Programmed Universe 4

Dimensional constraint is a big problem

The second hurdle in this regard is the flat glass cabin where the two-dimensional world (of bacteria) can flourish. There are two dimensions i.e. back and forth and left and right – the third dimension does not exist for them, that is, they cannot be up and down, nor will they understand this third dimension in any way, while as a human being you are three-dimensional creatures living in a three-dimensional world.

If you want to go in front of them – just keep the finger knuckles, then in their two-dimensional world, it will not appear from anywhere, but will appear immediately to them like magic or miracle – and when you remove the finger, The finger will not be seen going away to them, but for them, it will disappear completely, like some magic. Or if you stand in front of them, then it will be for them as if your feet have suddenly appeared in front of them and in that case, they will only see your feet due to their two-dimensional intelligence and vision – the rest of you, the torso will be invisible to them.

Exactly the same rule applies to us – we are three-dimensional beings living in a three-dimensional world… In such a situation, if a multi-dimensional creature (or suppose God) comes before us, then the first thing is We will not be able to see it coming, but it will appear and disappear – (this is the belief that religious people have built) and there is another possibility that even we may not understand anything outside our known dimension.

Dimensional Universe

If you want to understand the combination of your world and the universe, then one of the most important things is that you should understand the dimensions. If you fail to understand it, then your problems may never be solved.

infinity The cycle of civilization

Humans are three-dimensional beings

The first dimension is to be back and forth, the second dimension is to the left and right and the third dimension is to be above the bottom. We are three-dimensional species living in three dimensions and the known world in which we live is also three dimensional. The fourth dimension is called time – over which we have no authority.

We can just feel it passing through the hands or digits of the clock – but here too, like the first dimension, we can see it moving in a straight line, that is, a journey from human being to old and dying. We can never see this journey in return.

Five Dimensional Society

The fifth dimension realizes the idea that we can control this fourth dimension i.e. time and can go back and forth in time to see it and imagination of time machine is dependent on the concept that we can do it.

series like ‘Back to the Future’ and ‘Terminator’ have been made on the same concept, and many time paradoxes have been made from the twists that originated from this concept – which have Inspired films like ‘Predestination’ where the same character After going through different stages of time, he has done sexual intercourse with himself as a man and woman and after creating himself, shot himself in the end.

Or the Fourth Dimension like Tesseract which is visualized in a physical structure in films such as ‘Thor’ or ‘Interstellar’, where time is tied in a shape – according to the theory of the fifth dimension, ‘Interstellar’ protagonist Cooper there accessing her past, he gives her daughter Murf the message from the binary code to ‘Stay’ and in a second attempt explains quantum data of gravity in Morse code – to complete the equation of gravity.

This fantasy of going back to the past is far better than the time machine where much confusion like Grand Father Paradox arises.

But in the imagination of the fourth-fifth dimension, that is, the time and the dimension that can be traced back and forth in it, it can also be possible that it is in the wrong direction and it has to exist in some other form and it can be affected by some other way – which is completely out of our understanding right now.

We cannot understand something outside our dimension

However – understand this a little bit better. Take grooves in your house like a tray or steel plates and fill them with ants and cover it – make holes in the top so that you can give their food in the form of flour/sugar.

Now understand that all this tray is two-dimensional world and by enlarging it you can use it with any creeping organism because creeping organisms are actually two dimensional – but since If they live in the three-dimensional world, then their understanding develops in the same way that we can understand it just like us.

Now think that there is a lot of two-dimensional worlds in a house with many members, but in spite of being around them, you do not exist for them. For them, there is only ‘front-back’ or ‘right-left’ – there is no such thing as ‘up and down’ that they can even see you.

In such a situation, they will not see you or any part of your body, cannot see food or anything thrown at them – ‘coming’ and ‘going’ – but will appear and disappear in front of them. You spray water from above – if it comes out of the holes in the bottom of the tray, then it will be a miracle for them ‘shining and fading’ and not the reality you are able to see.

Vulture feast

Those living in more dimensions than us can also Exist

Just imagine on the same lines that there is a five-dimensional world around us and there live five-dimensional creatures. In appearance, they may be like us – here it is not at all necessary that they are type three, four or five civilizations, but even if they are type zero civilizations like us – in fact, their presence is like the magic for us, an immortal miracle and a paranormal activity… and almost every incomprehensible event can be the result of the same existence.

A scientist can say that this will not happen – because he will apply his laws of physics on it, but why is it necessary that the laws of physics of people living in different dimensions or universe should be the same as ours.

If scientists think about this universe that everything has come into existence on its own and the universe is self-made – that may be the case, but they hold back in accepting this additional fact that we are a three-dimensional creature and live in the three-dimensional world and we know about the fourth dimension but we have no control over it – whereas beyond our knowledge and understanding, there may be civilizations in the universe who live in the five-dimensional world…


They may be able to travel back and forth in time and the fourth dimension is not exactly like the tesseract as it is imagined, where ‘time’ is present in physical shape and size— rather than some other form. And every act related to them should be the same magic and miracle for us as we can do for ants living in a two-dimensional world.

What can any other civilization do with control over the fourth fifth dimension — apart from this, if we look at our possibilities, a theory says that if we enlarge the space between microscopic particles and make way through them, we can create a wormhole that can travel through time and space— but most scientists, including Stephen Hawkins, have not considered it practical?

Many of the devices have been conceived outside of the wormhole, such as warp drives or time machines, through which time can be moved forward or backwards. By taking this, two types of imaginations can be made. One can be that ‘Terminator’ series film made on, where the machines that have dominated the earth send robots in the past to eliminate the rebel humans chief John Connor, who is currently fighting against himself, as a child. In the same time, humans also send a robot in the past to save John. 

God's Existence

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