Existence of God Final

Existence of God Final

It may also happen that we are just an experiment for someone, which we can call the Universe Maker, now if we recognize such a creator, then we have to understand the elements like angels and prophets. After all, what can these things be?

Existence of God 4

Existence of God 4

If we try to understand this whole system, then we see three possibilities, the first is that this whole system is a solid reality, the second is that half reality and half illusion, and third The possibility is that nothing is a reality and we are in a simulating program.

Existence of God 3

Existence of God 3

If there is such a creator, then it should be free from the bondage of time, matter and space, and we who compare that Creator in such a way that we are seen or understood, then it is not necessary that it be so, It can be made of any such element which is beyond our imagination.

Existence of God 2

Existence of God 2

If we want to understand a creator who has created a universe like that, then first of all we have to understand how this universe came into existence and how it can end… what things inside and outside it May occur.

Programmed Universe Final

Programmed Universe Final

At the end of all the arguments, you come to the conclusion that if we think logically by removing the faith that was imposed from childhood, not only can there be more than one possibility of human descent on the earth, but the universe in which we exist , There can be many possibilities about it.

Programmed Universe 9

Programmed Universe 9

Between the debate of religion and science, there is a constant question as to where did humans come from on earth? Is it through some God as Adam and Eve? Or did any apps evolve? Or an alien civilization created a new race by mixing its DNA with an ape that we know as humans.

Programmed Universe 8

Programmed Universe 8

We know the same Universe in which we live, but Multiverse Theory says that there can be more Universe outside this Universe. If this is the case, can there be any power outside this universe that we can call the Universe Maker? It is obvious that if any such power is outside this universe, then its everything will be different from us.