Faith versus Logic 4

Does God really make couples?

There is a similar complication about weddings, in which case it is said that God makes the couples or the couples are made in heaven… Look at the wedding cards – somewhere you will find written that couples are made in heaven. Otherwise, on the rest of the earth, Pandits match the Kundalis and make them couples and somewhere else the pairs are even set without the matching by a Pandit/Kundali— somewhere they set by themselves.

The common understanding and belief of our society are also that God makes couples and that’s why vocals of the songs like “Rab ne banaya tujhe mere liye, mujhe tere liye” can be heard.  

Now let’s consider this question with reasoning— can it practically happen?

Suppose this is so, then first of all the casteist character of God emerges in front— because in almost all religions, most marriages are fixed in the same caste, Pandits are also found to match the Kundalis of the same caste.

Why brother— wasn’t this system anthropogenic? In the early stages of human civilization, there was nothing like this, with the development of civilization human chain kept dividing into religions and castes, with them marriages too started to become homogeneous in the same way – means after looking at humans, God also turned a racist. Is man through God or God through man?

infinity The cycle of civilization

Then there is also a belief in the case of God that God does not make mistakes. Is it so? how many marriages in the world, end at the threshold of Divorce. In western countries, marriage merely lasts for a few years and the situation in Muslim countries is just slightly better.

Faith versus Logic

Talking about Western countries, at least three or four marriages are done by a man or a woman in their lives— that eventually means the same amount of divorces. So how come, wrong pairs are made on such a large scale? That means if God makes Couples then in this case he makes horrible mistakes.

Biased characterization of God

Then it also reveals the masculine face of God— from past to present, thousands of such men may be found who had ten, twenty wives to sixteen thousand queens… but hardly a woman, with ten or twenty husbands will be found.

There are thousands of examples in Muslim countries where one man has more than one wife— but no woman will be found with more than one husband. Now don’t cry about the social recognition – because if God makes couples then this responsibility will fall on him.

Then one face of God will look like an unjust to you – in older times you will find plenty of people with names like slaves/kaneez/laundi/mistress who were never matched— even today people like Kalam, Atal, Ramdev, Maya, Mamta, Jaya may be found in our society who lived alone and went alone or will go alone.

Why was the happiness of that of a couple not written in all these cases— is it not injustice? Don’t say it was their wish – Neither would this have been a will of Modiji, otherwise why would he have been alone – but at least the marriage took place.

Then there is another trend nowadays, of gay couples— where the boy is determined to live with the boy and a girl with the girl, and in many societies of the West, it is already recognized and now it is allowed in India too. Now, this is just opposite to the reproductive nature, how God is making such a mistake?

Couples are also made in Live-in relationships, just like in a marriage, the difference is just of the certificate— Suddenly the attitude of God becomes interracial here. Why so?

On one side, Jannat was barred for ‘Gair-momins’, on the other side Aamir was matched to Reena, Kiran, Saif to Amrita, Kareena, All the children of Salim Khan were married to non-Muslims. Lord, isn’t this a matter of double standard?

Faith versus Logic
Faith versus Logic

Now there is society— which shouts to the core, that couples are formed in heaven but as soon as their son/daughter married a Muslim boy/girl – They raise the flag of Love Jihad and start to wail. When a Hindu daughter-in-law or son-in-law comes to a Muslim house, they start preparing to teach them Kalma and if a Dalit boy/girl marries an upper caste boy/girl, they do not delay in killing them with sword/gun.

In every such situation, the ‘Couples are made in heaven’ is wrapped, folded and hidden.

Look, brother— if you still believe that God makes couples, then face this accusation on God, or assume that we make the pairs, not God. 

Religious books are not science research books

Religious books are not the books written on scientific research, but they are actually there so that people take the lesson from the things related to them, not to hold their stories and start searching science in them, whereas unfortunately people sit and start looking for science in those books which were written in those times when the knowledge about Earth or the Universe was very limited and very nominal. Now if people make claims, then those with a questioning nature will also raise questions.

Vulture feast

Similarly, in my view the Quran is that instruction manual— it is a book of instructions, which is not meant to earn the reward but to read and to implement its instructions, to implement its teachings in one’s life. It tells you that as a human being or as a society how do you have to stay, how to live life and how to make decisions — through different events, it tells you the things you can apply in your life by learning through them. It is not any theory book which was written by Darwin or Einstein, that you start finding the rules of science in it.

Faith versus Logic
religious books

In any book, only the scientific rule or formulas can be entered of the time it was written, in which the corrections or radicals changes can occur with changing times. So it is obvious and natural to develop an error in the theory written in those old books— but the faith of the people is so strong that in the name of error their feeling gets a punch as hard as of Muhammad Ali’s, and the tarnishing and squealing feeling is relieved only by a bitter certificate.

If you really think that religious books written hundreds of years ago are science-based, then let’s consider a question. I hope that by not taking it otherwise, just considering it as a curiosity, we must solve it with our scientific cum religious intelligence.

There can be Up and Down on just one planet

In Surah-al-Bakra of the Quran, Allah while commanding the Adam, Eve and Iblees the devil, orders a punishment while saying that now you all get down and stay on the earth for a certain period of time (Verse No. 30-38)— This verse makes it clear that everybody is somewhere in the ‘Up’ and they are being asked to get ‘Down’. Even in normal language, we call him the ‘One above’. Similarly, the stories which are in the Vedas and Puran’s does also state that Devlok is somewhere ‘Up’ there and from there they come ‘Down’ as Deities themselves, and sometimes in the form of an Avatar.

Faith versus Logic
Earth pic by Voyager

Now let’s get to the basic issue— in science, the law of ‘Up-Down’ is according to the Gravity, which applies to every planet. Till the time you are on the ground, you are in the restriction of ‘Up-Down’, but as soon as you step out of the planet and reach into space, the rule of ‘Up-Down’ ends automatically.

Now do an experiment— in the very centre of a room, hang a ball tied with thread. Suppose room is ‘Universe’ and the ball is your ‘Earth’… now because Gravity keeps you standing upright in every part of the planet and on your feet side is ‘Down’ and head side is ‘Up’ then according to the direction of the heads of humans present in different parts of the land according to that determine the exact ‘Up’. 

According to the gravity Indian man’s head (above) is in the East direction (towards the front wall), the Jamaican man’s head is in the West direction (towards the back wall), an Algerian’s head in the South (towards the right wall), Hawaii’s man’s head is in the North (towards the left wall), the head of the person standing in Norway is (towards the roof) and the head of the person standing in New Zealand is on the side of (floor)…

So to say that the ‘Up & Down’ for the people standing in six different parts of the Earth are not equal, but at different angles— so now you have to tell that “Up & Down’ written in your books is on which side according to human beings on the earth? Also, do notice here that the universe is not as small as your imagined room, but it is so wide that from one end to the other It will take billions of years for light to reach.

Do not say here that your God or God ‘Above’ is everywhere because the celebrity outside the room (whatever name it has) can only be on one side of the room, while there are six directions in the form of front, back, right, left, top, bottom of the ball hanging in the middle of the room… so finally which side is your ‘Up’?

God's Existence

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