history of mankind

A Journey of mankind 4

The biggest myth used as a faith

Amongst the myths created for the mutual support of people and creation of large groups, state/ nation or company have come into existence after the civilisation had advanced but religion is the initial thing that played a major role in uniting strangers. Religion is an elaborated form of beliefs which was established later but the beliefs came into existence from the period when the Sapiens wandered off as hunters or food collectors.

history of mankind
Adam Eve and Lilith

In the oldest civilization, the most popular myth reaching the next generation was that of Adam and Eve and the one God. At the earliest stage, it was coined with Adam and Lilith where her characterisation suggests that she hailed from a female exorcist or a group surrounded by feminine ruling society.

According to a legend Lilith did not accept Adam‘s dominance on her and preferred to be in the top position during intercourse too. (Don’t look for Vatsayan’s Kamasutra here, consider it as a symbol of female-dominant power) reflecting the thinking of the group that formed her.

Masculinism of god

But later male supremacist Sumerian and Akkadian societies did not accept the myth as it is an added thing like she was a symbol of evil, not willing to have children at the behest of God and neither did she accept the supremacy of Adam. So she fled from heaven to earth and then that so-called God created Eve with Adam’s rib. Here too, do not seek logic in forging from ribs. It was also symbolic to show that man is the ‘supreme‘ and woman is made for man.

You will never find it written anywhere that Eve was needed so that the two could breed together. Why would that powerful god need a woman for reproduction, who has created many bisexual beings in this world who play roles of both male and female? Adam could be the same too, but myth-makers were aware that woman was necessary for reproduction so it was necessary to create Eve. But even in this process, they contained this thinking that woman is ‘made for man and man’s entertainment.

history of mankind
In Eden Garden

And that’s why when it came to writing these myths in the books of the Old Testament, they vanished Lilith outright and created Eve as the first woman. Today perhaps three-quarters of those who knew and believed Adam and Eve, would not have even heard of Lilith who was the first woman in the world according to the original concept.

Here you can also get an idea of the mentality of those who created that so-called God, that no sexual blueprint of that God was drawn anywhere but you will find ‘him’ to be addressed masculine as ‘his’ everywhere.

Eve vs Pandora

To understand this male supremacist structure a Greek legend of the same period can also be taken that according to the Greek tradition, the first female of the world Pandora was created by the ruler of the gods Zeus to punish the male who accepted the offering of the holy fire stolen by Prometheus. He ordered Hephaestus, the artist of the Gods, to create a woman by mixing soil and water, whose voice is like a male but she is like an immortal Goddess in beauty and gentleness.

history of mankind
Greek Mythology

He ordered Athena (the Goddess) to train her in the art of weaving the best of the best clothes. Ordered the Golden Aphrodite to adorn her head with elegance and beauty along with sad wishes and anxieties in such a way that it would make her organs relax. Ordered his messenger Hermes to equip this woman with dog-like wit and deceitful demeanour. In order to obey the command of Zeus, the gods gave her a seductive way of speaking and when this woman’s creation was completed, she was named Pandora because all the Gods had given her one such gift which symbolized bad omen for male.

This attractive gift of Zeus was gifted to Epimethius whose brother Prometheus warned him not to take any gifts from the Gods but Epimethius could not resist this temptation in front of Pandora‘s beauty and he accepted Pandora.

history of mankind
Pandora with Box

Prometheus kept a mysterious box with Epimethius ordering not to open it under any circumstances but when Pandora saw it she could not quell her curiosity and opened the box causing ten thousand evils to come out of the box and torturing all mankind. With the lid closed on time, there was only hope which could not come out of the box. That is, if Pandora had agreed to Epimethius then there would not have been evils in the world.

This story thus proves that the male is innocent and the woman is guilty. As a result for the woman’s sexual urges, Epimethius had gone astray while his brother had warned him strictly not to do so and since Epimethius obeyed the warning but Pandora did not pay attention, so the male is superior in determination, intelligence, and general character as compared to the female, while the woman is the main source of evil, sorrow and misunderstanding.

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