how to publish ebook on kindle smashwords

How to Publish ebook on Kindle and Smashwords-2

How to publish an ebook on Kindle

After these two, now Kindle is the most important platform, where reviews can boost the sales of your book. Amazon reviews are the most impactful in the ranking of a book. So to publish your ebook on Kindle, first you have to come to the Kindle sign up page.

How to Publish ebook on Kindle and Smashwords
Process of adding book

First, click on the sign-up button. If you already have an Amazon account, then log in to it and if not, then go to the option of creating an account below and fill the name, mail ID and password. Come to “bookshelf” by agreeing to their terms and conditions. Here you will be asked to update the profile. After verifying your phone number with OTP, fill your bank details and PAN card number and complete the process and come to the bookshelf. Here you will see two options, Kindle ebook and paperback… If you wish, you can upload your script in paperback, it will be live in Amazon on print-on-demand mode, that is, as soon as an order is made, they will print it to deliver.

You can avail this facility for fifteen or twenty languages ​​but for Hindi, so go to this option if your book is in English, or else come to the option of ebook. Here a page with three tabs will open, with the first tab for ebook detail, where you will have to fill all the details carefully.

Choose the language of the book first, then the title and then the subtitle if any. You do not need a series and edition number. Give details of the contributor if any. Then write a nice, long description of the book. Tick ​​”on” the publishing rights. Then choose seven such keywords with the help of which you think people can search on Google. This is the most important feature.

After this, choose any two categories according to your book. Skip the next edge and grade option. Tick ​​”I am ready” below and save and continue.

At the top of the next tab, whatever you choose in DRM as yes or no, upload the manuscript as a word file below. After this, there are two options for the cover, whether you upload your own pre-made cover or you make a cover here using the Kindle’s cover creator tool. If you wish you can see the preview. Leave the ISBN number, Kindle itself will generate an ASIN number. If you want to give a name in the publisher’s field you can write it. Then click on save and continue.

How to Publish ebook on Kindle and Smashwords
Completion of process

The next tab is of pricing… Here in KDP, you may choose to not enrol because they have many conditions. Select all territories in territories field. Though there are two options in the royalty, the 70% option is applicable on the price above Rs 100 and many expenses and taxes are deducted in it, while in the 35% option you get that full share. It is better to go with 35% only.

Here you find 12 more marketplaces including India. Now, if you want, you can fix a global price or you can set the price according to different marketplaces, but here you have to keep the price at a minimum of 49 Rs.

Whether or not to allow the book for a landing below depends on your content and choice. After this, click on “publish your Kindle book”. Within 72 hours your book will be live on the Kindle platform. You can make any amendment later also, but it opens only after the featured book is live.

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How to convert file to EPUB format

Now finally comes Smashwords, from where you can simultaneously get your book reach to world level platforms like Kobo, Apple, Barnes & Noble and Sony, but the most important thing for Smashwords is to convert your word file to an EPUB file. For this, you must download the Calibre from here first. Calibre is most important for file conversion.

How to Publish ebook on Kindle and Smashwords
Convertion of epub

Now when you will open the Calibre, this kind of interface will open. Here, with the option of “add books” in the left corner, you will import the word file, then click on convert while selecting it. Here you have to fill the metadata, like the output format as “EPUB” in the right corner, fill the author, publisher, tags and short description etc. below, upload the cover from the option in the centre and click OK.

After the file is uploaded, click on edit metadata above, then the edit page will open, where you can fill some information to be filled later. If you wish you can correct the title, author, etc., and give a rating, correct the tags if there is an ISBN in the ID, then you can write it or you can edit later by taking it from Smashwords. Set the published date, publisher, language, etc. and fill in the long description in the right and click OK. You can save this file wherever you want in your system, by going to save to disk option.

How to publish an ebook on Smashwords

Now come to Smashwords… First, you have to complete the sign-up process. The process is almost the same, all the necessary information is to be filled, bank details and PAN numbers have to be provided. Select the account type as an individual. Here as a writer, you get a lot of space to tell about yourself and to attach all your social media links to the profile.

How to Publish ebook on Kindle and Smashwords
How to add book

You get almost all the necessary fields in the dashboard option in the functional bar above and you can upload your book by going to “publish” option.

The first thing to do here is to fill the title. Write the book description below, while ticking “for immediate release”… Write long description first and then short. Select the book language. Here you have to fill the price in the dollar which should be minimum of 0.99. You can either enable or disable sampling. If you have kept enable, keep only 10 or 20% samples. Then choose two categories… Select yes or no in the option of adult content, according to the subject and keep no to the box set. In the tag option, give seven to eight tags that are related to your book and work as keywords.

How to publish ebook on kindle and smashwords
Process for adding book

Then upload the cover, after that upload the EPUB file. Lastly, publish it by ticking on agree in the publishing agreement section. The book will be published after taking some time. Though it will take some time to get listed in the premium catalogue, it will be done. If there will be an error, then it will be mentioned, that you can edit on the Calibre itself and upload your EPUB file as a new version.

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How to promote your book

For that, first of all, write short or long description etc. about your bookkeeping in mind the subject of the book. Promotion largely depends on your network and your connectivity on social media. So as the first thing post about your book on your wall, tell people about the book, post or share in all the groups you are added to.

Please give only one link for shopping, preferably of Amazon because people can review the book there and Amazon reviews boost the ranking of the book. Once the book is discussed, readers interested in the subject can buy it from other platforms themselves. For reviews, you can request friends or people in your circle those are active on this platform.

It is very important to have a page for promotion on Facebook, with that you can make an advertisement for your book and run it. Here Facebook gives you a very detailed option to target your readers and you can target them according to their age, demography, interest, behaviour and locality.

Apart from Facebook, if you have an account on Instagram, then convert it to a business account, so that you can create advertisement targeting readers according to the subject of your book like Facebook. You can also use Twitter for promotion… Tag celebrity type people of your list and post in such a way that it reaches their wall, or in response to their tweets you can tell about or give the link of your book by using the hashtag.

Apart from these mediums, you can search blogs of the specific subject

on Google, on which you have written your book about and in the comment section you can give link telling people about your book. You can do the same on YouTube. In the comment box of all the videos related to that topic, you can give details and link of your book and a website named Quora can help you more where while answering to the all the questions related to your topic, you can tell about your book with the link.

Moreover, if you want, you can take the help of professionals to share information about your book to millions of people through bulk SMS and bulk e-mails. Even after doing all this, if you do not get a very good response, then there is no need to get disappointed… It takes some time for the new writer to get recognized. You can try it better next time.

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