Programmed Universe 7

Are there aliens in the universe?

If we assess these possibilities on the practical ground beyond these thrilling films and books, then the truth is disappointing that till now we have not been able to gather a single clear evidence to establish that this is really. There are a lot of stories in the name of the possibilities that are safe in the Moufan Archive, the theory of Dr. Ellis Silver says that we ourselves are aliens on Planet Earth…There are two such American Restricted Areas named Area Fifty One-Two , Who is associated with extraterrestrial life .. It is for you if you find it worth believing.

Programmed Universe 7
Source of Wow Signal

Apart from these, there are three radio signals — one of which is a strong 11 GHz frequency radio signal recorded by the Russian Radio Observatory in 2015, which was just two seconds long and the source of which was a planet in the HD164585 solar system — about which they are hoping that there may be some intelligent civilization – but nothing is proved yet.

The second is Cosmic Roar – a different type of signal was caught in July 2006 known as Cosmic Roar. All types of objects in space produce radio signals – including our earth. keeping it in mind, a balloon named Arcade was released from NASA’s Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility in Texas, which used all kinds of radio wave listening devices – but it recorded a roar from far away, Was quite intense in comparison to waves. Its source was missing — at first it was thought to have come from a nearby galaxy, but no galaxy could produce such a rapid signal.

Now come to that strong narrowband signal named ‘Wow’, which was received in 1977. It was heard from Ohio State University’s Big Year Radio Telescope and the source was the Sagittarius planetarium 120 light-years away, reflecting an artificial aberration and decoded as ‘Wow’ by Jerry R. Ehman. They puzzled over it for decades, but recently some revisionists at the Center of Planetary Science resolved that the signal came from a comet that was present in that planetarium at that time. Its frequency was 1420 MHz, which is the emission frequency of ordinary hydrogen, and variations of hydrogen present on comets also transmit such signals.

infinity The cycle of civilization

There may be life on other planets in the universe

However – except these things, if we think that there can be living somewhere other than the Earth, then the answer is yes – just a planet must have the right position and right place in its solar system for this, which is called the Golden Ring. Or Goldie Lock Zone and there are millions of such planets in our Galaxy i.e. Milky Way which have favourable conditions for life to flourish. There can be trillions in the entire Observable Universe. It is a different matter that from a thousand to a million light-years away where we have been able to see – there may be living in the very early stage, which we have not been able to detect.

But for now, it is certain that anywhere around us, as far as it is possible to reach at the speed of light – there is not a single planet where by detecting any kind of unnatural activity, we can claim that there is a modern civilization like ours lives and it is absolutely certain that there is no such population or planet with life from where anyone can come to us or we can reach them.

And the one who can reach us by breaking the law of the speed of light – one thing is definite about it that it can only be a type three civilization and such a civilization is coming forward with the aim of expanding itself in the universe, for which we will not be more than insects. There are very few chances that they will take a friendly attitude towards us – rather our natural resources will be important for them and if in some way we fit in their plan, we will be either as labourers or as fodder. So expect that even if they are somewhere, do not reach us – because friendship is appropriate in people who are equal.

Now the question is, even if they are how they will be in appearance – it is our limit that we can think as much as we have ever seen in some form or the other. That is, if we even imagine the alien, then we make strange looking creatures made of bones and flesh, whose examples are taken from the “jadu” of ‘Koi Mil Gaya’, ‘Avatar’ ‘Guardian of the Galaxy’ ‘Star Wars’ ‘John Carter’ or ‘Avengers’.

Programmed Universe 7
One Type of Alien

But the reality is that they can be very different from our thinking, our imaginations. They can be made up of some other element which is beyond the scope of our knowledge now…they can be made of gas…they can be made of energy as imagined in the movie ‘Darkest Hour’, where the aliens come to our planet for metal and they are made of energy and completely invisible to us, which can be detected only by electrical objects. There may be many more such possibilities.

Surely they will have their own concepts and their own beliefs – maybe they too have made the Gods of their imagination like us or maybe they have better understanding than us and they have solved the mystery of the universe.

Vulture feast

Can god exist?

Now one of the most important chapters – can there be any God who is constantly watching us according to scriptures, writing our deeds and will one day punish or reward us according to our deeds— so a better way to understand this is to understand our position according to this universe.

The object closest to the Earth on which we live is the Moon, but there is such a distance between them that thirty Earths can be put in it and even if we walk towards the Moon at the speed of hundred kilometres it will take one hundred and sixty days to reach there.

After this, we have a nearby planet Mars which is at a distance of 225 to 400 million km (in different conditions of rotation), where even the light takes twenty minutes to reach, and in space nothing moves faster than the light and the speed of light is about three hundred thousand km per second.

Now if we exit from this solar system, we will reach the Interstellar Neighborhood where there are other solar systems. In your solar system, you can measure the distance in an astronomical unit (distance from Earth to the Sun), but to measure the distance after the exit, you have to use the light-year (9.461 trillion kilometres), that is, the distance that the sunlight travels in a year.

Programmed Universe 7
Distance of Proxima

After the sun our nearest star is Proxima Centauri, which is 4.24 light-years away from us… It would take thousands of years if we tried to reach it by the speed of the Voyager (17KM / s). Now the galaxy, our own galaxy, which this solar system is a part of, has a spread of one million light-years, which has 200 thousand million stars and planets and the interesting thing is that we can see only one percent of them at night. Our own Sun takes 200 million years to make one round of the centre of its Galaxy.

Now if we go a little further than this, we will get the Local Group of Galaxies, which has 54 galaxies and its spread (from one end to the other) is 10 million light-years.

And when you zoom out this circle, you will find the Virgo supercluster – whose spread is 11 hundred million light-years, so imagine how big this circle will be – but this big circle is also equal to just one grain of mustard in front of the Laniakea supercluster, in which there are one lakh galaxies and its spread is 52 crore light-years.

Now, this is not even everything, but it is just a small part of the Titanic Laniakea Supercluster, and the Laniakea Supercluster is just a small part of the Observable Universe — which we have seen to date. In which there are two lakh crore galaxies, it’s the distance from our earth to the end of it is 4,650 million light-years, i.e. the total dispersion is 9,300 crore light-years.

The age of our universe is believed to be 13.7 billion years; because the light that preceded it has not been detected so far … According to the Cosmic Inflation Theory, there can be multiverse across it, any accurate estimate of the dispersion of which cannot be imposed and it is possible that only the entire observable universe has an status like a football on the earth (comparatively in the entire super universe).

Our position according to the universe

However, such a large local group with 54 galaxies is only 0.00000000001 percent of the Observable Universe, and it has so many planets that there is not even sand grains on the whole earth. Think about where we exist in the Universe and what our status is.

Programmed Universe 7
Expansion of Universe

Now, understand that our universe is expanding from all around like a balloon… at a faster rate than the speed of light. This means that as we estimate its total size to detect the oldest light is 13.7 billion years old – actually it must have been when this light has been travelled from there, at present this size has increased many times and That’s not enough – and according to scientists, this entire observable universe is just a part of the super universe, where there can be countless parallel universes.

God's Existence

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