Faith versus Logic 7

Islamic history has been quite contradictory

Three types of details of Islamic history are available— one that is found in the Hadiths of the Sunnis, the other of the Shias and third one of the Muslim historians. In many places, all three are the same, in many places the two are the same and at many points, the differences among the three are a terrible contradiction, especially among the hadiths related to Hazrat Ayesha.

Whatever may have been the reality, but whatever was written at that time was certainly destroyed either by itself or deliberately and then whatever was written, it was written after two hundred years. It’s a very long time— in the meantime, four to five generations had passed, and things were told person to person.

infinity The cycle of civilization

If you want to test your human capabilities, make a hadith related to Rasool yourself, write it down and recite it to someone close and tell him that not only does he keep repeating it but also keep telling it to others…

Faith versus Logic
Route of Hearsay

Then exactly after one year, to the persons it has been reached, listen to it from them and compare it with your writing— Human limitations will come in front of you. A person cannot remember an object exactly and for the part, he forgets— to fill the space, he fills it with his own made version in that part – which he feels is right – and in this way, the matter loses its original form.

So for two hundred years, the things that kept going forward as a verbal expense— there is no guarantee to how true they are, how many percent they are true or to what extent they are lies… in a way we can say that they can be true and also false, but we cannot claim that they are true only.

Because if we make claims, then it is bound to arise a question that among Sunni, Shia and historians, of which, what version is true… There will be one truth; there will not be three different truths. Interestingly, there is hatred, bigotry behind these books, there are rubbish rules and there is bloodshed.

Are people really afraid of God?

There is one thing, fear of God… You must have felt it around you— fear of God, love of God, Love of God’s Prophet! These are the emotions that are visibly ruling every Muslim. You can clearly feel Its effect on your life’s surroundings or on social media— where any such thing about God, God’s book or God’s grace, has the power to hurt, provokes the Muslim youth in such a way that they not only come to abuse, troll – but even become a threat to your life… and in other parts of the world – where they can do it, they have also shown by doing so.

Vulture feast

Now the matter to think here is whether these almighty bearers of Islam are in awe of God, or love him – any attachment to the nature of their Prophets? Let’s explore its aspects from history to present.

Well, whatever happened in the Prophet’s life, let’s assume it was out of the bounds of “Fear of God” for the sake of spreading Islam, but that happened after his death— look at that. Daughter Fatima’s house was attacked, she had a miscarriage and after a few months of her father’s death, she also left this world. Would the people who did all this have felt the fear of God? Second, Khalifa Hazrat Umar suffered a lethal attack— which resulted in his death… Third, Khalifa Hazrat Osman was surrounded and murdered in the house. His wife’s fingers were amputated, which came forward in defence. Fourth, Khalifa Hazrat Ali was murdered in the mosque— would those who did this have felt the fear of God?

This question is there not only because he was a Khalifa, but also a holder of elevated status. Today, swords come out in the name of his insult— then people kept watching them murdered. Did those viewers then felt that love of these Soldiers of God, what these people show today?

Faith versus Logic
Battle of Karbala

There is no need to say what the Prophet’s stature is— but his brother and son-in-law were murdered. One young grandson was killed by giving poison, the other was slaughtered in Karbala along with the rest of the family— their corpses were trampled by horses, their heads were cut and hanged on the spears and exhibited… Their women were dishonoured, even after that the remaining people were continued to be targeted— Even then was there any love in the hearts of people for the Prophet and their loved ones, so that so they would have come to kill/die madly in their grief. Were the Muslims who did so, had no knowledge of the justice of God – or were they not afraid?

Muslims of high status were fighting among themselves

Shortly after Hazrat Ali became Khalifa, Hazrat Ayesha rebelled against him, prepared the army and reached Basra to fight, where more than ten thousand people were killed in the fierce war and all of them were Muslims— would anybody have felt Fear of God, have felt his love? After this battle where one victory took place, another fracas came ahead of Hazrat Ali as Muawiya and in the wake of the revolt, a battle was fought in Siffin, where thousands of Muslims died again, and both of them had declared their war against Ali as Jihad— did they fear God while doing so? Or have thought about the status of Islam?

Faith versus Logic
Battle of Siffin

Although Muawiya was defeated in this war, he still refused to compromise and did not get back from establishing and governing a separate sultanate in Syria. Muhammad bin Abu Bakr, son of Egyptian governor Hazrat Abu Bakr was arrested; sewed in donkey skin and was burnt alive. Ali’s followers, who were part of Ali’s rule, were slaughtered and their heads were cut and hanged on the spears to create panic.

And after Ali’s death, he entered into an agreement with Hassan and seized the whole rule and later on, by turning hostile to the agreement, handed over the throne to his son Yazid— as a side effect to which, Karbala was carried out under the leadership of Ibne Ziyad and Shimr. After the incident of Karbala, the only rebellion which took place in Mecca and Medina, there was a march under the leadership of Muslim bin Aqaba and the game of slaughters was played in Medina. Sahabi’s were searched and killed, women were dishonoured — because of which hundreds of illegitimate children came into existence, Nabi’s mosque was made a horse stable.

After this, Haseen bin Numair attacked Mecca. Tried to burn Kaaba, but had to retreat after Yazid’s death. After Yazid, his son was the ruler for a few days then the Marwan of the Umayyad dynasty seized power. Marwan was the same nephew of Hazrat Osman, to whom, by entrusting him with important responsibilities, he himself was engulfed in controversy, and this very person had advised killing Hussain who had come by invitation in the court of Waleed. While the responsibility of Madina was in the hands of Abdullah ibn Zubair, Hazrat Mukhtar who took revenge on the murder of Hussain, fought among themselves forgetting the slogan “Intakam-e-Khun-e-Hussain” once shouted together, and then again the dead bodies of Muslims fell.

Whereas in the future, the dynasty of Marwan was mainly ruled as Umayyad Sultanate, which ended in 750 A.D. to the hands of Abbasis— and this entire period is called Islamic rule.

Abu Tahir al Jannabi devastated the Kaaba

Faith versus Logic
Abu Tahir Al-Jannabi

After this, in 930 Abu Tahir al Jannabi, a warrior, attacked Mecca and plundered the Kaaba and destroyed it. Killing thousands of the Hajis, filled the well of Abe Jamjam. Uprooted Sang-e-Aswad and took it to Al-Hisa— Where he disgraced the Stone… Haj could not be performed for twenty-two years due to the absence of Sang-e-Aswad. In 952, the Fatimi regime giving a huge sacrifice regained Sang-e-Aswad and established it in Kaaba.

That is, immediately after Rasul’s eyes closed, the process of slaughtering among the Muslims kept on going continuously. And people continued to drop the corpses of those people of great stature, in the name of insult to them, people of today take out the swords— Do you somewhere see the fear of God, love to the Prophet in them… Love for their family? Or do you see the feeling that there is a God who will punish every wrong practice and they can feel that fear? While in that period of continuous slaughter, One Muslim only kept cutting the other Muslim’s neck.

Come out of the history and come into the present — those who cry out the fear of God, Bless the love of God and the Prophet… Really say the truth? Let’s consider those who spread terrorism, bloodshed in the name of God or Islam, as “Strayed” keep them aside and come at the common Muslims— if they really have the fear of God and Jahanum, and they are sure that there is really a God who will finally punish all of their bad deeds, then think who are those people, who are still lying after knowing this truth? In spite of the prohibition from Khuda, are indulged in artifice, extortion, dishonesty.

Some are drinking alcohol, some are gambling, some are flirting with girls, some are watching porn on mobile, some are womanizing, someone is stealing electricity, someone is stealing tax, someone is sitting in possession of someone’s house, someone is sitting in possession of someone’s shop… How many such Muslims will you find, who are not involved in any of these bad activities? They are worth counting on fingers… Why do they do like this — it is clear that they are neither in love or fear of the God nor they have the shame of the Prophet’s nature.

Because if they had either of them, their tongue would tremble when they told a lie— they would look down at the sight of an unknown-girl. While watching porn, they would die of shame— while stealing, their hands would tremble and while committing profanity, conscience would beat him down— Heartbeats would stop while confiscating someone’s right… but have you seen this happening anywhere? If all this is happening indiscriminately then obviously their claims of fear or love of God, love, and attachment to the Prophet are false and hollow.

But still, it is important to make noise that they are so close to God and Rasool that if someone commits mischief in their pride, they will not be behind in abusing him, trolling, taking off his neck, shattering with bullets or exploding themselves as a bomb.

What is Sharia?

Shara is on the same lines… Shara aka Sharia, aka Islamic law system, which every Muslim will be found advocating for and will ask considering it to be the best law and order system in the world, but when it comes to execution on himself, he will secretly find an exit door.

Let’s understand this a little… There is no scope for a very long investigation or litigation in it. Quick decisions are made— (There is always scope for a mistake in impulsiveness)… Hands are cut directly as punishment for theft or robbery. There is a punishment of hundred whips for Pre-marital sex, five hundred whips on alcoholism— Direct death sentence for murder, drug trafficking, rape, blasphemy, treason, terrorism or anti-government demonstrations. Death sentence for Homosexuality, Extra-marital relations also have a death sentence – but men rarely get this one.

How Sheikhs of Saudi live an upstanding life full of luxuriousness— there is no need to tell, but what is the status of women? Understand it like this, that a woman has no independent status. She has to be completely in Hijab, just hands and eyes must be open, not even hair should be visible. She cannot drive or go to any public place without the will or company of any male member of the house, Neither can she open a bank account— can even not meet an unknown man. She has also got the right to vote just recently.

Faith versus Logic
Faith versus Logic

Marital rape is not considered a rape there. If the woman misbehaves, then the man can beat her in such a way that her face doesn’t get the mark— but if the man is a crook, the wife does not have this right. If the woman is raped, then the victim herself will need to arrange four witnesses to punish the guilty. Now if the rapist has raped in private, then he can escape very easily.

In India, people imprisoned for tens of years on charges of terrorism, are freed after being proved innocent, if they had been decided at the same time to punish them with the death penalty, could it have been compensated? It is common in countries around the world to implicate people in false accusations, which at times may not prove to be false even in the investigation. In this case, if you have already cut off anyone’s hands or neck, and could it be proved in some way later in favour of a man who was killed that he was innocent, can it be compensated?

The Sharia allows to conquer a woman in battle and use it as a commodity (having sex without marriage, to give birth to a child, to be given as gift)— even though in today’s perspective there is no need for it, but if a rule is there, it is there, the benefit of which has been fully exploited by the Taliban and IS people even today. Yes to say, you can shout that Islam has given women a niche— but what is the ground reality, you can guess yourself from the above things.

God's Existence

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