Programmed Universe Final

Programmed Universe Final

Four possibilities of human landing on Earth

However, now you have four possibilities – the first is that human civilization started from two human beings from heaven as Adam and Eve. The second is Darwin’s Theory of Evolution that humans have evolved from a human-sized ape. The third is Alice Silver’s theory that humans have been settled here by some alien civilization from another planet, and the fourth is that some aliens have come to Earth to mix their jeans with homoerectus and create a mixed breed and we actually Half are native Earthlings and half are aliens.

In addition to this, I give a theory on the lines of ‘Planet of the Apes’, that our ancestors actually belonged to an advanced civilization, which wandered in the same space as the scientists of Earth – and then stuck in trouble by an electromagnetic storm or a wormhole, came stranded here travelling time and interval, where there was no option to return. Here the rules of life were different from their planet, which they could not learn till the next generation grew up and passed away with their old knowledge…due to which the new generation had to start life completely from zero.

You can follow whatever you want according to your intelligence. Now you have many possibilities about the existence of humans on Earth and the system of the universe…

Programmed Universe Final
One Theory of Evolution

One possibility for a human incarnation is to begin with two humans, Adam and Eve — one thing to be clear here is that accepting the possibility of Adam Eve does not mean accepting the fantasy associated with them. The second possibility is related to Darwin that humans have evolved from some human shape species of earth. The third is that some people (aliens) established humans here — or that some aliens mixed their genes in homoerectus to form a mixed breed.

You can question that if this is the case then why they did not come again. So one of the reasons for this may be that they may have been coming first and the wheels or other important discoveries were given by them and then they might have ended themselves in a natural disaster or mutual war – but currently, these are only possibilities and there is no way to certify it.

infinity The cycle of civilization

Humans can also be some kind of experiment

Apart from this, there is also a possibility that there is an advanced civilization of a planet, whose group of few people wandering in space, trapped in an electromagnetic storm or self-made wormhole, travelled to the planet, crossing time interval. Be trapped, there is no option to return and the rules of running life here are completely different and it has taken many generations to learn all this. They had all the knowledge of their planet, but since it is of no use at that time so it has gone out of the memory of the next generations and they had started their journey from zero.

Programmed Universe Final
Selfmade or Crated by any Maker

This Earth, this universe, this whole system can also be self-made — it maybe some kind of computerized program, and it may be that the hyperspace or super universe in which it is the observable universe — is self-created but there are people who have created this bubble universe under an experiment. For example, an auto the programming car — which is acting on its own in terms of appearance, self-made is made of natural elements but is still a human invention — that maintains a completely unseen control over it.

And in the same way, there is God – he cannot be at all like as is the belief, anyone outside the realm of religion can understand it. The rest is ‘if’ he is, then what is he. Any type four or type five civilizations – that are controlling us, stay away from us. A society living in a four-fifth or higher dimension, for which we are exactly the same as the ants that live in the two-dimensional world for us… their every existence of is magic or miracle for us.

Or some programmers on Mother Planet have created this universe or us under an experiment – whose time will be very different from ours. Meaning our thousand or million years will pass in their one day only. Or are we beings in a sycamore type of observable universe like thousands upon millions of sycophants present on that Mother Planet and there are those beings called Gods who are not even keeping track of our deeds and After death, no paradise or hell going to be seen – but they can give life to the fig tree by planting sycamore trees and have the ability to end life by cutting trees or crushing sycamore.

Vulture feast

The ideological battle between theists and atheists

Now come to the present thinking of humans living on the earth – about ninety percent of them are divided into two parts. One is unwavering as to whoever is Allah / Bhagwan / God, who has created the whole creation – others are insistent that there is no God and everything is self-made. There are very few people in the third class who think like me – who do not close the door of their search but keep all the possibilities open. Most of the scientists of the world are of this opinion and that is why their statements are often such that sometimes if they match believe in a theist, then they start to prove him being a believer, or if they match the belief of an atheist he wants to Starts promoting him being an atheist.

While those believers are beyond the interpretations of the atheist – apply it to me and understand it. If I say that there can be God, it does not mean that I am accepting God as prevalent in the world’s beliefs – rather I am pointing to the possibilities that are expressed in this whole article. If I say that no, there is no God, then I am not rejecting all those possibilities, but I am rejecting the prevailing God – who has been established by the people of the world. This is a rule applicable to every person out of this world like me.

If these three classes are categorized on the Intelligence Scale, the first comes on the rung is a believer – which can be termed as a great knowledgeable, because he does not have to work even hard to gain knowledge… as soon as he born, he gets knowledge transferred from generation to generation and gets readymade answers to every question related to nature saves him from all kinds of hard work. In contrast, an atheist can be said to be knowledgeable – because he struggles to gain knowledge and does not close the doors of his mind to a readymade answer from his forefathers, and tests every answer of a believer in his own logic and reaches on a decision. After this, on the third place, there are people like us with a little knowledge who always struggle with questions and pass their life in searching things – and the door of their minds never closed.

Programmed Universe Final
Mystery of Human and Space

Understand this with a few examples – the believer satisfied to knows the reason for the earthquake, that due to the sins of women or when the cow, holding earth on its horns, changes the horns the earthquake comes, while the atheist goes to its bottom and He realizes that this is a natural phenomenon and he is satisfied, but the third category leaves these questions and reaches the womb of the earth – knows about the inner core, mantle, crust then he finds out the cause of the earthquake as friction of the tectonic plates.

The believer achieves this knowledge without hard work – that Huzoor sahib cuts the moon into two pieces of with his finger, Hanuman ji swallowed the sun, or the earth sank into the sea, then Vishnu took out it in the Varaha avatar … Whereas the atheist works hard to gain the knowledge that nobody can join back after splitting in the space and the Earth’s atmosphere will collapse if the moon breaks. If the Sun is millions of times larger than the Earth, then how can a creature on Earth swallow it or if the sea is on Earth, how can the Earth sink into the sea. Whereas, unlike these two, inventors with little knowledge leave this important subject and continue to observe the stars and galaxies in the space.

Faith is just a stand

This is to say that faith is a stand and the stand produced in its reaction is where the atheist stands. All of her philosophy depends on the opposition of theists in which he is successful because the faith has no feet and it is often defeated in front of arguments – while the philosophy of people like us is out of both these states…

Programmed Universe Final
Everything is depend on ur mind

There is not only one possibility for us like the believers have, that by denying it and establishing it as their only possibility, make it perfect – there are many possibilities for us, about life, about man, about this universe.Yes, both types of people can call people like us less knowledgeable because like them, we have never stood on a stand – but why is it so important? What affect is has on our lives – that is only a philosophy. Life has to go on with karma – if it is good, it will have a positive effect on life, if it is bad, it will be negative – but in any case, karma is the main thing and the whole religion is depends on it.

God's Existence

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  1. People know very little about these things, then I do not think that many people will understand these things… But if try to understand these things will have a profound effect on the mind of the reader.

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  2. This is my favorite subject, so I enjoyed reading and got a lot of information, This is the advantage of reading you that We get to know a lot of new things..

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  3. I have also often been thinking about that we can understand only the three dimensional world, then how can we understand this whole universe when we do not know how many such dimensions can exist.

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  4. Although we grow up reading the same lesson from childhood, when confronted with these questions, the limitedness of our knowledge is understandable.

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  5. If realy an alien civilization has reached Earth, then it is obvious that they will be many times more advanced than us and in such a situation, they will not be friendly to us at all.

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  6. The biggest problem is that people lack of knowledge in this subject, most people read it but it is very difficult to understand these things, you have written very easy, it cannot be written much easier and even if people do not understand, then it is their bad luck.

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  7. Maybe we are all being seen on a screen somewhere… We will feel strange how seven hundred and fifty cr people can be seen on any one screen, but we can also see millions of bacteria on one screen, Keep an eye on them too.

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