This story is a document written in the form of an autobiography of Soumitra Banerjee, which finally reaches its climax with a thrilling twist when the main character of this story comes to know that in reality, he is inside his room. He was sleeping in his bed, but in a virtual world, he had learned everything about the life of Soumitra Banerjee, a mysterious man who lives a cursed life and finds salvation through him.

Whatever is in the story, it may take place in a virtual world but some important characters have a past – in which there is a dose of mystery and adventure at every step. All the characters are real if they were in their place, but instead of living in reality, they live in a virtual world created inside the mind, where their powers are limitless in a way.

This is the story of a matrix that does not operate in the real world outside, but in a world created inside the mind – where the main characters of the story pull other characters into their world against their will, Where they can also romance with them and can also physically hurt them. They can even take their lives.

Growing up in the home of an English couple, Soumitra Banerjee, returning home from his 20th birthday party, meets a mysterious girl, Saavari, who reveals to him the truth of his birth. She tells him about his father and helps him access the diary his father had saved especially for that day—the one left for him by his father, Soumik Banerjee.

From the diary, he learns the reality of his father, that he belonged to an influential family in Calcutta but was separated from the family due to his promiscuous hobbies. He had put his life at stake in the practice of Agashi, an elusive power found in the interior forests of Assam, and in pursuit of his efforts, he had reached such a state that he was neither alive nor dead.

Along with him, in the past, some of the same fanatics and enthusiasts of dark forces had travelled deep into the dark jungles of Africa in need of getting the necessary power towards Agashi, and to get that power from those man-eating tribesmen. All his passengers except Saumik Banerjee were killed in an attempt to escape—but Saumik still managed to muster up the strength and returned alive alone.

After this, he travelled to the jungles of Assam but there Agashi’s power prevailed, which was nowhere in the real world. She was a princess who died thousands of years ago and lived in a different dimension. He had an extremely dangerous army of nocturnals – who brought him constant prey. All of them used to feed on the blood and flesh of the hunted humans and got their strength from it and thus they made themselves immortal.

Soumik goes to fight them, to cultivate Agashi in order to gain his immense powers and immortality… Despite his best efforts, his fight ends halfway through. He doesn’t get Agashi’s powers, nor can Agashi consume him like the rest of the victims—but he does get the immortality that was one of his goals… But when Soumik suffers the curse of that immortality, he is given freedom A desire is born and due to this desire, he keeps his accidentally born son safe in Calcutta along with a diary full of his life experiences.

Now the time had come where his son Soumitra had to complete his father’s unfinished business and conquer Agashi—and that is why he was now being called to those forests of Assam. Savari had come to call him as her father’s emissary—but this was not entirely true. He cannot prepare himself to go like this, but by the time the time comes for his departure, he gets ready as if by some magic—he does not realize that even in his departure, his own volition had no role to play, but he had to go somewhere else. was prepared from.

As he embarks on this journey, there is the entry of a new character in the form of Maling, who along with his disciples pulls him into his dreams and tries to kill him. Saavri constantly helps him amidst the challenges he faces every step of the way, and as a result of these efforts, he gets those rare opportunities to groom himself to prepare himself for the match against Agashi.

Now on the journey to Assam, who had prepared him to put his life at stake like this? If Saavri was not she, who was revealing herself, then who else was? And what was his motive behind taking Soumitra with him? Who was Maling and why was he after Soumitra’s life? How was it possible to win Agashi who didn’t even exist in the real world? Where she was, she did what she wanted, it was a virtual world she created, where she pulled and consumed people from other real worlds—how could a human be able to overcome such power? What was the result of his journey of Soumitra? Could he face a force like Agashi?

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