Programmes Universe

Programmed Universe 2

Whenever we try to understand this infinite universe, the biggest obstacle in this path is our limitedness, due to which we are not able to experience this pervasiveness. If we could experience it, then we would have known ourselves what our position is in this vast universe.

Vulture Feast

Vulture Feast

‘Vulture feast’ is not a single story, but is the collection of twenty-five stories. These are the stories that are directly connected with us and the existing environment around us— These are related to our problems, idiotic ideologies, our past and our future. Each story shocks us, teaches us, it depends on us what we can learn from them.

God’s Existence

The world we know and see, is three dimensional and we cannot understand anything beyond it, while there may be many possibilities outside it and we have no means to know whether this universe is self-made or someone has created it. But there are many possibilities that we can explore, and if we assume that there is really someone who has designed it like a program, then what can he be like from the perspective of science and technology apart from all faiths?

Faith versus Logic

Faith versus Logic Final

In the true sense, religion is neither in prayers nor in worship, but religion is in human being, in every good work which is based on human interest… These fasting prayers and worship are all methods, which are called in the name of religion Is being carried on.

Faith versus Logic

Faith versus Logic 7

There has been a lot of contradiction in Islamic history and the history of Shia and Sunni Muslims has stood against each other in many places... Apart from these, the views of independent Muslim historians and scholars have also been different from them in many places... But despite this, one thing is common everywhere that this history has been full of bloodshed.