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This story is a document written in the form of an autobiography of Soumitra Banerjee, which finally reaches its climax with a thrilling twist when the main character of this story comes to know that in reality, he is inside his room. He was sleeping in his bed, but in a virtual world, he had learned everything about the life of Soumitra Banerjee, a mysterious man who lives a cursed life and finds salvation through him.

Whatever is in the story, it may take place in a virtual world but some important characters have a past – in which there is a dose of mystery and adventure at every step. All the characters are real if they were in their place, but instead of living in reality, they live in a virtual world created inside the mind, where their powers are limitless in a way.

This is the story of a matrix that does not operate in the real world outside, but in a world created inside the mind – where the main characters of the story pull other characters into their world against their will, Where they can also romance with them and can also physically hurt them. They can even take their lives.

Growing up in the home of an English couple, Soumitra Banerjee, returning home from his 20th birthday party, meets a mysterious girl, Saavari, who reveals to him the truth of his birth. She tells him about his father and helps him access the diary his father had saved especially for that day—the one left for him by his father, Soumik Banerjee.

From the diary, he learns the reality of his father, that he belonged to an influential family in Calcutta but was separated from the family due to his promiscuous hobbies. He had put his life at stake in the practice of Agashi, an elusive power found in the interior forests of Assam, and in pursuit of his efforts, he had reached such a state that he was neither alive nor dead.

Along with him, in the past, some of the same fanatics and enthusiasts of dark forces had travelled deep into the dark jungles of Africa in need of getting the necessary power towards Agashi, and to get that power from those man-eating tribesmen. All his passengers except Saumik Banerjee were killed in an attempt to escape—but Saumik still managed to muster up the strength and returned alive alone.

After this, he travelled to the jungles of Assam but there Agashi’s power prevailed, which was nowhere in the real world. She was a princess who died thousands of years ago and lived in a different dimension. He had an extremely dangerous army of nocturnals – who brought him constant prey. All of them used to feed on the blood and flesh of the hunted humans and got their strength from it and thus they made themselves immortal.

Soumik goes to fight them, to cultivate Agashi in order to gain his immense powers and immortality… Despite his best efforts, his fight ends halfway through. He doesn’t get Agashi’s powers, nor can Agashi consume him like the rest of the victims—but he does get the immortality that was one of his goals… But when Soumik suffers the curse of that immortality, he is given freedom A desire is born and due to this desire, he keeps his accidentally born son safe in Calcutta along with a diary full of his life experiences.

Now the time had come where his son Soumitra had to complete his father’s unfinished business and conquer Agashi—and that is why he was now being called to those forests of Assam. Savari had come to call him as her father’s emissary—but this was not entirely true. He cannot prepare himself to go like this, but by the time the time comes for his departure, he gets ready as if by some magic—he does not realize that even in his departure, his own volition had no role to play, but he had to go somewhere else. was prepared from.

As he embarks on this journey, there is the entry of a new character in the form of Maling, who along with his disciples pulls him into his dreams and tries to kill him. Saavri constantly helps him amidst the challenges he faces every step of the way, and as a result of these efforts, he gets those rare opportunities to groom himself to prepare himself for the match against Agashi.

Now on the journey to Assam, who had prepared him to put his life at stake like this? If Saavri was not she, who was revealing herself, then who else was? And what was his motive behind taking Soumitra with him? Who was Maling and why was he after Soumitra’s life? How was it possible to win Agashi who didn’t even exist in the real world? Where she was, she did what she wanted, it was a virtual world she created, where she pulled and consumed people from other real worlds—how could a human be able to overcome such power? What was the result of his journey of Soumitra? Could he face a force like Agashi?

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Bakar Unlimited

Are you upset … tense, sad, disappointed, and desperately looking for an opportunity where you leave all the stress, all the sadness behind for two moments and be happy. To be able to laugh without worry and to feel a new energy in yourself… then “Bakar Unlimited” is the right choice for you.

Think a little… Have you ever laughed openly in such a way that you are in danger that your life may not be lost by laughing… If not then you can try this book for this new experience. With the belief that it will provide you such entertainment that you will want to remember for years.

Aseem is certainly a Parsai of the modern era, his art of speaking is unique and he also directly converts spontaneous moments into a different mood with the help of his sharp dialogues. He may be an engineer by profession, but his art has no match in the field of humor. You will not be able to dislike them even after trying. Once you start reading them it becomes difficult to stop yourself. Yes, there is an advisory that do not read the entire book at once… Laughing can also cause heart failure 😉

There is no single concept in this book, there is no single story, but there are mutual interactions between two or more people on every kind of occasions that tickle you, make you laugh and at the same time make you think. Yes, some religion-related occasions or politics-related topics have also been used for these occasions meant for dialogue, but the purpose is not to hurt anyone or hurt anyone’s feelings in any way, but purely humour. An attempt has been made to provide ample entertainment.

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Infinity: The Cycle of Civilization

This story is about a planet Gradious which is quite similar to our planet Earth. The people of this planet are known by the name Cathiouns. Though not similar, yet they are similar to the people of our planet. The similarity between our people and their people is that there too persists continuous ideological dissension between science and religion. They too have similar beliefs and faith… that this world, the universe has been created by some Godly powers like Bandorah and Ellah. They sent Christopher and Edvina on Gradious to multiply the Cathiouns population.                     

They are helpless and they do their work according to the will of the Godly powers, though having the liberty to choose between the right and the wrong. Their judgement day will decide their fate. The people having done good deeds will be awarded a place in heaven named haviyan and the sinners will go to hell named shubuga. They too have several religions like Farayam resembling Islam, Veyraaism resembling Hinduism, Nibracism resembling Christianity. Similarly Buddha, Mahavira, Muhammad, Christ, Musa, Ibrahim, Nuh resembling Vudo, Wangti, Thausbut, Babusa, Ruza, Mile, Lua.

The difference between them and us is that we are on the verge of our journey from development to devastation. They are several hundred years ahead of us where they have had a lot of development but similar to we humans, the hunger of success and development made them ruin their beautiful world. As a result, Gradious can no more give the Cathiouns a suitable survival friendly atmosphere and habitat. The Cathiouns are now in search of a new habitat.

Now here comes a twist. They are confronted with certain truths, which were considerd true by half of them whereas it was some kind of imagination in the eyes of the rest. As a matter of fact the real truth lied somewhere in between facts and fantacy. Breathing there last they are confronted with the unsolved mysteries of their evolution as Cathiouns and the web of complexities arisen out of the advancement against the law of nature, that led to the devestation of the ecosystem of their planet. Now when it was their time to leave the planet, they get confronted with self-realization, their purpose of life and their new destiny.

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Vulture Feast

Vulture feast’ is not a single story, but is the collection of twenty-five stories. These are the stories that are directly connected with us and the existing environment around us— These are related to our problems, idiotic ideologies, our past and our future. Each story shocks us, teaches us, it depends on us what we can learn from them.

Vulture Feast’ has two sections— The first section has the stories which are the main ones, while the other section has the stories which I have posted on social media, but you can find them in the names of anyone else. They are included in this collection so that they can get a real identity.

One of the main stories is ‘Vulture Feast’ It is a story of a farmer who is on the verge of starvation and ending his life— but ironically, he is known by the huge but useless name like ‘Annadata’. Destiny gives him a chance where he can choose to become a Messiah or to be an ordinary person and he chooses to be an ordinary person. ‘Salvation‘ is the story of a young boy who becomes a murderer by the influence of misleading propaganda on social media and messes with his future but his guilt does not let him stay peacefully anywhere.

Surkhab’ is a story depicting gender discrimination existing in the Muslim community, where a girl is forced to leave her home while fighting for her rights and equality continuously. ‘Incomplete Freedom‘ is a story of the struggle of this era, where the young generation trapped between conflicts of blind imitation of western culture and freedom arising of it and taboo of sex-prohibited Indian society is not even sparing the little girls to overcome their sexual frustration.

Characterless’ typifies each woman who is carrying the aspirations and taboos associated with good character, who does not spend even a moment of her choice and this character-based repression finally provokes her to live as per her wish. ‘Two Drops of Water’ is a story of the struggle behind the continuously exhausting water, where there comes a time that even a single drop of water becomes precious and we all have to suffer this ultimately. ‘Debauchery‘ is a story of a man who intoxicated by money and power considers every female to be a vagina only.

Religious Kufr’ is a fantasy of a person in the midst of the people with the herd mentality, who is able to become a human being by freeing himself from the chain of traditional and conservative ideologies. ‘Man of forest’ is the story of every such human being who is fighting capitalism disguised as development in order to save his land and the jungle. ’Pagli’ is a love story which goes against the strong religious beliefs, where mechanical people following the conservative ideologies are hell-bent on putting an end to the human relationships instead of understanding their value.

Shadow of Jamun’ is a story of that era where we have ruined our ecosystem by destroying trees and greenery to fulfil the needs of the growing population. ‘Attraction‘ is a story about the colour biasedness in which a dark girl grows up bearing social prejudice in such a way, that she has to do extra efforts to express her desires. ‘Silent Rebellion‘ is one such aspect of the facility provided by the constitution which many people overlook how the fight against the Brahminical system is absorbing the same ideology.

Iddat A Soreness’ depicts the darker aspect of one of the Islamic beliefs where a woman has only examinations, while men are exempt at every stage. It is a tough fight to modify irrelevant traditions which a woman has to fight alone. ‘Astray‘ is a mirror for the younger generation who, due to their liberal lifestyle and comfort-loving tendencies, is ready to take any step without getting into an argument of ethical or unethical, even if that step is going to destroy their future or leading them to end.

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God’s Existence

This is non-fiction based on the experiences of personal life.

As a child, I used to be a typical Muslim— who used to offer namaz, observe Roza and believe in akhirat… Like the other Muslims, I was blindly convinced that this whole world (this planet, planetary system, the universe) has been created by God and he had introduced two human beings in this world as Adam and Eve to start life. He sent many messengers time to time who have conveyed the divine messages… about the right way of living life, the purpose of life and ways of worshipping that almighty God to their respective societies.

After we die, we will either be punished or rewarded in the grave according to our deeds and on the day of qayamat (judgement day) when the whole world will be destroyed, all those who were born— and now are dead will be raised back to life and all their good and bad deeds will be calculated and they will be sent to either heaven or hell where there is an everlasting life— that will never end.

In this concept, hundreds of such small things are included that can be believed only if you don’t seek logic in it. If you will try to find logic, various confusions will be created and questions will arise and if you will try to find out the answers, this whole enchantment will collapse. This is applicable to almost all the religious concepts. From the very first step itself, they start challenging a logical intellect and you are forced to choose between logic and faith.

Most of the world’s population succumb to faith because it starts pressurising since birth… The pressure of family, school mates, teachers, friends, neighbours, relatives and colleagues at the workplace… When people around you are praising the illogical religious beliefs then it is impossible to save yourself from unbecoming like them.

But writing in me started developing since childhood and the most important quality of a writer is to be aware… he should know as much as he can. Till then whatever I knew about my religion was based on the literature of my own creed but then when I moved out of the world of ’belief’ and went on the path of ‘knowing’ I realised that the literature of Shia creed of our own religion was almost entirely different except for the part of the Prophet and the fourth caliph Hazrat Ali.

Now how to guess that which is more accurate? Then I understood that in history nothing can be totally right or wrong and religious writers of any creed can never justify with the history because they will only glorify their respective religious leaders. They will intelligently justify the weaknesses, failures and negative aspects of them.

In such a situation, it is better to read the writings of those neutral people who have researched that history without prejudice, by reading all the available facts and then they have written that what can be the nearest possible truth… And after reading that, all the enchantment was broken. All the religious concepts were collapsed like a castle of sand and truth came to light. Obviously, I was a little shocked, I felt bad as if something was taken away from me but I had already guessed it slowly while reading all this.

Then when all those things were cleared, which the religious people of this world have crafted then I was surrounded by the new questions like how this all was created… why it was created? So, I checked all the scientific discussions, research and possibilities available on this matter and came to know many new possibilities through which this planet, this planetary system and universe could be explained… Now after understanding the possibilities, a new curiosity arose that whether this is all self-made or has been created by someone? And if it has been created then what can he be like from the perspective of science?

If you believe Einstein’s view then in this whole system, which can be called creation— everything is fixed that is there is a formula for everything, that is it will be like this or it will be like that. There is no room for “possibility” or “may”, but in this theory, there were many unanswered questions which were solved by the string theory which relates with the quantum physics and quantum physics is open about possibilities— or rather “maybe.” So now, if we think while keeping this in mind, then there are many possibilities about this whole system, which is discussed in the scientific world and we will also look at the same possibilities.

There are many articles on social media on these discussions and this book is a collection of those articles which is an attempt to make a garland by stringing many beads… Now you will decide how successful this effort was.

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Jihadi Parinde

A long time ago, I met a publisher with a script. The first question he asked on seeing the script was how much content of sex is there in it? It was strange because I did not use to write that kind of stuff. So obviously I reacted negatively but he said that this is what is trending the market nowadays. Without it how the book would sell? It is better to write a book that has a lot of stuff for today’s young generation.

I found it weird that why sex content should unnecessarily be there in a story? But then after a little research, it was clear that the market material was indeed the one which was in demand. 

Then, keeping this thing in mind, I wrote a story which was completely market material but then after reading it several times, I could not dare to go ahead hence I had put it on hold.

But now since I am trying to establish in this field, so I thought why not start with this? Now even writers like Chetan Bhagat write this and people also read. However, after that, I edited such scenes a lot, but the ’market material’ is still there.

In fact, this story is about a sexually sick Indian for whom women of all ages, race and built were acceptable as a sex object and the whole thrill of his life was in them. The craze of the girls and free life of the West was madness for him, due to which he travels all the way from Lucknow to America and he gets the same which he was craving for but unknowingly he becomes a victim of a conspiracy of two white women and accused of several murders.

In an attempt to escape this, he gets trapped in a terrorist group, planning a big suicide attack. Though he had women of his choice available all around him, these were the one who fails all his efforts to escape.

Please read the book to know further. It is available on Almost all big online platform. You can buy from wherever you like.

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