Faith versus Logic 5


Obviously, you will not know the answer… because at the time when all these books were written, the Universe used to be earth-centric, the land used to hold the acceptance of a shape like a flat platform and ‘Up’ meant only one-sided sky… Well, there is a similar term ‘Testimony’. Now understand what this testimony is—

If you were asked who killed Gandhiji, you would immediately say that Nathuram Godse did… Yes, some newborn species can be found saying that the bullet was fired on its own like Salman’s car went on its own in the hit and run case.

infinity The cycle of civilization

But broadly everyone knows and believes that who killed… Now imagine that one day you get a call from some court since you know who killed Gandhi, you have to come to court and testify about this.

Then you will surely be surprised as to how can this happen— an incident or a thing can only be testified, when you are an eyewitness when you are physically present there, you have seen or heard everything with your eyes or ears… or you were in any way connected to that event or thing.

Whatever you have read, or heard— at least you cannot testify it? But in another case, similar testimony is believed to be a guarantee to Faith, even if you find it strange to read.

Faith versus Logic
Faith versus Logic

Listen carefully to an Azaan— Muazzin gives this testimony several times a day. Ashhaduallah ilaha illallah… i.e. I testify that Allah is one and no one is equal to him. Ashhaduanna Muhammedurrasulallah… i.e. I testify that Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa Salallaho Alaiwasallam is his Prophet.

This very testimony is Kalma— this testimony is the foundation of faith. Here two things are worth thinking that Allah is ‘One‘and Muhammad Sahib is his Prophet… It is important to believe, or to testify that I testify that this is so – what for the testimony is given?

All religions have beliefs— Jehovah is one according to the Jews, God is one according to the Christians, ‘Ishwar’ is one according to the Hindus… Moses is the messenger of Jehovah according to the Jews, Jesus is God’s son according to the Christians, Sri Ram and Shri Krishna are ‘Avatars’ of God according to the Hindus… but why don’t they need such witnesses?

Are people really eligible to give such testimony?

If a Christian says that I testify that Jesus is the son of the divine or that the Jews testify that Moses is the angel of the Lord or if the Hindu says that I testify that Rama is an incarnation of Vishnu— would you believe that he is eligible to testify? No— even if you do not say anything but will laugh within, taking care of his faith, because he must be making a practical mistake… but this is what you do.

When Kalma or Azan established in the era of Rasul, then because the Prophet himself was present in front of them and telling whether the God was One or More and making a guarantee by his tongue that he is a Prophet himself, the martyrdom of people was technically not wrong— but now?

When you say, Lailaha Illalla— it is true, because it is a belief of other religions too that God is one. When you say Mohammadurrasulullah, still you are right that Muhammad Sahib is his Prophet— Yes, they may be. Like everybody has beliefs, so is your belief… it cannot be put to doubt.

Faith versus Logic
Kalma Shahadat

But as soon as you associate your martyrdom with it— technically, the practicality of your words becomes suspicious, because the definition of testimony is something else. Yes, there is also a possibility that in the case of ‘Deen’ you should have made different meanings of testimony, because since childhood we had made the same rhetoric that the first Kalma is Tayyab— Tayyab means Pure, the second Kalma is Martyrdom, means testimony… and I testify that Allah is one and Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa Salallaho Alaiwasallam is his Prophet.

Do not present only your beliefs or beliefs in your favour, because others have faiths and beliefs too, but they don’t testify.

In the same way, a question related to the grave also forces one to grapple with, if a person has the ability to understand and think, otherwise if believing is everything for you, then nothing can bother you.

Vulture feast

What will happen after death?

Just think, does this question not come to your mind that what will happen after death— according to Islamic beliefs, after the burial three questions will be asked in the grave and in case of not being able to give the correct answer, the walls of the tomb will become so hardened that the ribs will penetrate each other— and till the judgment day the sorrows of the grave will shower on him as snakes and scorpions.

Faith versus Logic
After death

But the problem with this theory is that every person living on the land is a creation of God, and only the Muslims know the answers to these questions, so how will the other non-Muslims go through the barrage of answers? When the body will decompose in two months, what can the snakes and the scorpions do to it? Or there is no burial in the grave itself… because there are so many ways of body termination. 

However, one more thing is said that the life after death is forever— here it refers to the Hell and Heaven after death, where there is no death afterwards — but then those who have died before us and since it is clear that doom has not come yet, so where are they?

The Quran and Hadiths have proved in many places that people were sent to Heaven or Hell— for example, the Aayet no. 26 of Surah Ya-Sean… which tells about a person who supported the Prophet in front of him and God says to him – Enter the Paradise.

Whereas in the Quran itself it is also clearly said that everyone will be tested according to, on their judgment day and then everyone’s fate will be decided and they will either be rewarded or punished and sent to Heaven or Hell according to their deeds while passing through the bridge Sarat— so how did people already reach in Heaven or Hell?

The Barjakh or the Alam-e-Barjakh

The answer to all these questions is in the concept of the name “Barjakh”, i.e. such a virtual world where a virtual Paradise for the good people in the form of Vaadi-us-salaam (the valley of wellness) and a virtual hell for bad people in the form of Vaadi-e-barhoot (the dreaded valley) exist. That is the house where the souls get sheltered as soon as they leave the body and stay there, feeling the pleasures of Heaven or the heat of the Hell, till the Judgment day comes.

Faith versus Logic
Concept of Barzakh

The body is going to rot here; it has nothing to do at the moment, and the difference between the Alam-e-Barjakh and the real Heaven or Hell is that in ‘Barjakh’, the punishment or reward will be given in virtual form and after the Judgment day, the same punishment or reward will be given with body after making the body alive… A point to note here is that when the feelings of punishment or reward are real, what does it matter whether they were got with the body or not? And what is the meaning of this concept, if the feelings will not be real?

The other thing to note is that only Muslims or people of previous Prophets will be able to join in the Vadiyussalam part of Alam-e-Barjakh, while all the other will go to Vaadi-e-Barhut. That is, in today’s date, apart from 150 million Muslims (only noble ones among them too) all the remaining five hundred and fifty million people are the material of Vaadi-e-Barhut – as a Universe Maker, is it not a discriminative behaviour?

But anyway— From here the question begins – that human civilization is more than a million years old, and since then billions of sinners, the ‘Barhut’ materials, may have died and must have been serving the punishments, but the Judgment day has not yet come – and suppose after ten and twenty thousand years if it comes, or maybe even tomorrow, the sinners who will die in the last… they will not be getting punished till the doom and they will directly be accounted for— the punishment is the same proportion to the crime… Suppose two sinners had committed theft, now they both get the same punishment to be whipped for a hundred years— one who died yesterday too and one who stole and died a million years ago and was being whipped for a million years in Vaadi-e-Barhut of Alam-e-Barjakh.

Is it not discrimination and injustice for a just God?

God's Existence

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