Existence of God Final

Existence of God Final

Man can be an experiment of any civilisation

However, if we consider this entire system as a simulation, then there is a possibility that it is an experiment of an advanced civilization or the future humans are looking at their past by creating this program. However, whatever is the case it is certain that if someone has created us, then he is the God for us and of course, as soon as you acknowledge this possibility, you will have to believe that if it is so then there are two Gods. The one, who created this entire system and the other who has been created by humans.

Humans applied their fantasies on what they created, according to their understanding, nature and the knowledge acquired so far. Somewhere formless and somewhere three or four-faced, somewhere made of light without any shape and size, somewhere holding sky in the right hand and somewhere seated on the throne. Moreover, they applied their human emotions on him in the same way that he becomes happy with flattery like humans, sad like humans and also becomes enraged like humans and violently threatens to punish.

Existence of god final

Now if we are discussing the possibility of God’s existence then we also have to find some satisfactory answers about the angels, prophets and incarnations because these things are also essentially connected with the concept of God. First, let’s talk about the angels for whom the concept is that they are made of the spiritual master, that is, the matter which does not belong to this world.

In a debate of a theist-atheist, Kent Hovind was asked the question of how angels in the form of spiritual force can affect an object made of matter and how many angels made of spiritual matter can dance on the tip of a pen made of matter. 

His answer was that as a human being, we are made of matter, but which matter emotions like happiness, grief, anger, jealousy are made of? But they still affect our body made of matter, don’t they? If we kick and bounce away from a cane on the road in anger so here isn’t the anger arising out of a nothing material affecting both cane and us.

We can describe the spiritual force of the angel in the form of these emotions that force us to behave differently than normal and things remain in your mind collectively in the form of chemical reactions. Whoever imagines big-winged angels made bone and flesh, cannot find answers to such questions as to how the spiritual matter can affect a matter and how many angels can dance at the tip of a pen. Angels, just mean such a spiritual force which can give you ‘knowledge’ by any means and can make you do good or bad work. They cannot be given more space than that.

infinity The cycle of civilization

What can be the role of a prophet in a programmed system  

Now let’s come to the role of the prophet and incarceration. If you consider the whole universe to be a concrete reality then you have to understand that your status is no more than the protons, neutrons and electrons locked in an atom which cannot even be seen with naked eyes and trillions of atoms are scattered around us. Or by standing in a far-flung desert, taking a particle of sand on your finger and imagine that you are inside this particle and then think will you as a human being, present outside the atom or particle of sand, bother to issue any guidelines for some organisms or particles inside?

Existence of god final

Obviously, your answer will be negative. In such a situation you cannot believe these two things together, that the whole universe is a reality and that on an almost non-visible planet, some of the prophets or incarcerations have been sent to release guidelines for humans with the status of less than micro bacteria. If we consider this universe to be a concrete reality, then we have totally failed to understand its purpose actually. Then the prophet or incarceration is a very distant thing.

That means making favourable conditions for life on a planet like Earth and creating such a large universe around it that even one percent of it is not accessible to us is not rational at all. We are bound in the speed limit of light which, despite being at the highest peak of three lakh kilometres per second is even lesser than the speed of an ant according to the size of the space that at this speed we will barely reach the other solar system in one life. It will take many generations to get out of our galaxy, then the fantasy of reaching elsewhere in space is meaningless. Then what does that space mean for us?

But if we come to the option of half Illusion or full simulation, then these things become relevant. It can be understood from this example that our computer is working properly and it gets some viruses that start corrupting the files and do not let it function properly. Then we install antivirus in the computer which finds and eliminates the virus so that the computer starts working again properly. We can only name this antivirus a prophet or incarceration.

Vulture feast

Right God or wrong God

However, if you are a believer and believe in God then think a little, contemplate and decide if you have not caught hold of the wrong God. As a believer, when you yammer about your complaints and ask here and there that if God exists then why this is so or why that is so? Why does he not come in the time of need or help people in times of need? So, in reality, it is your shortcoming that you are asking questions to that God and for that God who is created by humans.

Existence of god final
Two hands holding the sun and planets in the universe

If there exists any God, he is not at all the same that you know as God, related to the religions present in the world. If he exists, then it is certain that he will be detached from all these things and the thousands of questions that you have here, you should actually be asking yourself rather than him because as a creator you would not want to impose all that on your own creation, against which questions still arise in your mind.

So if you believe in God, then get rid of wrong God and catch the right God. You will get the answers to your questions yourself.

God's Existence

14 thoughts on “Existence of God Final”

  1. I dont Know why I think this whole system is a solid reality and even after that there might be someone to build it but we can neither understand it nor its purpose.

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  2. The Map of God you have drawn, it is okay that there is no point in questioning that, but I think this is a matrix type simulation game, in which we are all acting according to our own but still guiding us from somewhere.

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