Existence of God

Existence of God

Does God Exist?

If God exists then what can he be like from the point of view of science? We have discussed a lot about the presence or absence of any God who runs this creation. Let us also consider this possibility from the perspective of religious people that he exists indeed and if exists then where can he be and what can he be like?

To understand this one has to go a little deep. You cannot understand God simply by the concept of a believer. They answer every question by ‘just believe.’ They have no logic to prove their point. It is true that whether or not God exists cannot be proved but like science if a theory is presented in a way which is a little practical then there is a possibility.

The second dispute between a theist and an atheist after the existence of God is the Big Bang theory. According to a believer, this universe has come into existence at the will of God and has come in the style of ‘Kun-Fayakun‘, whereas according to science, the universe has been created through the Big Bang.

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Did Big Bang really happen

That is, about fourteen billion years ago everything was closed as a point/ dot, which exploded and this universe came into existence in the form of space, time and matter. Now, at the time when this incident was happening, there was no human being present at that time, nor is there any record available at that time. Then on what basis this, funnily enough, truth is accepted as a theory?

There are several points of this theory that are simply imaginary but there are several points that have been proved true by experiments. The most important point of which is that at one time this universe was very small and hot which later spread slowly. To prove this, astronomical observation, computer simulation and large hadron collider experiments have been reported to. Apart from this, evidence of this as a cosmic microwave background exists everywhere in the entire universe.

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For the first three lakh years of manufacture, it was so hot that electrons and protons were not able to form an atom together. At the time, all this matter was present as a highly ionized plasma. Although the light was coming out of this plasma at that time too because of the presence of neutral atom, free electrons were redirecting the light so it could not travel very far.

Gradually the universe expanded and its temperature and density decreased. Then it came the time when atom came into existence. Since there were no free electrons left to redirect the light after the neutral atom was created, this universe became transparent for the first time.

गॉड्स एग्जिस्टेंस
God’s Existence

Before the atom was formed, the light which had been present in every corner of the universe together as infrared radiation, due to releasing out of hot plasma, now became free to travel forever in this universe. This light is still present everywhere in the universe as proof. Due to the spread of the universe in the last thirteen and a half billion years, the wavelength of this light also kept stretching. Because of which it is no longer infrared radiation but in the microwave region of the electromagnetic spectrum it can still be detected everywhere in the universe which we know as cosmic microwave background.

When something becomes very hot, the light starts coming out of it. Take coal or hot iron as example. The light emanating from a hot body follows a specific pattern, known as black-body radiation. If this universe was very hot in the early days, then it would also have emanated a lot of light like hot iron. The universe cooled with the passage of time but still we should get the black-body spectrum and according to the Big Bang theory, it has indeed been found everywhere.

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Theoretical black body curve match

To test this, a theoretical black body curve was created based on the Big Bang theory, then it was matched with the thermal spectrum created from the data of cosmic microwave background, both the graphs proved to be almost identical and when the temperature of the universe was calculated from this graph, it came out to 2.73 Calvin and when the temperature of today’s universe was actually examined, it came to 2.725 Calvin which was almost around predicted temperature. Here also, the Big Bang theory proves to be correct.

गॉड्स एग्जिस्टेंस
God’s Existence

The way to see anything in the universe is the photons which are travelling and actually we see the past through them. That is, if we are looking at a star a thousand light-years away, then that image is actually a thousand years old which has reached us through light. On the same lines in the universe we can see the past of the universe.

After the initial warm phase, when the universe began to cool and hydrogen atoms began to form, hot plasma turned into gas, only gas clouds were present at that time. According to the Big Bang theory, if we look into the past of the universe, we should see these gas clouds and the interestingly when the universe of twelve to thirteen billion years ago was seen, with the help of modern telescopes, the gas clouds were indeed found.

The Doppler shift effect experiment 

Apart from this, with the findings of the Doppler shift effect, according to the Big Bang theory, it was also proved that at one time the universe was small, which later expanded and continues to expand even today.

It can be understood in the way that a noisy vehicle comes towards you and passes by. Its voice keeps getting louder and then becomes softer. This is due to the wavelength of the sound wave. If a sound is going away from you then its wavelength increases by stretching and the lower the wavelength, the louder you will hear.

गॉड्स एग्जिस्टेंस
God’s Existence

The same happens with the light because it is also a wave. When it goes away from us, it’s edged will be seen turning red, due to the increase of its wavelength whereas it will not happen when it is stationary. On the basis of this, the galaxies that are moving away tell us that the universe is expanding.

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Overall, the Big Bang theory may not answer all the questions, but it does answer many questions and reinforces the possibility that the universe was created by the Big Bang. Now whether the Big Bang happened by itself or some supernatural or scientific force did it to create the universe, there is no one in a position to decide it but since we are considering the possibility of God, we assume that he did the big bang.

God's Existence

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