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Where did humans come from?

Apart from the universe, there is another question that makes many people confused as to where on earth man came from – is it the original creature of the earth or is it brought from somewhere else.

One of the most popular answers to this is with the religious people that man was brought from heaven and settled here in the form of Adam or Manu – which later led to the creation of human beings and human population came into existence. Since most people in the world are religious, this recognition is the highest, but there is an error in it.

Programmed Universe 9
Archaeological Evidence

Thousands of archaeological evidence are scattered on the earth and if we take the tribes living in Andaman, Africa or the forests of Amazon as a model, then we can also understand through them that in this journey humans have taken millions of years from Kenyapithecus, Ramapithecus, Australopithecus, Homohábilis and homoerectus to modern human civilization – while starting from two people Civilization is said to be full of all knowledge from the very beginning.

It means that which the history of human civilization suggests that at first, they were forest dwellers who used to migrate in herds – at that time they had no knowledge of fire, weapons, hunting, farming, animal husbandry, which they learned in different stages of development. And gradually their life would have been better and reached on that stage, which we see now… If we accept modern civilization from the first humans, then this gradual development may prove to be a lie. There is a lot of evidence of this human development journey scattered all over the world, and in contrast, there is no evidence of the theory that two people started civilization.

infinity The cycle of civilization

Darwin’s Evolution Theory

Contrary to this is the theory of Charles Darwin that traces human civilization to the early Prehuman — Darwin never claimed that the humans were evolved from a monkey, as people believe. Darwin had expressed a possibility that human-sized apes could be ancestors of humans — and humans have grown and even reached here through gradual evolution. That is, an organism can have two branches in its offspring, one developed as a human being and the other as apps – but it could never be verified and is known as a missing link.

Although the theory of evolution has been confirmed so far from fossils acquired, it cannot be conclusively proved that humans have evolved from an animal like an app.

Even if we follow the theory prevailing in the name of Darwin, that humans were developed by apps – we would have to contend with some things – that as a possibility if we accept that a bunch of apps might need food etc. came out from the forest and adapted to the plains and their next breed was developed as human – so the rest of the apps in the world are not as perfect as humans, but some changes Should have been – not seen.

Programmed Universe 9
Evolution Process

According to Darwin, every creature on earth has evolved according to its surrounding environment, but the interesting thing is that this rule applies to all other creatures of the earth but does not apply to humans themselves. He was never able to adapt to the natural environment of the Earth, instead he adapts that atmosphere according to him. There are many places where this difference is clearly visible – such as the bright light of the sun.

Vulture feast

Difference between humans and other living organisms

Even in the direct light, animals and birds can see very easily – a human’s eyes are closed. Just like the sun– a person can easily take sunlight on cold days, but it is difficult for him to withstand this sunlight during the summer days, while almost all the rest of the creatures living on the earth and in the sky will easily bear this sunshine throughout the year. Either their body is covered with hair, or their skin is thick like elephant and rhinoceros, but man does not have both these features.

Just like back pain – which happens only to human beings, not to any other creature on earth and the reason is gravity – what is the reason that we could not get used to this gravity even in the journey of millions of years. Like the head of a human child – On earth, any organism does not produce a fetus so developed that either the mother and the child must die or have to perform a cesarean while giving birth – after all, in this case, how did we break away from our own ancestors (if they are apps)?

Like DNA— 98% of our DNA matches chimps, but there is a big difference that while chimps have twenty-four pairs of chromosomes, humans have fewer than twenty-three pairs — and that is why organs cannot be transplanted between them, even though they are called our ancestors. Apart from this, there are two hundred twenty-three genes found in human genes which are not found in any other creature of this earth, – these extra genes Isolates us on the planet and based on these extras, some scientists believe that it was the aliens that put them in Homoerectus, from which later Homosepiens were developed.

Like take a natural disaster – when such a disaster comes, almost all the creatures except humans foretell the disaster, which establishes the fact that they are naturally connected to this planet, while the human being, despite being the Supreme Species, cannot detect those disasters and it needs many types of instruments…

Such is the Earth’s magnetic field, to which almost all of the Earth’s creatures are connected, and through this, wherever they go – find a way to return and they don’t need a compass or GPS like us, while we, despite being the Supreme Species, are fascinated by machines for almost everything.

Programmed Universe 9
Modification of DNA

There is one more thing – balance! There are millions of creatures on Earth, but nature keeps the balance between their populations, but its emphasis on humans is not possible and today the human population is more than seven billion, and they are destroying the natural balance of the entire planet but nature is not able to limit even after her million attempts. On the basis of these arguments, Doctor Alice Silver gave the theory that humans are not the original creatures of this world but brought here by some alien civilization.

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