God’s Existence

This is non-fiction based on the experiences of personal life.

As a child, I used to be a typical Muslim— who used to offer namaz, observe Roza and believe in akhirat… Like the other Muslims, I was blindly convinced that this whole world (this planet, planetary system, the universe) has been created by God and he had introduced two human beings in this world as Adam and Eve to start life. He sent many messengers time to time who have conveyed the divine messages… about the right way of living life, the purpose of life and ways of worshipping that almighty God to their respective societies.

After we die, we will either be punished or rewarded in the grave according to our deeds and on the day of qayamat (judgement day) when the whole world will be destroyed, all those who were born— and now are dead will be raised back to life and all their good and bad deeds will be calculated and they will be sent to either heaven or hell where there is an everlasting life— that will never end.

In this concept, hundreds of such small things are included that can be believed only if you don’t seek logic in it. If you will try to find logic, various confusions will be created and questions will arise and if you will try to find out the answers, this whole enchantment will collapse. This is applicable to almost all the religious concepts. From the very first step itself, they start challenging a logical intellect and you are forced to choose between logic and faith.

Most of the world’s population succumb to faith because it starts pressurising since birth… The pressure of family, school mates, teachers, friends, neighbours, relatives and colleagues at the workplace… When people around you are praising the illogical religious beliefs then it is impossible to save yourself from unbecoming like them.

But writing in me started developing since childhood and the most important quality of a writer is to be aware… he should know as much as he can. Till then whatever I knew about my religion was based on the literature of my own creed but then when I moved out of the world of ’belief’ and went on the path of ‘knowing’ I realised that the literature of Shia creed of our own religion was almost entirely different except for the part of the Prophet and the fourth caliph Hazrat Ali.

Now how to guess that which is more accurate? Then I understood that in history nothing can be totally right or wrong and religious writers of any creed can never justify with the history because they will only glorify their respective religious leaders. They will intelligently justify the weaknesses, failures and negative aspects of them.

In such a situation, it is better to read the writings of those neutral people who have researched that history without prejudice, by reading all the available facts and then they have written that what can be the nearest possible truth… And after reading that, all the enchantment was broken. All the religious concepts were collapsed like a castle of sand and truth came to light. Obviously, I was a little shocked, I felt bad as if something was taken away from me but I had already guessed it slowly while reading all this.

Then when all those things were cleared, which the religious people of this world have crafted then I was surrounded by the new questions like how this all was created… why it was created? So, I checked all the scientific discussions, research and possibilities available on this matter and came to know many new possibilities through which this planet, this planetary system and universe could be explained… Now after understanding the possibilities, a new curiosity arose that whether this is all self-made or has been created by someone? And if it has been created then what can he be like from the perspective of science?

If you believe Einstein’s view then in this whole system, which can be called creation— everything is fixed that is there is a formula for everything, that is it will be like this or it will be like that. There is no room for “possibility” or “may”, but in this theory, there were many unanswered questions which were solved by the string theory which relates with the quantum physics and quantum physics is open about possibilities— or rather “maybe.” So now, if we think while keeping this in mind, then there are many possibilities about this whole system, which is discussed in the scientific world and we will also look at the same possibilities.

There are many articles on social media on these discussions and this book is a collection of those articles which is an attempt to make a garland by stringing many beads… Now you will decide how successful this effort was.

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