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There are some skills in people which are said to be God gifted. If God exists and gifts, are not known but I have seen many such skills in people. I, myself am a living example of this.

I do not know how and when I got so much creativity that I started writing stories but I remember that when I was in class six, I made a rough copy by adding pages and wrote a story on it for the first time. Obviously, I did not know the right way to write at that time, and so there were a lot of errors in the story but wasn’t that enough that I wrote at such a young age.

Then at that phase when the other children used to play and flirt, all my time was spent reading or writing. The libraries were in full trend those days and in the library of our area, there was no book, comic or magazine that I did not read. Writing also continued in the same way. I wrote many novels, short stories, film scripts and songs etc. After that, I got so stuck in the struggles of life that I could not continue it further.

But now I have overcome those problems and am ready to make a career in the world of writing. I might not be very good at other things but writing is my life. I am probably born to write.

The marks of my presence on social media are spread everywhere. Except for this website, I also have many other sites, blogs etc. where you can read my writings.
Tapri… The Bakar Adda
Kuchh Makhmali Se Ahsaas
Bakar Puraan
Afsaanon Ka Darakht 

I have a page on Facebook which you can find from here… and there are two profiles, one of which I make serious posts from Ashfaq Ahmad , while from Id अशफ़ाक़ अहमद, I do a light joke.

Apart from these places, you can also find me on Instagram, you can also find me on Twitter, Pinterest, linkedin, tumblr, Medium and youtube.

Yes, except Amazon Flipkart, I also have my own store for online sale as Gradius Publishing House and on Instamojo I have opened my store as Ashfaq’s Store. Or you can also take e-books from here..
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