Vulture Feast

Vulture feast’ is not a single story, but is the collection of twenty-five stories. These are the stories that are directly connected with us and the existing environment around us— These are related to our problems, idiotic ideologies, our past and our future. Each story shocks us, teaches us, it depends on us what we can learn from them.

Vulture Feast’ has two sections— The first section has the stories which are the main ones, while the other section has the stories which I have posted on social media, but you can find them in the names of anyone else. They are included in this collection so that they can get a real identity.

One of the main stories is ‘Vulture Feast’ It is a story of a farmer who is on the verge of starvation and ending his life— but ironically, he is known by the huge but useless name like ‘Annadata’. Destiny gives him a chance where he can choose to become a Messiah or to be an ordinary person and he chooses to be an ordinary person. ‘Salvation‘ is the story of a young boy who becomes a murderer by the influence of misleading propaganda on social media and messes with his future but his guilt does not let him stay peacefully anywhere.

Surkhab’ is a story depicting gender discrimination existing in the Muslim community, where a girl is forced to leave her home while fighting for her rights and equality continuously. ‘Incomplete Freedom‘ is a story of the struggle of this era, where the young generation trapped between conflicts of blind imitation of western culture and freedom arising of it and taboo of sex-prohibited Indian society is not even sparing the little girls to overcome their sexual frustration.

Characterless’ typifies each woman who is carrying the aspirations and taboos associated with good character, who does not spend even a moment of her choice and this character-based repression finally provokes her to live as per her wish. ‘Two Drops of Water’ is a story of the struggle behind the continuously exhausting water, where there comes a time that even a single drop of water becomes precious and we all have to suffer this ultimately. ‘Debauchery‘ is a story of a man who intoxicated by money and power considers every female to be a vagina only.

Religious Kufr’ is a fantasy of a person in the midst of the people with the herd mentality, who is able to become a human being by freeing himself from the chain of traditional and conservative ideologies. ‘Man of forest’ is the story of every such human being who is fighting capitalism disguised as development in order to save his land and the jungle. ’Pagli’ is a love story which goes against the strong religious beliefs, where mechanical people following the conservative ideologies are hell-bent on putting an end to the human relationships instead of understanding their value.

Shadow of Jamun’ is a story of that era where we have ruined our ecosystem by destroying trees and greenery to fulfil the needs of the growing population. ‘Attraction‘ is a story about the colour biasedness in which a dark girl grows up bearing social prejudice in such a way, that she has to do extra efforts to express her desires. ‘Silent Rebellion‘ is one such aspect of the facility provided by the constitution which many people overlook how the fight against the Brahminical system is absorbing the same ideology.

Iddat A Soreness’ depicts the darker aspect of one of the Islamic beliefs where a woman has only examinations, while men are exempt at every stage. It is a tough fight to modify irrelevant traditions which a woman has to fight alone. ‘Astray‘ is a mirror for the younger generation who, due to their liberal lifestyle and comfort-loving tendencies, is ready to take any step without getting into an argument of ethical or unethical, even if that step is going to destroy their future or leading them to end.

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