Programmed Universe

Programmed Universe

Why does human exist in this world?

In the heart of the people has investigative nature, a question is always storming that scientific investigations done till now are telling us that how something exists, but question that why does it exit is still unanswered. If we see our planet only, every living or nonliving thing has a reason for its existence, except man.

Perhaps that is the reason some people think that human being is not originated on earth but came from somewhere else.

The only man is the species has no reason for its existence, because every species has an impact on the natural cycle of earth on its extinction, but no negative impact of extinction of human being can be seen in nature, rather spoiled balance of earth would possibly be improved.   

Programmed Universe
Programmed Universe

In other words, man is the only species in this world that is spoiling the delicate balance of this planet. If we search the answer of the question- “why does man exist?” from the religious point of view, they say that Allah made man for his worship, but it is not an acceptable answer.

There is no shorting of Angels to worship him, and it is also strange if you are a capable scientist, you are making lots of robots to flattering you, admire you and you feel self-satisfied.

infinity The cycle of civilization

Word “God” is a myth…

In fact word “God” is a myth– when man was not so advanced that he could understand nature, every natural calamity like clouds, thunder, storms, hailstorm, tornado, fire, earthquakes was an unsolved puzzle for him and he had no option to deal with them except a concept that there is a power which is effective enough to control these incomprehensible things and they gave the name “God” or the synonyms such as “Yehovah”.

Then we continued a great error and started to destroy the inventive nature of our generations- just in their childhood we killed the natural questions that arose in their minds, which could be a base for conversion of us, the present man, in type two civilization,  and we invented some readymade answers for them,  while it will take another 100 years to reach us in the state of just type one civilization – which indicates that how slow are we and the reason behind this are the answers, we forged about nature – which based on religion and because of them the minds of even extra intelligent children are frozen.

Programmed Universe
Programmed Universe

However if we see in the light of available knowledge, the words “maker of universe” or “the creator of the universe” are more appropriate for him then God, but for centuries, the fearing minds of the people, hypnotized by religious believes, it is not very easy to be released from the grip of this renowned word- but if they concentrate on science education for the next generations, they can come out from this web of myths and push forward in the direction of inventions, where they can better understand the theory of the maker or makers of this universe – if there is any.  

In this article, we will talk about the possibilities which can create a doubt that to which we see as the nature going through its natural phenomenon, can be a computerized program too, and if it can shed some light on this phenomenon or on the reason of existence of human being…and if it is so then who is or are the designer of this program, for which word “maker of universe” is appropriate.

It is clear that I can’t reach on a final decision, nor any scientist reached till now nor you can decide – so there is no claim. It depends on you how you take these possibilities.

Vulture feast

Why there is agnosticism

If we want to understand something, we only get success if we open all the options for possibilities. If we just close a door, perhaps our analysis can’t be complete totally, so I believe that if we want to understand the nature, or we can say the universe, then agnosticism is the better way than atheism, because as an atheist you completely dismiss a possibility that all this is made by a creator and theism is the worst way because it dismisses all the possibilities except one.

But the fact is that all the theories we can consider about why this universe, this planet, nature and animal kingdom exist, the poorest and rubbish is of atheists and there is a reason for this. All the theories, we can put forward today – depend on the available knowledge from our surroundings, we acquired, based on thousands of the searches, while atheism exists from the early stages of civilization – when man didn’t properly learn to be dressed, eat or making house  but to fight the incomprehensible raging forms, to solve the unanswerable questions, to come out of the situational and mental weakness he created a “God”- and to secure the human life and to manage the social system they create a religion.

Programmed Universe
Programmed Universe

In different countries, times and situations a web of believes, imaginations and assumptions fabricated around this God– to which we know as different religions, but because all this fabrication is done in an era where no knowledge was available about nature or universe, it was obvious to have lots of defects in it and these defects inspire people, who born in the era when lots of knowledge has been achieved, towards atheism.

Because they have reasoning power, which developed from the knowledge available at present, through which they tear apart God’s existence and religious literature, which we can say, created in the era of darkness, but they should think that their atheism is according to God, who created by illiterate Bereft of knowledge people, whereas there is another possibility that there is really a creator (God, according to theists) and possibly he is beyond the limits of men’s brain…

But here they become just like believers with the belief that no one is there. Whereas they too have no strong evidence to prove their claim.  At this point, they become inverted believers because like theists, they have created the belief that everything is self-made, automatic and no one can be its creator.

God's Existence

 Ashfaq Ahmad


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