बकर अनलिमिटेड

Bakar Unlimited

Are you upset ... tense, sad, disappointed, and desperately looking for an opportunity where you leave all the stress, all the sadness behind for two moments and be happy. To be able to laugh without worry and to feel a new energy in yourself… then "Bakar Unlimited" is the right choice for you.

Wahabi Islam

Wahabism in Islam 2

Somewhere the fanaticism associated with this ideology attracts the weak minded people to the fake jihad which has every possibility of turning into terrorism, You can understand this by the pattern of mob in the name of religion and nationalism in India, where the person very easily becomes a part of a lynching.

how to publish ebook on kindle smashwords

How to Publish ebook on Kindle and Smashwords-2

Although an e-book can be published on many platforms, but Kindle and Smashwords have an important place in all those platforms, Kindle where a book can be used to boost rankings, while Smashword can have many other world levels platforms, There is an opportunity to be published simultaneously.

How to write and design ebook

How to Design and Publish ebook-1

There are many people who feel that they have deep knowledge about a specific subject and they can write in that subject so that more people, who are interested in that subject… how they can use that knowledge This article is about writing and designing books, and where and how to publish.

Existence of God Final

Existence of God Final

It may also happen that we are just an experiment for someone, which we can call the Universe Maker, now if we recognize such a creator, then we have to understand the elements like angels and prophets. After all, what can these things be?

Existence of God 4

Existence of God 4

If we try to understand this whole system, then we see three possibilities, the first is that this whole system is a solid reality, the second is that half reality and half illusion, and third The possibility is that nothing is a reality and we are in a simulating program.