Can religion be logical

Can religion be logical

Interpretation of religions 

Let’s interpret the known religions of the modern world. Their need was not only to form large groups of common myths with the help of communication, but also there could be many reasons that their need was felt. Somebody has said that if we want to understand something, then we must first understand its purpose because it is the main thing. The use of similes, symbols and metaphors, etc. to tell anything is never the prime one, but if you will give them more attention then you will surely go astray

This rule applies to all religions and religious books. First, understand what religion is? In reality, religion is your good acts. Your actions are for the benefit of mankind. And which is going against humanity on any criterion, is iniquity, unrighteous and profanity.

These prayer, Roza, namaz etc. are the methods of worship in different sects and not religion itself. If you are offering prayers daily and doing even a single which is against the human interest or proves to be a characterological fault, then you are not religious, but rather pretending to be religious. You are fooling others and yourself as well. The sad aspect of it is that in today’s times hardly anyone can meet this criterion.

Religious books were meant for operating the system  

Now come to the religious books, whatever religion they are related to, they not only define the operation of the social system but also determine the best human behaviour. There may be a difference according to the time of writing them and according to today’s circumstances, but that is a different subject.

For example, the order of revenge of the Quran, or the caste system of Manusmriti. The orders of the Quran were according to the situation at that time, similarly, the caste system of Manusmriti would have been written based on occupation but when people of superior clan accepted it as birth-based, then now there is no point in defending that system which exploits a large group of citizens.

During the ascension period of all religions, many stories were written. Most of them were metaphorical whose abstract was supposed to be focused on rather than the characters and plots but unfortunately, it happened the other way. The Hindus were the pioneer in this. As a result not only a lot of strange incarnations of God, ranging from humans to animals and birds, came into existence, but many miraculous stories were also formed.

Dharm Yatra
Dharm Yatra

Stories that do not stand the logic anywhere, rather lead to the laughter of atheists or intellectuals with liberal interpretation. One side effect of this was that the rest of the religions, which were charmed by the miracle, began to forcibly add miracles to their religion and colossus.

Islam, the most recent and the most practical religion compared to the rest, could not escape transition, and recently, Lord Sai Baba’s intestines were also washed and dried on the tree. It is our mental weakness that we accept the miracle.

Religion is dependent upon science but science is not dependent upon religion  

So basically the original purpose of religion or religion books was never to overwhelm people with miracles or to accept scientific challenges or to present scientific research. Science is a different thing. While religion was meant to streamline human life, science can be kept as a mode for keeping human life simple, easy and safe.

But since science ruled out many hypotheses of religion, religious people considered it to be their enemy and to prove it as trivial and inferior to religion, they started extracting sciences from the books which were not meant for the same. 

Dharm Yatra
Dharm Yatra

Now, this effort makes the people engaged in the defence of religion, ridiculous. The sole responsibility of this are these self-styled intellectuals and not the religion or religious books.

However, I will discuss miracles and claims in this article. First thing will be why and where the need for religion and religious systems arose.  

For this, we have to go into the history of humankind. We cannot understand the previous situation through present circumstances. We have to consider the aspects of that time. Now we will try to examine it from the perspective of the currently existing beliefs, a little different from ’The Journey of Human Evolution.’ written earlier.

There are three types of theories of the origin of humans. The most famous of which is the theory of Adam and Eve, believed by religious. The second is logical, the theory of evolution and the third is the theory of scientists who believe in extra-terrestrial thing that we do not belong to this planet, rather we are a mixed breed of aliens and chimps.

That is, they believe that some aliens came to earth, created a new breed, mixing their jeans with the highest IQ animal and that we’re humans. These aliens have been continuously coming to the earth since then and it was them who gave fire, wheels or knowledge of farming etc. to humans. They had flying techniques, latest weapons to fight and these were the people who were called God, angels etc.

Dharm Yatra
Dharm Yatra

Atlantis, a city immersed in the sea was colonised by them and various proofs related to them are safe in the MUFON archive, for which the rest of the world believes that they are nothing more than legends, hence we reject this theory.

Adam and Eve v/s Evolution theory

The theory that establishes civilization from humans as Adam being the first man, has many errors. The exact data might still be not available but still in the search of first human, we have to go many millions of years ago and if you have read the Old Testament (Zabur, Taurat etc.) then you will know that they already knew to farm, to hunt, fire, construction, etc. Then there was no meaning of the early men and their evolution.

Dharm Yatra

That is, the archaeological evidences which prove that man has made this progress slowly in thousands of years, will not fit. So  this theory will have to be denied and Darwin’s theory will have to be considered.

That is, whether the chain started with any two people (here you can consider them Adam and Eve for your satisfaction) or a family or group of chimps, left the forest for food or safety, started walking on two legs and evolved gradually as the present human species, it is certain that he started this journey from a jungle on a dense forest planet lacking any supreme species.

With this belief, you may adjust with Adam and Eve, but the theory of the Bible, which starts civilization from the first man, will have to be rejected even in that case.

Use of fire and wheel changed the life

However, at first, these people must have been eating wild fruits and plants etc. but later they made weapons with stones to hunt animals and started eating raw meat etc. Later, they somehow managed to get fire and started eating cooked meat. Then later they started farming and using a wheel, which made their life a bit more easy.

Later, their population grew and they started migrating and reached in different forest areas of the world. Wherever the got abundance of food and fertile land for agriculture they settled there. Before settling permanently, humans did not have any special goals other than food and reproduction similarly to animals. They did not need any kind of religion before they formed large groups, but when the number increases, problems arise automatically.

They were settled as clans, the evidence of which will still be found in Africa and Amazon today but as the population increased, the clans started expanding into cities. For more food, power, construction work and women, they started attacking each other. Here might was right.

Dharm Yatra

Loot and attacks after labourers, food, money, and women but until later civilized times, such attacks continued to be for the sake of wealth and women and because of this trend human life (especially men) remained highly unstable, uncertain and insecure. Then they had to hide, escape and fight to survive constantly. You can understand these situations through Hollywood movies like ‘Apocalypse‘ and ’10,000 BC‘.

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