Programmed Universe 6

A soul cannot exist without supporting tools

Now understand it with your own body – can you see with your eyes closed, speak with your mouth closed and listen with ears closed? Obviously not- because you need these organs to see, speak, hear, so if your body is to be destroyed after death, then how a soul will get the organs to see, hear, speak? That is why soul, ghost, the phantom is just a misconception, nothing else.

But if the consciousness is defined as energy, then the law of energy will also have to be applied to it that neither it is born nor destroyed, only transferred. Being born, we can understand that while living in our body, in the form of cell division, we divide a small part of our energy in the form of sperm or egg which later becomes an independent entity in the womb. but then two questions will arise, first, where does the consciousness come from and how does it transfer after death.

Programmed Universe 6
Paranormal illusion

However, there are paranormal activities and there is research on them all over the world. They are also detected with modern instruments, but no satisfactory answer has yet been found. Apart from religious people, we can definitely consider some possibilities.

Many times you must have felt that on Facebook or WhatsApp we like or comment somewhere and they go somewhere else – since they are connected to a mechanical object, we can call it a technical error, which can be done due to an error in the phone or sometimes in the app – while outside of a gadget, we call similar things as soul, ghost or in a polished language paranormal activities.

infinity The cycle of civilization

Paranormal activities can also be called System errors

In fact, these paranormal activities can also be a technical error because we have a habit to understand things made of metal etc as a system. While at the time of type three and four civilizations, when we will be able to make these things, we will find that these tree, plant, rain, storm, animal, human, everything is a system and if there is a system then there is a possibility of a technical error in it.

Paranormal Activity

Or any deactivated ID among us becomes active again after years, which we had forgotten, then we are surprised to see his comment on our old post. In the same way, consider our system- Suppose we are simultaneously exiting in three frames, past, future and present and our own action are going to change something again and again and we cannot understand it properly.

As we see the default sequence, just like in a movie, while in a video game, it becomes possible to change the sequence in the same format. Possibly there can be some changes that are really happening around us — if we are a system, a program —in that condition, these changes can also be the basis of paranormal activities.

Vulture feast

Paranormal activities can also occur due to multidimensional civilization

As a second possibility, we can see this in another way that a person can use the fifth dimension with the help of a gadget to go to the pastor to the future – he can see events happening in front of him but by itself, he can neither be effective on any event nor he can be seen by the people present there – in spite of this, it can indicate its existence in a limited range…

One can understand this by watching it in the movie ‘Interstellar’ where Cooper reaches in the past where the film’s story began and speaks in the binary/morse code while in visible form he defines the fall of those books as a vagary and his daughter Murph says no, it is you who is trying to say something and in the end, she manages to solve that message.

The third possibility may be the same as stated earlier – in the two-dimensional world of ants, every act done by three-dimensional organisms will be paranormal activities for them. The same can happen with us that every activity of organisms living in any other dimension can be a paranormal activity for us.

In the fourth possibility, we can fit those creatures or things that example was given earlier – that is, anything that can move at a speed which we are not able to see, then at present for us their presence is like our imagination but there is also a truth that we are in the very beginning stage of understanding our world and anything can happen that can be beyond our understanding, our knowledge and our possibilities.

Programmen Universe 6
Multidimensional Space

Almost every person who is interested in space is definitely confused with the question, whether we are alone in the universe or there are other civilizations like us. If they are, how are they? It is a big thrill on which many books have been written all over the world and Hollywood have made many films. This is probably their favourite subject.

God's Existence

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