Faith versus Logic 2

Names are Cultural and not Religious

Apart from this, people also raise a question that if you don’t have faith, why don’t you change the name?

Means if you do not believe in the Islamic concept then change your name to Ashok instead of Ashfaq — but then Ashok will be a Hindu name. Suggest a name that does not smell of any religion – is atheism any creed that does have any names of its identity?

It is sciolism, that names are religious. In fact, names are cultural. In India, you will find many Nihal’s in Sikhs and Muslims — many Abraham’s will be found in Christians and Muslims – many names like Ayan, Kabir, Raja, Rani, Sara, Sheeba will be found in both Hindus and Muslims.

Buddhists, Hindus of India, Nepal will have similar names – but if you reach Japan, there Buddhists have no Indian names but you will find Japanese names like Akira, Amara, Xian, Shijuka and if you meet Buddhists in China, there according to Chinese culture, you will find names like Bruce Lee, Wang Li, Su Chi, Han Xi.

Faith versus Logic
Faith versus Logic

In Indonesia, Malaysia, Muslims will get their names according to their culture, in Africa according to their culture and in Europe, there will be many common names of Muslims and Christians.

Since an Indian Muslim follows Arabic culture, he keeps an Arabic name and that is why they have made a notion that these names are of Muslims, while Josephs and Peters were found in Europe thousands of years before even Christianity came and Even before the arrival of Islam, Umar, Ismail, Abrahams were found in Arabia.

infinity The cycle of civilization

In the year 610, Hazrat Muhammad declared himself a prophet, conferred the title of Muslim and began the transition to Islam, but his name was the same for forty years before that. Bibi Khadija, who was the first to believe, had the same name Khadija before that.

The names of Hazrat Umar, Hazrat Abu Bakr, Hazrat Osman or Hazrat Ali were nothing else before practising Imaan. Before people becoming Muslims there were a lot of Christian and Jewish tribes in Arabia and their names were still the same that remained after believing – because names were not from religion, names were from Arabic culture.

So drop this idea from the heart that there is a copyright of any religion on any name… and if there is someone with no faith, asking him to set his name, his marital custom, or his funeral as a separate creed —  Actually it is sciolism of the people.

The cremation ceremony is a primitive tradition and not a religion

In the endless debate between the atheists and theists, these taunts will often be heard by you– Except the Name and Marriage, the third big taunt is whether they will be burnt or buried?

Faith versus Logic
Faith versus Logic

People feel that religion has a monopoly over the cremation ceremony, which is why according to them they ask a great question. – but is it actually that great? If you are asked about the human development journey then the people of Taurat, Injeel, and Quran will bring Adam and Eve while people of Vedas will bring ahead Manu and Shatrupa.

If evidence is sought from them that man has found an existing form with the help of gradual development (which is also archaeologically proven) or the modern humans started from the first humans in the world, who started doing everything from wearing clothes to farming, from the same period – then the believers will go to the other option and if you ask for any proof of this, then they have books …No more proof is needed.

Okay, lets remove the technical errors according to their convenience and assume that we are branches of the human tree that in Africa, was the same tree that started from Adam Eve or Manu Shatrupa and starting from the fossils of Ramapithecus, Kiniapithecus of 1.4 million years ago, crossing through Australopithecus, Paranthropus, Gingithropus, Lucy reaching Homo Hebilus, Homo Heidelbergonsis, Homo erects (erects, pekinensis, moritenicus) finally reached till Homo sapiens (neanderthalensis, phosilisis, sapiens) to the present modern form we are.

If you look at the issue of the name, then these people spread out of Africa and spread all over the world and formed hundreds of different beliefs and developed cultures. Names are the identity of a human being, which would have been needed since the time humans started speaking– Since then, names were started to be named after their culture.

It is not that before Christ, there were no Joseph, Peter, Philip in Europe or people did not have names like Muhammad, Abu Bakr, Usman before the advent of Islam in Arabia … the names of the wife, friends, colleagues or family members of the Prophet himself used to do the same before reading Kalma, and remained thereafter. Because such a provision that Arabic culture has to be adopted along with religion has been made in Islam, Arab names were assumed to be the hegemony of Islam, while such is not the case.

Many methods of body termination have been in practice.

Similarly, there is the issue of cremation of dead bodies – if you see religion, Sanatan would be five thousand years old, Buddhist two and a half thousand, Ebrahimi three and a half thousand (which was later divided into about two and a half, two and a half thousand years ago into Jews, Christians and Islam) years old, But human civilization is not only thousands but millions of years older… then how would they have cremated the bodies. Keep one thing in mind that it was made a religious ritual much later, the sole purpose was to destroy the dead bodies, and it will continue to be so.

Among them, the most ancient methods have been to bury, to leave the dead bodies for animals and birds – many species of fishermen immerse the bodies in the sea to cremate. In India, this has been in vogue for burial, shed in rivers and burnt as a pyre for thousands of years. In some eras, tombs of capable people were also built in the form of cremation and dead bodies were also spiced up and kept safe as mummies.

In many tribes of Africa, the Amazons and in Tibet itself, the bodies are left for animals. Once, many tribal species used to leave bodies of their dead, for the eagles. Even today, the Parsi community in Mumbai leaves the bodies opened in the Tower of Silence so that the eagle can eat them. Burying is the main practice outside of India as a method of destroying dead bodies.

Faith versus Logic
Faith versus Logic

As long as we are alive as an atheist, everything is there, at the end of our consciousness we are finished… then it makes no difference whether our body termination is done as burnt, buried or by medical students. It often depends on other people around, how they like to terminate the corpse.

Vulture feast

That is why if someone does not agree with your faith, then it is his constitutional and human right… You may not agree with him, but don’t give this stupidly taunt as change your name, how to get married or be buried or burnt. Because names are cultural, they don’t have a monopoly of religion, in marriage the desire of the other party is also important and the cremation is a process of body termination that has been going on since the early period of human civilization – every burial doesn’t mean an aspiration of Magfirat and Jannat and not everyone who burns in pyre have the desire for Moksha.

Moral decay or transcendence is beyond faith

For the rest and the main charges – one of them is the social decline related to morality. For a believer, this is religion originated, while it has no relation to religion. They say why can’t atheists have sex with sister, then the pure answer is morality as in human behaviour, otherwise, you will find, the brother who had sex/raped their sister, or the father who made relation with the daughter, in every religion.

The second answer is that if the world started with two humans, then their first breed, which is the father’s semen and mother’s womb, were all born siblings (keep this twin theory to yourself, that all born of one womb are siblings), then the next generation is obviously born out of their mutual relationships… According to that, we all are children of siblings then, now you decide whether they were a human being or an animal.

There is another accusation, what is the difference between an animal and an atheist? It is the same difference as of between a human being and an animal, of conscience, to be of the more sophisticated mind – Do they understand the difference between better and worse like human beings and are they able to turn the circumstances in their favour like a human being?

Faith versus Logic
Cat Faimly

An accusation is that if the human is made from monkey to human, then why this process has stopped now. The answer is that of a race there are many species – from small cats to lions, all come into the cat family, or from lizards to dinosaurs, all come into one family. In the same way, suppose a monkey species living on trees for some reason (assume food crisis) came out of the jungles and started walking on two legs and according to the need of the time, it grew wiser from generation to generation — this does not mean that all species of apes should grow in the same way.

Do theists have all the answers?

Now come to the main point where the theists attack with a list of unresolved questions related to nature, why is this so? If not so, why it isn’t — The thing to note here is that an atheist tries to understand almost everything/questions, but a theist chooses answers of every complicated question or the things he does not understand to leave upon the God. We grapple with questions and it is the result of our struggles that discoveries have been made all over the world, otherwise the people tied to religion while absconding under the guise of God, consider themselves to be declared winners.

Faith versus Logic

For Newton, he is said to have discovered the force of gravity by watching the apple fall – It was only his ability to cope with the question, that it was found out what force is there in the ground, otherwise, for a moment imagine Newton as a pundit or mullah… Watching the apple fall, would have held the slogan that, it is all a wonderful act of God and would have closed the eyes and have gone sleeping again.

They ask many questions related to nature– if it is like this, why is like this, if it is like that, why is it like that – that if we have made our nature that every question we should have an answer. Well, let’s ask you the same question in return, Tell me what is the answer…. there is a hundred percent guarantee, in that case, the answer will go to the God and stop – that the God has made each and everything, that’s His nature and that He can do whatever he wants – such people have no more answers.

Think, you go to the exam and there comes a question that why do gas balloons rise up, what will we write in the answer – That it is all because of God or that they contain hydrogen gas which is the lightest in weight, because it is a certified fact by science that has come to your knowledge.

How come – through a man who closes the answer to every question upon God, or through a fellow who keeps the God aside and grapples with questions? By the way, you consider the man a masterpiece of God, then according to that what is third gender – is this not his complete failure? Whether all the physically incompetent or half incomplete people/fetuses are born – aren’t they all failure of that God?

God's Existence

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