Programmed Universe 3

Mathematics and Prospects of Civilization

Understand it in terms of the Earth— your house is on Planet X of your neighbouring Proxima Centauri solar system— and office on a planet at the other end of the galaxy— if you want to shop, you have to go some other planet, and for entertainment or else On another planet. If the environment of a planet is favourable for the production of a particular vegetable, then its cultivation is taking place there.

If the environment of a planet is favourable for any other type of fruit, flower or plant, then its cultivation is happening there. If a planet contains reserves of any mineral inside itself, then related construction is being done there. It means to say that the planets of the surrounding galaxies, including your own galaxy, will be the same for you as the cities of your city are for you right now.

Programmed Universe 3
Advanced Civilization

Sounds strange, isn’t it?? But this is the reality of the future. To be sure, go back fifty thousand years in the past and tell the people hunting in the forest about twenty-first-century inventions, accessories and gadgets– they will react at our present just like your opinion is on the imagination of the future.

But if the present is a truth, then that future will also be true. Yes, at that time a human will remain a sub-species and has transformed itself into cybernetics or cyborg, which will also be a need of that time, that is, half a human being is half a machine.

This means that the organs which will not be able to survive in the environment of all planets will be replaced by machine organs. Imagine a little that you are a dependent creature on oxygen and cannot take a breath on Mars, but some system should be fitted in your body that you do not need to breathe or artificial lungs such as a box. Make it necessary that oxygen is present like a cylinder – then what problem do you have in walking on Mars?

In the same way, go back a thousand years in the past and assess your world – the river, the sea, the forest, the trees, the animals and everything you will see with a purpose. Nothing will be seen as meaningless – but oil and gas, which is the greatest need of the day, was utterly useless then – because any use of it was beyond the comprehension of the people of that time and the means to use it. Then apply the same rule today.

There is not a single thing in this whole system that is useless, but if you do not understand the use of something, then it will be understood after a thousand years, like oil gas – or will come after a million years, but will come of course. Take your solar system – all the planets are filled with minerals or gas, which is definitely useful for us. The need is to reach on it and grab it – and believe it, we will reach there tomorrow, if not today.

When you look in space, trillions of planets will appear lifeless uninhabited, ninety-nine percent of which are missing from any kind of life because they are outside the golden ring of their solar system where Supreme Species like humans can flourish. So why are they exist— the answer is that they are actually ours (there will be other Supreme Species like humans in the Universe as well)— depends on who first approaches the test of type two, three civilizations in the course of development. Or it may be that someone has reached other parts. So the justification of every planet is that it is for us (Supreme Species).

infinity The cycle of civilization

Is there human existence to consume these planets?

And why we are here – we are here to consume them. There are some theories that suggest that humans are not the original creatures of the earth – perhaps not really, because if we limit ourselves to the earth, then it will not really understand its rationale, but if we see it in the perspective of the entire universe, then its Justification will be understood. You may question why humans? So the answer is that not humans – but Supreme Species. A human being can be one unit of the Supreme Spices – it can be in different forms in other parts of the Universe.

Programmed Universe 3
Quantum Society

Nikolai Kardashev conceptualized three types of civilizations but later type four and type five are added in it. One thing to be clear here is that these concepts are only necessary for Humans. It can be applied to any Supreme species.

However, the Type Four Civilization, i.e. the Intergalactic Society, will be the civilization that will reach the entire Universe. They will be able to control the energy of almost every star and will be able to settle even in black holes. They will not need breeding … They will increase their populations in other ways and dominate the entire universe. They will be able to play with the rules of space, time and thermodynamics as they wish.

Now this does not mean that they will be an individual like the people of the earth but if they will be type three and type four, their different jurisdictions will be as different as earlier tribes or states, and now countries. Their borders have their own existence and it is not necessary that they will not be fighting like India and Pakistan.

Apart from this, there is also an imagined type five civilization i.e. quantum society which will reach that phase of progress – which if we say in a pure language, can be called God. They will be able to control the entire universe by being the carrier of knowledge of everything and they will not need any kind of travel – they will be able to transfer from one dimension to another in the blink of an eye. In fact, the ten-eleven dimension that Super String Theory and M Theory talk about; in fact we humans fit and can control only three of them.

Vulture feast

Concept of quantum society

The fourth dimension, that is time, in reality we can experience it but it cannot be controlled – while all the other dimensions are worthless to us and in reality they are just for type four and type five. And quantum society can be the only civilization that is effective on all dimensions and has complete control over them…

Programmed Universe 3
Higher Dimensional Society

If any such civilization has developed in the past in this entire system and reached the stage of quantum society, then even if the whole super universe is made under a self-made process and they themselves are born from similar self-assembled combinations but then everything has happened under their control and as a human we can be their creation.

Think of it in easy language that there is a film – which moves in a certain order, in which you cannot make any changes and there is a game– in which you can make changes. Your hero can be defeated or even win. Both of them operated on the same mobile. Both are human-made creations for your entertainment and there is a possibility that in future games will also be made where characters will have their own brains and both heroes and villains will try to win under the mission and nothing is certain but sometimes a hero will win, sometimes a villain. Your entertainment here will be the uncertainty of the game – like any cricket or football match.

Now it will be seen that they are free-thinking characters and if you can transfer yourself in their minds, you will find that they are considering themselves and their world as self-made – but if is it really so?

Another example you can take is an auto-driving car which is our future transportation, designed to avoid every possible accident and to reach the destination by avoiding traffic based on GPS information. There is no need for a driver– you don’t sit or ride, they have their own mind.

Just set the location and trigger it – the car will reach the destination. Now without a rider or driver, the empty car runs on its way to its destination, giving the illusion that it is moving by itself – no one is driving it, while it is a programmed device.

The universe can also be programmed

In the same way our universe can be programmed. According to us it is huge (because according to the proportion of its size we are like a zero means nothing) but between the multiverse from the pile, this huge universe can be just a minor bubble that looks self-contained and automatic but it may have been programmed from somewhere.

Programmed Universe 3
Idea of Programmed Universe

The most interesting aspect of this theory is that here both atheists and theists are right at one point that as an atheist it (the Universe) is self-created and automatic and as a believer there is someone (God) who is running everything- But as a believer, other than this one point, your fantasies, faiths, beliefs go wrong here.

Means we and the known space around us may be like a glass cabin in the lab of a scientist (suppose yourself) where it is doing some experiments by growing fungi, or by growing a colony of some kind of bacteria but, the scientist has interest in how those bacteria behave under his experiment…and nothing more than that.

But now shift your mind to the minds of those bacteria – as soon as one minute of your clock is complete, their life cycle is complete…in which they grow, eat many times, mating, breeding – and as long as you have a few hours to pass, many of their generations pass and if we count according to their life cycle, in your a day hundreds of their years are passed.

Human thinking like Bacteria

There are bacteria in them having two type of ideologies— one that says that they have been created by a particular god (consider yourself as a scientist), this world (that glass cabin) has been created for them and he (i.e. you ) keeps an eye on them every moment – (All three things are true because under your experiment you created them and their world and keep an eye on them round the clock with your cameras)…

‘He’ Keeps an account of the works, will destroy them all at the end of the judgment day (after the experiment is complete, you will terminate the glass cabin and throw it in the garbage), and then he will punish or reward them according to their deeds.

While bacteria from other ideologies disagree with them, believing that no one has created them, they have become themselves – there is no account of their deeds, whatever they are, they are here and the Holocaust can come as a natural disaster. also there will be no account book, nor is there any paradise or hell – (here they are right), and if someone is the creator, then why not he come forward?

Programmed Universe 3
Bacterial Position of Human

Now, if you could understand their communication with any device, then you would surely burst with laughter – but even if you wish, you cannot fulfil their wish that ‘if someone is there, why not he come forward’. The first hurdle is ‘size’ and ‘ability’ because they are even one-tenth of a body’s hair, and due to their limited capacity, they will not be able to see you more than a few hairs nearby. 

God's Existence

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