science in it.

Faith versus Logic
religious books

In any book, only the scientific rule or formulas can be entered of the time it was written, in which the corrections or radicals changes can occur with changing times. So it is obvious and natural to develop an error in the theory written in those old books— but the faith of the people is so strong that in the name of error their feeling gets a punch as hard as of Muhammad Ali’s, and the tarnishing and squealing feeling is relieved only by a bitter certificate.

If you really think that religious books written hundreds of years ago are science-based, then let’s consider a question. I hope that by not taking it otherwise, just considering it as a curiosity, we must solve it with our scientific cum religious intelligence.

There can be Up and Down on just one planet

In Surah-al-Bakra of the Quran, Allah while commanding the Adam, Eve and Iblees the devil, orders a punishment while saying that now you all get down and stay on the earth for a certain period of time (Verse No. 30-38)— This verse makes it clear that everybody is somewhere in the ‘Up’ and they are being asked to get ‘Down’. Even in normal language, we call him the ‘One above’. Similarly, the stories which are in the Vedas and Puran’s does also state that Devlok is somewhere ‘Up’ there and from there they come ‘Down’ as Deities themselves, and sometimes in the form of an Avatar.

Faith versus Logic
Earth pic by Voyager

Now let’s get to the basic issue— in science, the law of ‘Up-Down’ is according to the Gravity, which applies to every planet. Till the time you are on the ground, you are in the restriction of ‘Up-Down’, but as soon as you step out of the planet and reach into space, the rule of ‘Up-Down’ ends automatically.

Now do an experiment— in the very centre of a room, hang a ball tied with thread. Suppose room is ‘Universe’ and the ball is your ‘Earth’… now because Gravity keeps you standing upright in every part of the planet and on your feet side is ‘Down’ and head side is ‘Up’ then according to the direction of the heads of humans present in different parts of the land according to that determine the exact ‘Up’. 

According to the gravity Indian man’s head (above) is in the East direction (towards the front wall), the Jamaican man’s head is in the West direction (towards the back wall), an Algerian’s head in the South (towards the right wall), Hawaii’s man’s head is in the North (towards the left wall), the head of the person standing in Norway is (towards the roof) and the head of the person standing in New Zealand is on the side of (floor)…

So to say that the ‘Up & Down’ for the people standing in six different parts of the Earth are not equal, but at different angles— so now you have to tell that “Up & Down’ written in your books is on which side according to human beings on the earth? Also, do notice here that the universe is not as small as your imagined room, but it is so wide that from one end to the other It will take billions of years for light to reach.

Do not say here that your God or God ‘Above’ is everywhere because the celebrity outside the room (whatever name it has) can only be on one side of the room, while there are six directions in the form of front, back, right, left, top, bottom of the ball hanging in the middle of the room… so finally which side is your ‘Up’?

God's Existence

Faith versus Logic 3

Every new era’s discoveries have been solving previous questions

Many discoveries have been made in last thousand years and thousands of mysteries related to nature have been solved— imagine times of fourteen hundred years ago, A curious person must have asked why these earthquakes come and some enlightened person would have told that the land on which women indulge in crimes, God instigates earthquakes there. Even today, you will find some Maulana saying that wearing of jeans by women causes earthquakes.

Faith versus Logic
Faith versus Logic

Like the cause of the earthquake, people also had the question that if a couple performs the same kind of sex, how are different children as a boy or a girl born. Then whereas someone would have taken patience to treat it as God’s act and someone else started looking for the reasons and reached to the chromosomes.

Now people caught the different question that in the same temperature, same conditions, people are born as male and female, how is it being decided— if there is an answer to it tomorrow, these people will not be there to see it, but their grandchildren will then be standing there with a new question that if this is so, why is it— why is the egg yolk yellow, why not the magenta. All the discoveries made in the world, inventions have been done – the physical things which people do not hesitate using, the resources with which the world has improved, all those are the result of those who struggle with questions, not theirs who simply have been defining the answer to every question as God’s will.

infinity The cycle of civilization

So friends, the list of questions will never end, but see that people like us struggle with those questions, discover them… But those religious people, in response to every complicated question, close the door of their wisdom by calling them as a will of God.

Not one— there were many questions in the past whose answers used to end in the shelter of God, but their answers were found, even today the questions which are there, answers to them will also be found tomorrow— then they will bring about new questions like of ‘Ishvar Sharanam Gachchami’. Those who ask questions must keep in mind while asking, that their logical answer should be there with themselves … It is not wise to lock the doors on the question by taking the shield of God.

Theist atheist or agnostic

However, according to me there is nothing like an atheist, someone believes in some unknown power which is the creator of the whole universe, then someone believes in the omnipotent nature— the difference is that he denies the customs established according to religious beliefs, keeps himself away from the cantrips of the book, then he becomes an atheist according to the religious and is reasonably damned and sometimes even reasonably murdered.

Faith versus Logic

Well, as far as I am concerned I can be called agnostic and my thinking is that if something is created, there must be some creator. I find the theory of everything being created automatically to be strange. Closely notice a small part of the whole universe— our solar system. How eight planets, at a certain distance, in a certain order, and with a certain speed are orbiting on its axis for billions of years? Can it happen on its own… maybe or maybe not, how can we give a definite statement? It may also be a possibility that it is a computerized system and if it is a computerized system then there must be someone outside the universe… who designed this whole system.

Although the boundaries of the universe are endless for us due to our limited knowledge and limited intelligence, technically it is not possible that there would be no boundaries. So there will be someone beyond those limits who has created this universe – as long as we don’t have a sure answer, to keep their hearts people here can also believe that he only is God.

In my view, then he is a programmer or scientist (definitely not a human being, but in any form, which is also beyond our imagination) or there will be more than one programmer or team of scientists, but to the same power we have given a prevailing recognition in the form of a God, like an emperor, an eccentric king, a strict administrator or a magician who performed many miracles in the past (sometimes even nowadays) he, like any company owner, keeps writing everyone’s deeds through his accountant’s team and then based on them he will give promotion (Jannat) or Demotion (Dozakh) accordingly. I don’t think he will do that much for people like us who are far smaller of living beings than micro bacteria (according to the immensity the universe), while life on crores out of Trillions of planets of the universe like this may exist.

However, if we go according to the concept of God which has been created by the theists – then the biggest difference between the God of the theists and a real God (if any), is that their (theists) God is just theirs (as Allah for Muslims, as Bhagwan or Ishwar for Hindus or as God for Christians), He is an alien to others, will not give them salvation, will not give them heaven and eventually will only punish them.

Vulture feast

Whereas which can be inscribed as a God from the other point of view, is a God of everyone (believers of all religions, atheists), He has created everyone and is not alien to anyone and if indeed there comes a day of justice, then he will do equal justice with everyone.

And it is also certain that he is not there in the books, he is not even in these worship methods (Puja/Namaz/Prayer), and He is not in the houses (Temples/Mosques/Churches) built in his name. He is in mankind, in humanity, truth, right, justice and peace.

There are many complications associated with the concept of God

Faith versus Logic
Faith versus Logic

Now come on some things which have kept me entangled since childhood… While growing in my culture, I heard many things since childhood, whom I could never reconcile to. Even today, whenever those things are seen in the words of people here and there, then the old pain would emerge— let us see by these examples.

● God has already written everything i.e. the fate of the human—

If so, why is Gabbar Singh guilty of cutting Thakur’s hand or killing Thakur saheb’s family? It was just an actor named Amzad Khan, playing a mere character written by Salim Javed. If guilty as Gabbar, he was punished by Veeru and Thakur. Now that the film is complete, why to hold Amzad Khan accountable? Why the Heaven or Hell for him? The example of the film is given because we can also keep human life like that.

Often some scholars answer that a person does not commit misdeeds because God has already written it— rather he does it on his own free will and is responsible for his deeds, but since God already knows all these things through ‘Gaib’, that’s why he wrote everything in advance. It is something like a person who can visit to see the future and come back and then writes it down. Of course, with this theory, everything /action/event can be adjusted in the same way, where a human hits a stone anywhere on the empty wall and then where the stones hits— he centralizes the place and draws a circle and tells the world how precisely I have hit the target.

● God determines the death and birth of man—

Now if you will hold your ear with a straight hand that when it was the destiny of Thakur’s sons to die by the hands of Gabbar, How did Gabbar become guilty? Or the way Amitabh was born in ‘Lavaris’, out of an illicit relationship between Amzad Khan and Rakhi, how come Amzad was accused of adultery? So maybe someone can give logic that God knew this, so he wrote this thing. But it was Gabbar aka Amzad who was responsible for the act— but remember that the theory of the God to fix the birth/death will prove to be wrong… or else we can assume that the child born due to illicit relationship and the murder of someone else was a will of the God and the person responsible for them could not be blamed.

● God writes the blessings of food for the people on the night of Shab-e-Kadra—  

Then he also writes the blessings of food for the thief – the robber, the smuggler, the corrupt, the writes for prostitute too… then how do they become guilty for their deeds? Here if we fit this theory that God knows everything through ‘Gaib’ and on that basis he wrote, then it also has to be believed that it was his decision for the thief to earn the food by doing theft and since he already knew that such thing will happen, he has written it— but even in that condition, the blame for writing blessings of food for the thief came on him. Besides that millions of people worldwide die of starvation, then the blame for their death will also come on him, that why didn’t he write the food in the fate of those who died?

● Two angels sit on both shoulders of a man and write his good and bad deeds—

When God already knows everything through Gaib and has written A to Z things accordingly, then what responsibilities are being fulfilled by these two angels sitting on the shoulders— is there any doubt that the writing of God may change? Or it is an exercise to check the honesty of the angels that both the accounts will be tallied later and if they are found guilty, punitive action will also be taken on the angels.

God's Existence

Faith versus Logic 2

Names are Cultural and not Religious

Apart from this, people also raise a question that if you don’t have faith, why don’t you change the name?

Means if you do not believe in the Islamic concept then change your name to Ashok instead of Ashfaq — but then Ashok will be a Hindu name. Suggest a name that does not smell of any religion – is atheism any creed that does have any names of its identity?

It is sciolism, that names are religious. In fact, names are cultural. In India, you will find many Nihal’s in Sikhs and Muslims — many Abraham’s will be found in Christians and Muslims – many names like Ayan, Kabir, Raja, Rani, Sara, Sheeba will be found in both Hindus and Muslims.

Buddhists, Hindus of India, Nepal will have similar names – but if you reach Japan, there Buddhists have no Indian names but you will find Japanese names like Akira, Amara, Xian, Shijuka and if you meet Buddhists in China, there according to Chinese culture, you will find names like Bruce Lee, Wang Li, Su Chi, Han Xi.

Faith versus Logic
Faith versus Logic

In Indonesia, Malaysia, Muslims will get their names according to their culture, in Africa according to their culture and in Europe, there will be many common names of Muslims and Christians.

Since an Indian Muslim follows Arabic culture, he keeps an Arabic name and that is why they have made a notion that these names are of Muslims, while Josephs and Peters were found in Europe thousands of years before even Christianity came and Even before the arrival of Islam, Umar, Ismail, Abrahams were found in Arabia.

infinity The cycle of civilization

In the year 610, Hazrat Muhammad declared himself a prophet, conferred the title of Muslim and began the transition to Islam, but his name was the same for forty years before that. Bibi Khadija, who was the first to believe, had the same name Khadija before that.

The names of Hazrat Umar, Hazrat Abu Bakr, Hazrat Osman or Hazrat Ali were nothing else before practising Imaan. Before people becoming Muslims there were a lot of Christian and Jewish tribes in Arabia and their names were still the same that remained after believing – because names were not from religion, names were from Arabic culture.

So drop this idea from the heart that there is a copyright of any religion on any name… and if there is someone with no faith, asking him to set his name, his marital custom, or his funeral as a separate creed —  Actually it is sciolism of the people.

The cremation ceremony is a primitive tradition and not a religion

In the endless debate between the atheists and theists, these taunts will often be heard by you– Except the Name and Marriage, the third big taunt is whether they will be burnt or buried?

Faith versus Logic
Faith versus Logic

People feel that religion has a monopoly over the cremation ceremony, which is why according to them they ask a great question. – but is it actually that great? If you are asked about the human development journey then the people of Taurat, Injeel, and Quran will bring Adam and Eve while people of Vedas will bring ahead Manu and Shatrupa.

If evidence is sought from them that man has found an existing form with the help of gradual development (which is also archaeologically proven) or the modern humans started from the first humans in the world, who started doing everything from wearing clothes to farming, from the same period – then the believers will go to the other option and if you ask for any proof of this, then they have books …No more proof is needed.

Okay, lets remove the technical errors according to their convenience and assume that we are branches of the human tree that in Africa, was the same tree that started from Adam Eve or Manu Shatrupa and starting from the fossils of Ramapithecus, Kiniapithecus of 1.4 million years ago, crossing through Australopithecus, Paranthropus, Gingithropus, Lucy reaching Homo Hebilus, Homo Heidelbergonsis, Homo erects (erects, pekinensis, moritenicus) finally reached till Homo sapiens (neanderthalensis, phosilisis, sapiens) to the present modern form we are.

If you look at the issue of the name, then these people spread out of Africa and spread all over the world and formed hundreds of different beliefs and developed cultures. Names are the identity of a human being, which would have been needed since the time humans started speaking– Since then, names were started to be named after their culture.

It is not that before Christ, there were no Joseph, Peter, Philip in Europe or people did not have names like Muhammad, Abu Bakr, Usman before the advent of Islam in Arabia … the names of the wife, friends, colleagues or family members of the Prophet himself used to do the same before reading Kalma, and remained thereafter. Because such a provision that Arabic culture has to be adopted along with religion has been made in Islam, Arab names were assumed to be the hegemony of Islam, while such is not the case.

Many methods of body termination have been in practice.

Similarly, there is the issue of cremation of dead bodies – if you see religion, Sanatan would be five thousand years old, Buddhist two and a half thousand, Ebrahimi three and a half thousand (which was later divided into about two and a half, two and a half thousand years ago into Jews, Christians and Islam) years old, But human civilization is not only thousands but millions of years older… then how would they have cremated the bodies. Keep one thing in mind that it was made a religious ritual much later, the sole purpose was to destroy the dead bodies, and it will continue to be so.

Among them, the most ancient methods have been to bury, to leave the dead bodies for animals and birds – many species of fishermen immerse the bodies in the sea to cremate. In India, this has been in vogue for burial, shed in rivers and burnt as a pyre for thousands of years. In some eras, tombs of capable people were also built in the form of cremation and dead bodies were also spiced up and kept safe as mummies.

In many tribes of Africa, the Amazons and in Tibet itself, the bodies are left for animals. Once, many tribal species used to leave bodies of their dead, for the eagles. Even today, the Parsi community in Mumbai leaves the bodies opened in the Tower of Silence so that the eagle can eat them. Burying is the main practice outside of India as a method of destroying dead bodies.

Faith versus Logic
Faith versus Logic

As long as we are alive as an atheist, everything is there, at the end of our consciousness we are finished… then it makes no difference whether our body termination is done as burnt, buried or by medical students. It often depends on other people around, how they like to terminate the corpse.

Vulture feast

That is why if someone does not agree with your faith, then it is his constitutional and human right… You may not agree with him, but don’t give this stupidly taunt as change your name, how to get married or be buried or burnt. Because names are cultural, they don’t have a monopoly of religion, in marriage the desire of the other party is also important and the cremation is a process of body termination that has been going on since the early period of human civilization – every burial doesn’t mean an aspiration of Magfirat and Jannat and not everyone who burns in pyre have the desire for Moksha.

Moral decay or transcendence is beyond faith

For the rest and the main charges – one of them is the social decline related to morality. For a believer, this is religion originated, while it has no relation to religion. They say why can’t atheists have sex with sister, then the pure answer is morality as in human behaviour, otherwise, you will find, the brother who had sex/raped their sister, or the father who made relation with the daughter, in every religion.

The second answer is that if the world started with two humans, then their first breed, which is the father’s semen and mother’s womb, were all born siblings (keep this twin theory to yourself, that all born of one womb are siblings), then the next generation is obviously born out of their mutual relationships… According to that, we all are children of siblings then, now you decide whether they were a human being or an animal.

There is another accusation, what is the difference between an animal and an atheist? It is the same difference as of between a human being and an animal, of conscience, to be of the more sophisticated mind – Do they understand the difference between better and worse like human beings and are they able to turn the circumstances in their favour like a human being?

Faith versus Logic
Cat Faimly

An accusation is that if the human is made from monkey to human, then why this process has stopped now. The answer is that of a race there are many species – from small cats to lions, all come into the cat family, or from lizards to dinosaurs, all come into one family. In the same way, suppose a monkey species living on trees for some reason (assume food crisis) came out of the jungles and started walking on two legs and according to the need of the time, it grew wiser from generation to generation — this does not mean that all species of apes should grow in the same way.

Do theists have all the answers?

Now come to the main point where the theists attack with a list of unresolved questions related to nature, why is this so? If not so, why it isn’t — The thing to note here is that an atheist tries to understand almost everything/questions, but a theist chooses answers of every complicated question or the things he does not understand to leave upon the God. We grapple with questions and it is the result of our struggles that discoveries have been made all over the world, otherwise the people tied to religion while absconding under the guise of God, consider themselves to be declared winners.

Faith versus Logic

For Newton, he is said to have discovered the force of gravity by watching the apple fall – It was only his ability to cope with the question, that it was found out what force is there in the ground, otherwise, for a moment imagine Newton as a pundit or mullah… Watching the apple fall, would have held the slogan that, it is all a wonderful act of God and would have closed the eyes and have gone sleeping again.

They ask many questions related to nature– if it is like this, why is like this, if it is like that, why is it like that – that if we have made our nature that every question we should have an answer. Well, let’s ask you the same question in return, Tell me what is the answer…. there is a hundred percent guarantee, in that case, the answer will go to the God and stop – that the God has made each and everything, that’s His nature and that He can do whatever he wants – such people have no more answers.

Think, you go to the exam and there comes a question that why do gas balloons rise up, what will we write in the answer – That it is all because of God or that they contain hydrogen gas which is the lightest in weight, because it is a certified fact by science that has come to your knowledge.

How come – through a man who closes the answer to every question upon God, or through a fellow who keeps the God aside and grapples with questions? By the way, you consider the man a masterpiece of God, then according to that what is third gender – is this not his complete failure? Whether all the physically incompetent or half incomplete people/fetuses are born – aren’t they all failure of that God?

God's Existence

Faith Versus Logic

Religion and logic cannot run together

This is a matter of all kinds of possibilities… Now let’s come to reality. We consider the religion to be the best which we are born in and a person born in a Muslim religion feels that he is born in the ‘right’ religion while a person born in a Hindu religion feels that he is born in the ‘right’ religion and all other religions and their followers are wrong. The mentality of the people imprisoned in different enclosures starts with ‘Our own is superior’ and ends at the same. There is a large number of such people in the world and the funny thing is that due to their blind devotion and blind faith, they would easily accept all kinds of illogical arguments. Just think despite being equipped with all kinds of education they give their seal of acceptance to such irrational things. 

infinity The cycle of civilization

Today, if we say anything irrational beyond the faith of a religious person, he applies a little mind and dismisses it. But if the other people around him say the same irrational thing, then pressure keeps on mounting him to accept that irrational thing and maybe at some point, he may give his acceptance to that irrational thing….This is a centuries-old pattern of all religions. When a child is born, his parents start feeding him with all kinds of irrational things related to religion. As he grows a little older rest of the people in the house, relatives say the same irrational things to him, he reaches school and college, then he finds the same people there who repeat all the same things and then he goes to the job, here too the people there are repeating the same things and he grasps those things even in his subconscious so much that he cannot deny those things even in his dreams.

Faith versus Logic
Faith versus Logic

It is not easy to get out of the religious morass in such a situation and if someone comes out of it then it is obvious that he somewhere decided on this whole pattern… the criterion of thinking, questioning, finding answers, reasoning every religious story… and this is the brainstorm that results in a person going beyond theism to reality.

As a Muslim, if you want to jump into this brainstorm, come with me and think, understand what can be true… Meditate in the things that are inherently complicated and question yourself, if not anyone else.

Is the Omnipresence of God proved by this story?

First of all, come on a story of ‘Soor e Bakra’ of the Quran… that tells how God created Adam and asked all the angels including the Iblees to prostrate him, but the Iblees refused and as a result, his recognition as a ‘devil’ took place- if we think of this story in a slightly symbolic way, it will become something like this…

Suppose you are a celebrity of the types of Ambani – You have a mansion built in 100 acres, which has arrangements like a rest house for the guests, a park and a swimming pool. At the same time, you are also known as a religious teacher and you have claimed that you not only know what is on the people’s minds but what will happen in the future is also in your knowledge.

You have two sons – one day you call both sons in front of all the servants of the house and tell the eldest son and the servants to call ‘Papa’ to the younger son… Here, it may not be important for the elder son or servants to assume or say ‘Papa’, the obedience to your order is important—

But the elder son is not convinced to say ‘Papa’ to his own father’s son and his younger brother – while the rest of the servants consider the younger son to be ‘Papa’ without much hesitation, the elder son flatly refuses and you become upset and declare your eldest son a ‘Kuputra’ and decide a ‘Prison Punishment’ for him.

You have a computer, in which you have collected all the necessary information and you have told everyone at home that they may touch or use anything in the house use but do not disturb this computer. Now ‘Kuputra’ turned elder son instigated the younger that he opened the computer and saw what was inside.

Faith versus Logic
Expell from Heaven

On knowing this, you were filled with unlimited anger and you expelled both ‘Kuputra’ and ‘Suputra’ son out of the mansion saying they have to stay in the rest house outside the mansion from now-on — for a certain time and then they will get an entry back to the mansion.

Since the younger son had apologized, you have assured him that all his children have to do certain things – for that not only will they get an entry back to the mansion, but they will also be awarded by nice gifts. Along that gave the elder son a chance that besides he will go to jail, he can seduce as many of his younger brother’s children — and take all of them to the jail with him.

Vulture feast

Why does God always need to show beneficence?

Now they start living there, but you repeatedly impose gratitude by telling the younger son and his children that look, we built this house for you – this park, a pool full of water… this LCD, cable, Miniplex, arranged Veg and Non-veg dishes – gave items like Raymond, Reid & Taylor’s clothes, Roland Watches, Ray-ban glasses, Nike shoes.

Now some confusion arises here – the first question mark will be on your knowledge that you did not know, what would be the reaction of the elder son on your call, because if you knew, you would not say anything which is disregarded or you would not be so angry that you would declare your elder son a ‘Kuputra’ for disobeying you.

The second complication is that on your call, the denial of the elder son to call the younger son as ’Papa’ was a sudden incident, which could be avoided by the confession and a little bending of the elder son — that is why your show of beneficence to the younger son for the rest house and the facilities there, will be proved a lie … Suppose elder son would have called him ‘Papa’, these things were meaningless. Then this dialogue for the already made things, “we made it for you” — will automatically be rejected.

The third complication is that under one possibility, assume that you knew everything and whatever you did was done knowingly, then the title of ‘Kuputra’  to a son, to punish both the sons by expelling from the mansion and the jail sentence for Kuputra and the children of the younger son who came under seduction is too much for them.

Faith versus Logic
Faith versus Logic

Obviously, if you apply this story to yourself, then you will not digest this behaviour from yourself but in the name of religion, you accept this story very easily.

Now if you ask such questions to the likes of a religious person or Maulana etc., then the first possibility would be that you can be given the title of a Kafir, Munafik or Atheist which is the most common custom among Muslims, because there is no permission to think about or ask such questions in Islam. Well… let’s talk about this charge because this one word ‘Atheist’ too, creates a lot of confusion.

What should the meaning of an atheist?

There is a person who calls himself an atheist, whom you also categorize as an atheist… not only he keeps ridiculing the established God and the beliefs attached to them – but also keeps on humiliating those who believe in them, then he cannot be an atheist, because in order to ridicule he is accepting the very existence of God – If he is accepting the existence of God, then he is not fulfilling the first condition of being an atheist. An Atheist is the one who has no faith… And if there is no faith, how can one ridicule anything.

Now, when such a person comes to the fore, the first thing believers expect from him to tell that how will he be married – how will he be cremated after death because the rites associated with them represent some religion.

It actually is a kind of foolishness that you are seeking rituals from someone who has no faith – means you are expecting him to decide on any ritual for marriage or funeral and the people with similar ideology should do everything according to them. Then even atheism will become a separate cult.

If the man decides the faith, then what is the meaning of being an atheist? Atheism is personal thinking, a personal lifestyle, not any cult. If I say that I am an atheist, there will never be a condition that my wife should also be an atheist or that my parents should also be atheists. I may not have faith in any rituals for marriage, but if my partner does have one then why should I have problems with her faith?

Faith versus Logic
Faith versus Logic

You do a ‘Nikah’, do marry by taking circles around the fire, do a court marriage – what difference does it make? The one, who has to maintain the relationship will maintain it without these rituals, as they used to do before the practice of marriage took place and those who don’t want to, will not even do it despite these religious rituals. Millions of divorces in the world are witness to this logic.

As far as rituals of the funeral after death are concerned, as soon as I stop breathing, my consciousness is over – what difference does it make to me whether I was burnt, buried, fed to eagles or given to medical students…

It matters to those who care about life after death. What difference does it make to those who don’t have faith in this thing? Here too, it matters to people around those who die that how will they perform the cremation according to their faith, then why should I mind to their faith?

The wife of an atheist can be a theist – her parents can be theists.

God's Existence

Can religion be logical final

Religious scholars define everything as per their own convenience

Have you seen the movie ‘Judai‘ where Johny Lever concludes Upasana Singh saying ‘abba dab a Jabba’ as a love acceptance in his own style? Nowadays religious scholars of this type are also found who deduce meanings of symbolic shlokas or verses in this style.

Most religious scholars are Johny Leavers explaining the meaning of ‘abba dabba jabba‘ in their own way. Suppose eighty things proved to be wrong out of a hundred things said, then they will ignore them and will glorify the rest twenty, proved right (by fluke).

Dharm Yatra
Jews Literature

Well, it’s an irony that to this day, Muslims consider Jews to be the most dangerous people that they are unpredictable. They will reject any of their writings outright, but in the past, they adopted the boasts, fabricated in the name of this Jewish religion with an open heart because it was in their own interest. The literature like Adam, Eve, Abraham, Lut, Moses, David, Suleiman, Jaboor, Taurat, etc. belonged to them. All these people were clan chiefs in their times, and kings in the future, who often used to make stories to prove themselves as an incarnation or messenger of God and propagate it to the people, so that their power would not be challenged or other interests can be fulfilled.

Most religious literature is only meant for the glorification

In India too, from Mauryan period to Shunga Empire (associated with religion) and from Khilji to Aurangzeb (associated with personal glorification and politics), the same spectacles were repeated. Otherwise, God cannot be so biased to not signify any lower class to send incarnations in India or in West Asia all the family members would have been Prophets. It means that in such large civilizations, populations, it was only Abraham‘s family that Prophets were born one after the other. Don’t you feel this is a strange coincidence? Does it not seem that like the Gandhi family, prophecy is also following a dynastic tradition that after the father, only son or brother after the brother will become Prophet. Almost all of them from Abraham to Muhammad are parts of the same dynastic vine. Does God seem like a man with limited intelligence?

In the initial phase, someone set a format of the divine incarnation or messenger and the next ones followed the same track. Since all was written around Jesus and before that it was alive only in the legends so the Jews adjusted it in their own way at the time of writing and to continue this series, they predicted the next Christ in which Jesus was caught.

Dharm Yatra final
Oldest Testament

From here, the twist came. Since all the written history was being prepared, then how would Jesus be recognized as the Messiah? As a result, the high-voltage drama was created and later when the followers of Jesus wrote their Bible (New Testament) then all the old content was verified. Why? Because it was necessary for their own verification. This was to prove their prophecy in Abraham‘s lineage. Whereas the formers (believers of the Old Testament) have been denying Jesus Christ to be Messiah till this day and have always declared them liars.

In the seventh century, Muhammad Sahab did the same. Either by himself or his followers did it, is buried in the past but it is clear that he carried forward the same sequence. They verified the content of the Jews, who have been hated by Muslims since then. Why? Because it was necessary for their own authenticity. But here too the same thing happened that those formers (Christians, Jews) refused to accept him as the sequel of their concept and held a liar who abducted their concept and the angels.

Suitable editing was done in this borrowed literature

A lot of editing has been done to this literature according to the need and time. I am giving two brief examples. The Jews clearly wrote that the Jehovah ordered Abraham to sacrifice his son, in a dream, so he took Isaac (in their conception son of Sarah, Isaac was the son of Abraham, while Ismail was son of maid Hajra), with the sacrificial goods, and when Isaac asked who will we sacrifice, he answered that the one who has given the order will make arrangements and reached to the sacrificial site and tied Isaac. While adopting the same story, the Muslims have replaced Isaac with Ismail and also modified that Abraham had told the truth and Ismail himself was ready. After all, Ismail had to be proved great.

Dharm Yatra final
Lut’s Story

In the same way, anal sex freak citizens of Prophet Lut’s city were buried by the rain of stones (which is now called the Dead Sea) because sodomy was a sin in the eyes of God. They took that much part but deducted the rest story because the basis of this story was morality, and in the next part, morality was torn apart, where both his daughters, who craved male intercourse, drank him, had intercourse with him and conceived his children. That is, it would not suit that a prophet is drinking wine and having sex with daughters, so they removed that part.

However, the stories that are repeated for centuries are automatically accepted as true and then tens of proofs are made to prove them true and the translation like ‘abba dabba jabba‘ containing those stories is prepared according to own convenience. If you read the literature of any religion by being absolutely neutral, then you will see contradictions and holes in fifty places, which the engineers of that religion will try to show you by putting a patch on it.

Both Aryans and Semitic descended from the same stream, but in this case, I would call the Aryans more clever that they coined God in the larger philosophical way so that even after centuries they could justify it in every way, (not the present-day modern Hindu, Vedic religion/Aryasamaji). Whereas the Semitic people started to form God as Jehovah and made a cartoon in the first step instead of a superpower.

The Muslims improved the image due to being the last writers, but even after being described as formless, they made mistakes like long hands to hold the sky and throne, etc. which the engineers have to resort to the ‘abba dabba jabba’ method to cover up.

We can consider incarnations as Gurus

If you want to understand Jesus, then he has to be considered as guru just as the Sikhs do. If you perceive him charmed by the miracles and divine powers, you will probably never understand. He was a social reformer of his time, was a rebel, a revolutionary, but later the writers added many such things with him for his glorification, which made his credibility suspicious. The blame is on the writers and not on him. Similarly, while reading religious books, you have to pay attention to their motives and not on their stories.


If you acknowledge great men as Gurus, then you will be able to understand that they were also human beings, so obviously they can also have some weakness with a hundred characteristics. Or if you will focus on their weaknesses then you will understand their circumstantial reasons too. It can be understood by some examples. There is no solution to blind faith in the world. Everyone is ready to believe some unseen divine power with eyes closed. In such a situation, you pay attention to people around you and you find that they are wild, uncivilized, barbaric and are far away from every rule and regulation. Their life is uncertain and insecure because of their ways and you want to improve them.

So much you will know that no such person will listen to you because you are the same person among them. What is different in you that they listen to you? In such a situation, you can attract people to you by claiming to be a divine incarnation. You can prove your authenticity by putting a seal of ‘verified’ on the stories prevalent already.

You will have to struggle with this, but your personality will be different from them. Here your claims are not important, your motive is important which does not depend on any kind of selfishness, but on the well being of the people. However, it needs courage, because for this purpose you will have to sacrifice all your dreams, your future and your personal life.

And then to change those bad people suppose you show them the dream that those of you who drink here do not drink because it has a negative effect on not only you but also on your family. Control yourself here, you will get river of liquor in heaven. Or don’t do lascivious activities here, and believe that if you control your nature here and live a life of decency, then after death, there will be many hoors you will get. These claims may be false because no one has seen them but the reforms can be seen on the ground.

Later, it was the fault of the next generations that they forgot the motive and claimed and spread the same things for their selfishness (like terrorists, martyrdom for jihad, seventy-two hoors, the greed of Jannat (heaven)). Imagine that namaz meant that salat (connection) where humans could connect with God around him in the form of Brahma element for a moment through meditation, but people offering namaz as a formality, indulge in different thoughts of all over the world while looking at other people around, mosque fans and mats. The same situation is of Hindus who spend hours worshipping in temples, who despite having the art of meditation, are trapped in hypocrisy.

We can learn from religious books

All such books were meant to show the path according to the circumstances of that time, to decide the rules of governance but they never became effective. Why? Because instead of understanding their motives people just mugged up. When all religions give the message of love, peace and brotherhood, then why is there so much chaos in the world? When all religious books teach you best practices, then why are their believers in the world full of evils? Why are they full of hate? According to this, religions were designed to turn humans into deities, then how are devils with demonic tendencies coming out of them?

Dharm Yatra final

After all, why is there so much hatred, so much violence, so much bloodshed in the whole world? Because the religions that were expected to form the social system have failed. Rather the religions have not failed, people have failed to understand their purpose. And that is the reason that people are pretending to be religious, doing hypocrisy day and night but still, there is disturbance, hatred and backwardness in their lives. And those populations of the west who are called atheists, they have absorbed the core of religion and they are living a better life than us.

Religion is not what its stakeholders explain to you in the form of millions of words of fraud, but one that is hidden in your nature, but which you keep on pressing because it strikes your interest or selfishness. And if God exists, then he is not observing you from heaven like a magician or executioner, but he is around you, is inside you.

Can religion be logical 9

The earth was considered to be a flat platform

At that time, it was generally believed that the earth was like a flat platform and there was a sea across it where according to them the world would end. The story of earth sinking into the sea and Lord Vishnu’s incarnation as Varaha to rescue it or the story of Hanuman swallowing the sun was based on this concept. The sky was considered to be a gaseous roof where the constellations and the sun rested with some supernatural miracle and revolved around the earth. And astrology was based on the calculation of these constellations. Now in such situation gods could live only on mountains, distant from humans.

Dharm Yatra
In Mythology

By the time of the Quran, a little wisdom had been developed, and even while adopting the old stuff, they edited and removed everything from the ground but were still stuck to the same concept with the sky and declared it to be made of seven levels like a multi-story building where prophets were allotted till the sixth level and God was placed on the seventh.

With this view, all the verses of the Quran which have been said about heaven will be clearly understood, but now the concept of earth and universe has been cleared, then to make those verses scientific, they connect irrelevant loops. Also, due to the compulsion of not editing, they prove the meaning according to their convenience by adding brackets. For example, it is said that sun and all the stars are completing their journey according to the same concept, but today the people put a bracket in the middle and wrote ‘the orbit’, to prove that we had already revealed that the stars and planets are all revolving in their orbits.

How much is the credibility of hadiths

Since many unscientific hadiths (related to heaven like Miraj, Burraq, hiding behind the throne of the sun, fearing eclipses, offering special namaz, a sign of doom, etc.) become obstacle so a new trend has been started to deal with it. It is said that a committee is investigating the hadiths, that which particular hadith has been narrated by which ravis (who had propagated the hadith) and what is the credibility and which of the hadiths/ incidents can be denied through their support?

That is, the credibility of the ravis of the hadiths written in the ninth century was not acknowledged by the people then. Their credibility is being checked after twelve hundred years now.

Dharm yatra

It was during Galileo‘s time when finding an out-of-earth condition was initiated when Galileo started looking into space by refining Lippershey’s ordinary telescope. Although this was started in the fifteenth century by the Polish astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, which Bruno proceeded resulting in eight years imprisonment and eventually executed by burning and finally Galileo stamped Copernicus’ theory.

And since then religious scholars (especially Hindus and Muslims) have been constantly yearning to prove by twisting the symbolic statements that Copernicus, Bruno, and Galileo have revealed it much later but we have known it thousands of years ago.

Here you have to note two fun facts. In both versions of the Bibles, according to the lineage that is told from Adam to Abraham, the creation would have been found at the most ten thousand years ago whereas several human fossils of many millions of years ago and fossils of dinosaurs from six million years ago have been found.

And all the religious texts of the world may say that the human civilization in the world started with the creation of the world, but they cannot tell a word about the huge animals like mammoths and dinosaurs, who once had a monopoly on earth.

Views of Muslims on pharaoh’s mummy

There is an even more famous story in the Islamic world, which is related to a miracle of the Quran that how God presented Firon’s corpse to be an example in order to enlighten the world.

A story is presented that (I will address this further as ‘Meem story’) how a corpse was found on the bank of the Red Sea and Muslims began to claim it to be Firon’s body. Then a Christian doctor/author Maurice Bucaille conducted tests on this corpse and converted to Islam himself, knowing that there was truth in the claims of the Muslims. This story is presented by magnifying a lot. How much truth is there in it, you should consider yourself.

Dharm Yatra 9
Ramses’s Mummy

The first oddity in this is that Firon is a title and not a name. The Quran or the Exodus (Part of Old Testament) has no period or identification of the Firon’s conflict with Moses but because Moses’ period It is believed to be three thousand BC and this mummy is also around the same period, then there is a possibility. But there is no proof anywhere that if this story associates with any of Seti I, Ramses II or Merneptah. While this famous mummy belongs to Ramses II or Merneptah. Actually, there is a big confusion in this whole episode between Ramses II and Merneptah. Bucaille mentions Merneptah in his book, while the entire discussion is about Ramses II.

There is an issue here that in history Ramses II is recorded as the son of Seti I and Merneptah, as the thirteenth son of Ramses but surprisingly both have similar ends and the events with mummy in their stories. This problem is also with this mummy that according to the recorded history, its face resembles Merneptah and also Seti the Great.

The history of Ramses does not match the story of Exodus

However, this man (Ramses II) was buried in the KV7 tomb of the Valley of Kings, but his mummy was removed from there due to the looting there, rewrapped and placed in Queen Inhapi’s tomb but 72 hours later it was removed again and was secured in the tomb of High Priest Pinedjem II (located at Deir El-Bahri) where more than 50 mummies of kings, queens and members of the royal family were safe. This information is recorded on linen, wrapping mummies. From here, it was discovered in 1881 by German egyptologists Emile Brugsch and French Egyptologist Gaston Maspero.

Dharm Yatra 9
Wikipedia about Ramses

While Merneptah was buried in KV8, his mummy was found in the KV35 tomb of the Amenhotep II which Victor Loret discovered along with 18 other mummies and in 1907, at the Museum of Cairo, Dr G. Elliott Smith unwrapped and examined it.

During their visit in 1974, the archaeologists found that mummy’s condition was deteriorating and then it was deported to Paris as a king, issuing a passport. Where during the examination it was found that it was being attacked by a fungus, which was treated. Then some wounds and fractures in his body were confirmed by tests and scientific analysis. It was clear from the body that he was suffering from Arthritis badly. Recent studies also suggest that Ankylosing Spondylitis may be the cause. He was also suffering from Haunched back in the last decade of life, dental infections were confirmed as well and these things were considered the cause of death.

Ramses’ body was mummified

The examiners here paid particular attention to mummy’s thin neck. The x-ray revealed a wood stuck between his upper chest and head that was holding the head steady. It was concluded that since the people of Egyptian culture believed afterlife, people believed in life and would preserve themselves as mummies, in such a situation, they believed that if a body part is left, then the soul will not be able to exist in the life after death and during the mummification process, the head of the corpse may have been moved from its place, then they used wood to keep it stable.

The mummy was then sent back to Cairo where it was placed in the Museum of Cairo and was visited by Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and his wife. From here, an attempt to prove him to be Firon, associated with Moses began. The mainstay of which was sea salt traces found on mummy. Then there was no research on if this salt was part of the mummification process. This theory was implanted into Bucaille’s mind by Islamic scholar Yusuf Estes when Bucaille was talking about preserving the mummies over Merneptah’s mummy among scholars in the Museum of Cairo.

Dharm Yatra 9
Bucaille’s Book about Firon

Now come to Maurice Bucaille. As per ‘Meem storyBucaille was a Christian and had no knowledge of Islam or Quran beforehand (Yusuf Estes also insisted on it) while around this research Bucaille was the family physician of King Faisal and the royal family of Saudi Arabia and the then ruler of Egypt, Anwar Sadat, were also among his clients, who had given Bucaille a special exemption and facility for research on royal mummies. However, other researchers did not agree with the conclusion of the work at all, and they raised questions on this.

Bucaille did not write about drowning in the first official report, but the book that he wrote later, “The Bible, the Quran and Science“, emphasized this, while emphasizing more upon religious prejudice than fact. Though the Islamic world welcomed the book, it was severely criticized outside Islam. It is believed that Bucaille did this trick by finding an easy chance to make a different identity in Islam and to increase his influence among rulers like Anwar Sadat and King Faisal and he got all that.

Claims of Muslims v/s facts

Now come to the claims of ‘Meem story‘. The claim is that Firon’s corpse was found on the side of the Red Sea, while this mummy was found in the tomb of Pinedjem II. It is claimed that this is the same Firon who was drowned in the sea chasing Moses but neither it is clear from the Quran nor the Exodus that whom Moses had a conflict with among Seti I, Ramses II or Merneptah. Because they all were Firon or Pharaohs and interestingly, none of them died due to drowning.

It is claimed that God preserved Firon’s corpse in a natural way, while the reality is that it is a mummy and has gone through the mummification process to this stage. It is claimed that sea salt traces on the mummies confirm that he died of drowning, but sea salt and baking soda mixture were part of the mummification process that was also found on other mummies.

Dharm yatra 9
Ramses’s Mummy in Museum

Then claim is that Firon associated with Moses was drowned in chasing Moses and his body was later taken out. Even if it is believed, the question arises that corpse would not have been left as unprotected as it was. While even the common priests of that era were mummified and preserved, then why would they not preserve their dead ruler? Although there is no evidence that his corpse was taken out after drowning, then left unprotected or safe. Secondly, this story is also mythological, originating from the Exodus and there is no description of this story with any other ruler of that period.

And yet, even if all the claims including Bucaille’s (except for the natural reserve / mummified part, because the mummy is proved) are believed, then how can a mummy be a lesson to anyone? This was human workmanship and was an art for the ancient Egyptians, with the help of this not only the royal family, the rich people of the state, the priests but also the common well-to-do people used to secure their bodies. The witness of which are many mummies still present. What is a miracle in them? On the official website of Egypt’s Department of Archeology, you can read about Ramses and other mummies that no one was died by drowning in the sea.