Existence of God 3

Existence of God 3

Space, time and matter are the core of the universe

The universe/system or creation we know depends on three things, space as height, width and depth, time as past, present and future, and matter as solid, liquid and gas. Now if he has created the entire system including humans with these things, then it is certain that we or this creation are dependent on these three things and all the laws of physics confirm us to be tied to them. If we are bound by time, space and matter as a creation then at least the creator, who has created us, should be exempted from these.

Existence of God 3
Outside of Universe

According to that, now if we talk about ‘space’, then no matter how big the observable universes is, the person making it cannot be inside it. Like the creator of a super object like a computer cannot be inside it. This whole system is three dimensional and with it one aspect is that an organism living in a dimension can see one dimension less than itself.

For example, by sitting at a distant point, we can differentiate the movements of any object only if it moves to the right or left and up or down. But if it is moving towards us or backwards, then we can understand it in only one condition that if it is coming towards us, it will become bigger moment-by-moment and if it is going away from us, it will become smaller minutely.

But suppose for a moment, that a big object coming towards us, becomes smaller or a smaller object moving away from us becomes bigger. Will our mind understand it? While in the same condition, suppose someone is sitting in heaven and looking at both us and that object, then he will understand it clearly.

In the same way, suppose that the length, breadth and depth of this space will be seen clearly by the person creating it by staying outside while staying inside it, our intelligence will fail in understanding it. It can also be understood the way that we estimate the age of the universe to be 13.7 billion years on the basis that we could not detect the older light than this but what is the guarantee that there will be no older light?

infinity The cycle of civilization

There can be any other form of matter than solid, liquid and gas

Now let’s come to the matter. We know only three forms of matter as solid, liquid and gas because these are the only ones available around us. But how can it be claimed that the one, who has created this complex system, is also made of one of these materials. When we do not know anything outside this system then it is useless to make any guesses but since we are considering a possibility, then we ‘suppose’ that he is either made of a material other than gas, liquid or solid or is a unique combination of all the three.

Existence of God 3
Concept of Energy

In such a situation a possibility also arises that as big the universe is, its creator must be the size and weight around it accordingly, if not the same. The theory here is that of ‘time’, the third pillar of the universe. As we know that time is not absolute and the higher the gravity due to mass, the slower the time will be. That is, in this entire universe, everyone’s time does not pass alike, rather everyone’s time passes differently.

You can understand this by a small and slightly different example of the life cycle of a microbe such as a bacterium with two to four hours of life, or a mosquito with two to four days of life. In the time that their entire life passes, we have a few hours or a few days go by. If we accept the existence of God of the same size outside the universe, then he will also have to be given that mass and gravity where time will either be equal to the passing of millions of years in the blink of an eye or it will be almost halted.

It is certain that he will be free from the effects of our time and we who get bored even thinking of a journey of billions of years in our life of sixty-seventy years, it might be a game of two to four days or two to four weeks. The biggest obstacle in accepting God is that if the supreme species like humans, even if it exists on many other planets, is the main reason for this creation, then its existence is only a few lakh years, whereas it has been four billion years since this planet was created and nearly fourteen billion years to this universe.

Here this long ‘desolate time’ is the biggest obstacle which can be understood if we keep it equivalent of ‘stay’ or ‘blink of an eye’ time of that external power. After all, we do not even drink hot boiled tea immediately from the pot, we rather wait for it to become a ‘right state’ to drink so that it is neither so ‘hot’ that the mouth is burnt nor so ‘cold’ to lose its taste.

Vulture feast

Birth and death of god  

Even though we accept his existence by freeing him from the bondage of time, space and matter, nevertheless some other things have to be recognised. The first is the rule that applies within the universe that without a creator, nothing can be created, that rule will also be applied to him. Saying that ‘he has no one’ can be equivalent to an orphaned earthman who does not have anyone in his family but it cannot be denied that, like other earthlings, there are no people like him in his world. Now, because the thing that has come into existence, will have to end at some time he too cannot be free from this rule.

Secondly, within this universe, we are bound by the laws of physics which he has set. For example, because there is no mass in our world, nothing can travel faster than photons, particles of light (about three lakh kilometres per second). Similarly, he will also be bound by the rules of his world, because no world can remain stable without rules. In such a case, the claim that he is omnipotent has infinite powers and is capable of doing everything is meaningless.

Existence of God 3
Outsider Maker

However, if we define God in this way, then a further question arises that why did he create all this? What was the need to build such a complex system? As a creator, we write a novel, make a film or make a video/computer game or a simulation program, then we create the life ourselves in these. We create favourable or unfavourable conditions for them. There is a reason for this. We want to entertain others through it or do some kind of experiment. Like this what could be the motive of God behind creating such a universal program?

Why did God create the world  

The only answer any believer has to this is that God has created this world (the whole creation) for us and he wants us to follow the path given by him and worship him. This is the most wonderful answer. Did not you feel so? Well put yourself in the place of the creator for a while and think that you write a story, make a film where the characters will act everything you want or make a computer game by giving artificial intelligence to characters where whatever happens is not be fixed like novel or film.

And now imagine that your operative or automatic characters are just acting on your own will, engaged in your flattery and praise or handclasp day and night, what will you feel? Will your intellect be able to accept that every character in my story is just devoted in my praise and I have written this story or designed this computer game to listen to this eulogy?

Now the question arises that let’s assume there is a God, and he has created all this, but why? What is the purpose of this?

Existence of God 3
Unknown God

To understand the purpose of this creation, if you consider this aspect that what this system actually is then perhaps it is easier to understand. This whole universal system or what we see, hear, understand, three possibilities are added with it. The first is that either this is all in reality, or it is half reality and half illusion or it is entirely simulating program i.e. fantasy world, in which we are just acting like characters of computer games.

God's Existence

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