Existence of God 4

Existence of God 4

What could be the motive of making the world

Let’s talk about the first possibility that this entire observable universe is a concrete reality. Now here you have to think that does both the perspectives behind making us, i.e. either everything has been made for us or we have been created for the amusement of him or his people, seem to be the weighty reason in this condition that we are existing only on an almost ‘nothing’ part of such a large universe and interestingly we neither have access to the planets around us nor do we possess the age to go out of our solar system. Reaching the rest of the galaxies is even beyond imagination.

Consider this with an example that in a big hall, you put some bacteria in a small box which neither have the ability nor have the age to go out of that box. Whatever your purpose is to keep them but you know that the box alone is enough for them. But even then, you fill the hall with millions of same boxes which are of no use. Will you find this work rational?

Existence of god 4
Whole Universe is a Box

Go and stand in a desert and imagine that you have placed some micro-bacteria on a particle of the sand stretching tens of kilometres and that is just to worship you or their purpose is to entertain the people of your world or through them you are doing an experiment. But for this one work, you have built tens of kilometres of a desert with trillions of particles around that one particle, will you be able to justify your work?

If we consider this entire universe as a concrete reality and also accredit God then know for sure that we have failed absolutely to understand his purpose behind this creation. At least all the above reasons cannot be at all.

infinity The cycle of civilization

Second possibility: half reality and a half story

 Now come to the second possibility of half reality and half story ie half real, half Illusion. In the viewpoint of some thinkers, the reality is that the solar system and galaxy in which we live are just real and the rest of the space we see is an illusion. It can be understood in another way. When we look at a star in the sky a billion light-years away, we are actually looking at an image made of photons sent a billion years ago. While in reality, the star might have ended millions of years ago. Everything we see in space is just an image that can be an hour old and even billions of years old. There is no guarantee of its existence in reality.

Existence of god 4
Half Reality Half Illusion

It is our limitation that we are neither able to get out of our solar system nor able to see the actual time view of any star, planet or object. That means, as a possibility, even if we assume that we will walk at the speed of light ever, then it will take fourteen thousand years to get out of our galaxy, whereas in the meantime one lakh one thousand years will pass on earth.

That is, it is our limit and the possibility of this cannot be denied that knowing this, the creator might have created an illusion of this observable universe around us. Apart from some radio signals and photons in space, what other means do we have?

And who can create such a complex structure by combining space, time and matter, how difficult would it be for him to create such an illusion or cheating photons? By accepting this theory, it can be clear that the reason for our origin maybe some kind of experiment or entertainment. After all, we humans do the same by creating various kinds of computer or real-world simulation games on this planet Earth.

Vulture feast

Third possibility: We are in a simulation program  

Now come to the third theory which says that we are just living in a simulation program. Simulation is actually a program or software in which we create a world through codes that is exactly like ours, where we can apply all the rules that occur in the real world. For example gravity or the character of the game not being able to pass through the solid material. These are called real-world simulation games. The idea of the simulation hypothesis was given by Nick Bostrom in 2003, which is called The Simulation Argument. As a possibility Stephen Hawking also considered the simulation hypothesis to be correct.  

Existence of god 4
Reality and Simulation

Now, if you keep the simulation concept as a possibility, then it has two goals, either entertainment or experiment. If we stick with this theory, then the motive of our creation can be one of these two.

To understand this, we have to take an example again. Put your mobile in front and play a song or a movie. Try to understand this. Water is seen in it, things made of solid metal are also seen and also the humans made of meat. How does this happen? Do different elements are used behind the screen to represent these different things? No. These are all types of dancing pixels that change colours and show different things. That is, you may see things on the screen differently but they have the same element at the core.

 Similarly, all the different things you see around, are made up of different combinations of the same element and that is the atom which has many more units inside it. According to the string theory, the most minute unite of the matter is a string which vibrates on different patterns, and their different patterns form different substances.

That is, there may be a world of difference between the car and the water in appearance, but at the core of these, only atoms will be found. And according to a theory, each such thing holds a mathematical equation, which can be broken and converted into binary code of figure of zero and one.

Our brain actually acts like software that identifies and shows anything seen through the eyes through a binary code and sometimes in different situations, such as in intoxication, it can not detect binary code properly and then we see a snake instead of a rope.

The coding of simulating programs is like brain 

It is through these codes the computer games or simulating programs, that look like real are made and just as the characters act in these games or programs, we act according to this theory. Now here you can raise the question that how can it be an imagination when we are actually able to feel eating, drinking, defecation, urination, hard labour, opulence, happiness, sadness, sickness or death?

For this, you will have to do this experiment to recall the dreams that you dreamed throughout the night the next morning as soon as you wake up. And then ask yourself if all the feelings that were in the dream were not real? You dreamed and you realised it when you woke up in the morning otherwise in the dream you cannot realize that you are dreaming. This is the artistry of our consciousness.

Consciousness is the biggest obstacle to this simulation hypothesis. It is claimed that it is supernatural and cannot be made, even if rest everything is made. At present, scientists are working in this direction and last year a robot named ‘Sophia’ was a step in this direction.

By the way, the concept of a movie called ‘Terminator’ was also the same where a computer program named Skynet develops its own consciousness and takes its possession on Earth. It can also be understood from an example of a game where two players do boxing or play chess/cricket etc. and you have a hold on one player while the computer focuses on another. This is also a small form of consciousness. It may happen that both the players are given their own minds and they act on their own and you just look as a spectator from outside and bet their defeat or victory.

Existence of god 4
simulation world

Although ‘Artificial Intelligence’ is considered dangerous by most people because of ‘Terminator’, or ‘I Robot’ concept, despite this work is still going on in this direction and the day we managed to create this consciousness permanently, the claim of this theory will be further confirmed that we are actually in a simulating program and the one who has designed us, is watching the spectacle silently after creating us for any experiment or entertainment in almost stagnant time and we are going here year after year.

Have you used a VR headset with great graphics and visuals? What it shows in 360-degree view is virtual reality and you forget where you are in reality. That is, you may be standing on the flat floor of your bedroom, but if you are seeing a bumpy place in the program, then you will feel the same way. That is, your body is somewhere but mentally you reach somewhere else and then what you see is the reality for you.

You can understand it better if you have seen the film ‘Avatar’, where the original character lives in a machine and his consciousness is transferred to ‘Avatar’, designed according to the environment of the same planet. The signals with which it is possible can be written in binary code. According to an analysis, the algorithm and the pattern with which Google searches the information you want, your brain also uses the same pattern. That is, we have a code of how the brain works, so the whole consciousness can also be in this form which is being operated from somewhere else.

God's Existence

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