Programmed Universe 8

How many types of universes can be

It is certain that there are more universes than our universe which we cannot see because they are far away from us – or they are in different dimensions, which our senses cannot feel. According to the multiverse theory, there can be four types of parallel universes.

The first of these is the Type One Universe or Extension Universe – according to this concept, space is infinite but there can be many observable universes that are bound due to the extent of light … Now because there is no limit to space itself, so there can be many copies of an observable universe. That means the copy of same Solar System, same Earth and same Ashfaq Ahmad may be in another universe – with just two changes that at some point I will be a child or with old age … and my others possibilities are, That I was doing a thing but could not, while my copy would be doing the same and what would be his imperfect possibility – I am doing it here.

The second is the Type Two Universe ie Baby Universe (Baby Black hole Universe) – according to this theory it is believed that our Observable Universe is actually a bubble and there are so many bubbles floating in hyperspace (a river). They can also collide and split in one another and when this happens a new universe is born and this process is called bubble nucleation. According to scientists, if two bubbles can touch each other, they will throw all the matter away, which will create an energy less space and some such areas are present in the space which is giving strength to this theory.

Programmed Universe 8
Membrane Universe

The third theory is of type three universe ie supercharged membrane universe, it is derived from membrane theory – this theory is related to type two. It states that the matter that the universe is made of, is not a solid dot at a very small level but a vibrating string in different patterns. According to this theory, the universe is a flat-shaped piece called a membrane – and it is said that there can be more universes like us that are around. Like a multi-page newspaper – in which all the pages are around but each page has something different. Likewise, these membranes are around and are vibrating with fierce energy.

According to this theory, these membranes can connect to each other in some dimensions, which we cannot see. These membranes keep colliding with each other and it is due to their collision the new universe is generated, which can also be in the form of type two universe means bubbles.

The fourth theory is the Type Four Universe, of the Many World – Quantum Mechanics, where very small particles are studied – the world of electrons. Electrons behave very strangely – they will be in one place, then disappear and appear in another place and sometimes they will appear in two places simultaneously – so they may be able to do this by interacting with a small dimension. According to quantum mechanics, every possible event will happen somewhere or the other — there are countless dimensions in one part of our universe and every possible event necessarily happens somewhere. For example, on earth you are selling tea in a train and think that you can become the Prime Minister but your future turns in some other direction – but since it is a possibility, in a copy universe you might Generally speaking to ‘friends’ as a Prime Minister.

These are the possibilities of physics and if you mix Philosophy with it, many more possibilities will be created.

infinity The cycle of civilization

Human status is nothing according to this universe

If you look at the expanse of the universe by zooming out, you will find that we have no status in this vast monstrous universe and we are almost ‘nothing’ in this world and the fantasies were created about God, was of an early age when humans did not have knowledge of their own planet – the universe was far away for them.

But still – what kind of picture can emerge if we want to incorporate their imagination into the possibilities of physics.

Programmed Universe 8
Gular Fruit

As a model you can use Gular. For those who have not seen, let me tell you that there is a fruit slightly larger than the marbles, and the clusters of Gular hanging on the Gular tree look like a universe full of starry planets. In its fruit, there are very small insects of a kind. Their life cycle runs inside the same Gular – they breed, they die there and this small world is their total world. If you are able to transfer your thinking to this insect then you will find that outside the Gular the world does not exist for it. His thinking is the same as was a human’s ever on earth.

So in this case, if you tell him that there is a world outside this Gular which is very big. Where there are so big animals that your whole world will come on one knuckle of their finger and the world you consider so big – in fact, there are thousands of worlds on one tree (consider equivalent to Observable Universe) in a small place and millions of Trees are present in that world… and the time you have passed your entire life is like some hours or days in that world- then perhaps the insect Would not believe that it is possible, while it is true.

We do not know authentically what is outside our universe. We have only theory, but as a possibility, suppose that the entire Observable Universe is a Gular, then whatever is outside it, what is it (the place) for us or what we are for it.

Vulture feast

Combination of gravity and time

From a simple example, understand that the higher the mass of an object, the greater its gravity and the slower the time there will be. Now imagine that this observable universe is just a bubble and this bubble is on a planet where a programmer team has made many such bubbles.. So what will be the mass of that planet and according to us what is the speed of time there will be?

Now in the second phase come to Earth and take a million years from primitive civilization to modern civilization…this time was spent on that ‘Mother Planet’ in just one hour .. Now Let’s compress the time of this one hour and Earth’s one million years to equalize and think from the perspective of the team that created this program – in the meantime, they have triggered your evolution many times, many times they have given direct evidence of their existence and has also directly helped us many times – but these small moments have passed between thousands of years according to our time cycle.

Now suppose that such a moment has passed thousands of years ago, when humans had no understanding of these things. they defined that existence of those programmers as divine miracles, and after thousands of years, since we are so full of material knowledge, we know that miracles are just illusions, so we can deny them and programmers has given the next proof of their presence in their next second or minute but according to us, that time will come after thousands of years – so in between this we are Blanc. If our two thousand years are to pass without any unnatural activities, then neither can we understand them nor our next few generations – if any such thing exists.

Programmed Universe 8
Men in Black Scene

You can also understand this from the last scene of ‘Men in Black’ where the zoom out starts from the inside view of the Earth, then upon exiting the Observable Universe, it is revealed that the entire universe is a ball, with which a strange creature (Has shown only one part of it) is playing and after playing puts it in a bag where there are other similar balls.

God can also be a programmer

The same thing was also shown in another Hollywood movie, ‘Space Odyssey’, where an attempt was made to establish that there was a creator or programmer who, on the very earliest days on earth, when humans were apps – with the help of a monolith Had triggered his evolution and due to which he took the first step towards becoming a human being. The second round of human evolution, when he set foot in space — was triggered through the monolith itself, which dominated humans in space. The third stage of evolution when humans began a journey of time and interval through a wormhole triggered with the third monolith — and from the fourth monolith the human established in the higher dimension.

Programmed Universe 8
Space Odyssey Concept

Now it was the understanding of the filmmaker that he set Darwin’s theory to be flawed, to put the brain on the same lines as the Universe, defined human embryos, births, rebirths (energy transfers), everything connected and intertwined .. We Can accept or reject it as their imagination, but there is still a possibility that there may be someone who not only keeps an eye on us, but also triggers different stages of our evolution.

The secret lies in whether this God is the same God as described in books. If a person is able to understand these things deeply, then the answer will be in direct denial because there are many errors in that created God, but it can happen that if we are an experimental program in a lab. So there can really be a team of programmers to make bubbles full of these micro-bacteria (Planetary Civilizations) – or really we are self-made but our status is Just like sycamore insects, and on that mother planet (where is the bubble universe) there are people who are going to plant those trees – that is, our creators.

So, they can be our God in a different way, but it is completely irrational and impossible to be a ditto concept as people have built a stronghold in the name of religion. Think for yourself – if people of every religion gather in an examination hall and ask them to write for the right religion and right God, then they all will be right in their place but their answers will be different from each other. Despite so much understanding, so much knowledge, they will commit the mistake about which they themselves will also know.

This is the limit of human thinking and people are under the illusion that with these limits, they will be able to understand, know and disburse that unlimited power.

God's Existence

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