बकर अनलिमिटेड

Bakar Unlimited

Are you upset … tense, sad, disappointed, and desperately looking for an opportunity where you leave all the stress, all the sadness behind for two moments and be happy. To be able to laugh without worry and to feel a new energy in yourself… then “Bakar Unlimited” is the right choice for you.

Think a little… Have you ever laughed openly in such a way that you are in danger that your life may not be lost by laughing… If not then you can try this book for this new experience. With the belief that it will provide you such entertainment that you will want to remember for years.

Aseem is certainly a Parsai of the modern era, his art of speaking is unique and he also directly converts spontaneous moments into a different mood with the help of his sharp dialogues. He may be an engineer by profession, but his art has no match in the field of humor. You will not be able to dislike them even after trying. Once you start reading them it becomes difficult to stop yourself. Yes, there is an advisory that do not read the entire book at once… Laughing can also cause heart failure 😉

There is no single concept in this book, there is no single story, but there are mutual interactions between two or more people on every kind of occasions that tickle you, make you laugh and at the same time make you think. Yes, some religion-related occasions or politics-related topics have also been used for these occasions meant for dialogue, but the purpose is not to hurt anyone or hurt anyone’s feelings in any way, but purely humour. An attempt has been made to provide ample entertainment.

Bakar Unlimited is available everywhere in PDF ie e-book format. Wherever you want it from Gradius, Amazon Kindle, Instamojo, Google PlayBook and Smashwords (which are available simultaneously on all channels) You can download from there and that almost free of cost. Just download and enjoy some of the best moments in life.

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