Programmed Universe 2

Theism is the oldest theory of this subject

Theism is the oldest theory of the subject— it is also because it was the first condition of human survival on Planet Earth. Just think for a moment that if the man had not adopted it in the early stages of civilization, then power was the only weapon to serve the primary purpose of food and reproduction and there are countless spots of blood can be found on humanity in a demonstration of power for centuries. Nobody believes any god – deprived of the fear of being good or bad related to religion, then every powerful would kill the weaker than himself and take away his resources and since not everyone is of equal strength, then follow this competition all the fighting would have already ended.

However, now let’s talk about the first possibility, keeping in mind the purpose of the creation of the universe…that a God has created everything. The weakest aspects of this theory are the concepts associated with it, the state like salvation, absolution and the concepts like the hell and paradise – because even once you opened your mind, and thought about this space,  you will have an idea of your situation which is like a micro bacteria according to this observable universe, then all your beliefs will be destroyed.

When you do this, a question will come up in your mind which no religious leader of the world will be able to answer, that if man was the most important person for God and he made this world for man (as that is the religious belief) Then humans exist only on one planet out of the trillions of trillions of giant planets like insects – then why he made trillions of billions of galaxies and in them, trillions of lifeless deserted planets? Humans are not capable enough to get out of even their solar system – then what was the point of creating an observable universe full of millions of galaxies, filled with billions of solar systems?

Programmed Universe 2
Limitlessness of Uiverse

In this universe, there are planets more than particles of sand in this world – or all humans that have been born on earth from past to present – and yet we have claimed the world/creation (religiously The word ‘world’, or the universe, means the entire universal system) is made for humans – you can think how funny it is.

infinity The cycle of civilization

Has anyone really created the universe?

Despite this – at the base of their own fabricated values and concepts, their belief cannot be rejected that there is someone who created this universe. Maybe there really is a creator who built this whole system and is letting it run in an auto mode under some experiment — almost like the Hollywood movie ‘Matrix’ — then? Here you can raise the question that then according to religious claims he cannot be born himself, nor can he be omniscient and omnipotent.

So the answer is that all these claims have come from the humans who have created this-worldly God – he never made a claim himself. No doubt, if there is a creator, then he must be the created by someone, and if we are just a part of an experimental program, the concept of his being omniscient or omnipotent is also completely wrong – because he himself Experimenting in hopes of a conclusion.

So to say that this possibility is rejected completely from the perspective of an atheist fellow, then understand that the prevalence of whatever method he used to analyze the Universe became doubtful – on the other hand, This argument of the believers confirms that there is someone who created everything, but all their beliefs that are created about him are dashed.

If I say that the statement of the religious people that ‘We (God) created all for you’, in fact it is a sign of the future, that billions of trillion idle deserted planets, silent blazing sun – all are for humans, You may find it strange but if you think a little more deeply, then this perception can also lead you to the solution of the ‘why’ which have been written on the forehead of the existence of ‘humans’ and trillions of lifeless planets of the universe.

Vulture feast

After all, how much cerebral capacity do we use

There is a theory that we humans actually have a mind made of one hundred billion neurons people, but how much of our cerebral capacities we have been able to access there is a ‘myth’ about it – that what journey of human development has done, ten to fifteen percent of it is used in it – some people may be unusually intelligent, their individual capacity is up to seventeen percent. And when we will be able to use twenty percent cerebral capacity, then we will have complete control over our body.

By reaching a capacity of thirty to fifty percent, we will be able to control everything on the body of others, on the metal, on everything around – we can scan, x-ray every living being. Reproduce body parts, take any form and touch immortality in a way. After reaching sixty percent, we will become almost computer – by looking at anything, we will get all its information. You will be able to control almost everything associated with waves and conduct everything around you according to yourself.

From seventy to eighty percent we will become almost supercomputers and nothing in the world will remain out of our reach and control while going above ninety, we will connect with matter and energy and from the beginning to earth. And even the entire information of the universe will be in front of us and we will be effective on everything. However, in that case, the human body will be left behind and we will probably be transformed into Brahma energy itself – which can be called God.

Programmes Universe 2
Use of Brain

Since this theory cannot be proved, you can, of course, reject it, but if we remove the percentage figures, it is logical to some extent that despite having a brain of the same size, how some of us can be genius, some idiots, some are stupid but some are as intelligent as Einstein. Or with this mind, only some humans were also wild tribes and with this mind now they are making computers and rockets.

Civilization on the Nikolai Kardashev Scale

Including the possibility of cerebral capacitance in accordance with the growth of sapiens, if we categorize the development of our civilization on the Nikolai Kardashev scale…the picture is drawn is like this….

That we currently type zero civilization but after one hundred and fifty hundred years we will be type one civilization which will be called Planetary Society. This civilization will be able to store and consume 100% of the energy of its stars reaching its planet and by its use, they will change the face of the planet. They will have facilities like weather control, accurate assessment of natural disasters, terraforming and will be able to travel to other planets in their solar system.

Then, between a thousand and three thousand years, they will be converted into type two civilizations. That is, they will be able to cover the stars of their solar system with the Dyson structure (from the solar panel) and absorb its entire energy, transfer it to their planet or wherever there is a power station – and they will also be able to control the fusion reaction on the sun. They will be able to travel across the galaxy – colonize different planets and dominate their space.

Programmes Universe 2

Over the next one million years, they will be converted into type three civilizations or galactic or interstellar societies – meaning they will absorb the energy of all the stars of this galaxy and then reach the entire local group of galaxies with all the fifty galaxies. They will be able to create such a transmitting device for travel so that the distance of millions of light-years can also be covered in a few seconds or hours. They will have their colonies on different galaxies.

God's Existence

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