Can religion be logical 8

Arks of Noah and Manu

There is another divine event that clings to both Semitic and Aryan. After all, the roots are the same. But there is a slight contradiction in the stories of both. It is a story of deluge involving Noah aka Vaivasvata Manu, the seventh Manu, in which the entire planet was sunk.

The paradox is that while the Taurat refers to Noah’s Ark resting on Mount Ararat in Turkey, Manu’s bot is described resting on Gauri Shankar peak (present name Mount Everest). Now the two places are different and the two stories cannot be the same even if these are similar. Then obviously one story is false. At the moment we concentrate on the story of Noah.

Dharm Yatra
Noah’s Ark

This incident is mentioned in the early chapter of Taurat, where Noah makes a boat, three hundred cubits long, fifty cubits wide and thirty cubits high. Measurement is mentioned explicitly so that you understand that it is a very small size for a ship. Noah then rides it with pair all kinds of animals and birds, sons and daughters-in-law.

According to the story, it rained continuously for forty days and nights, and the whole earth was submerged in water. This state lasted for one hundred and fifty days, that is, after six and a quarter months the water started descending and the ark rested on the Ararat. By the tenth month, the peaks of the mountains began to appear. Forty days later Noah flew the crow, and seven days after it, the pigeon, which confirmed sighting the land, and two and a half months later Noah stepped on the ground.

When a structure like a boat was officially discovered  

Now the twist came when in 1950 after the Second World War, an American reconnaissance aircraft saw a boat-like structure on Mount Ararat, Turkey. Ten years later, the ‘Life’ magazine published its photo and in the same year Captain Durupinar of the US Army campaigned to find out the truth of it, but he submitted a negative report.

Dharm Yatra
Structure on Ararat

13 years later in 1977, American scientist Ron Wyatt tried again with more resources like state-of-the-art radars and metal detectors and somehow managed to prove that it was a boat. In 1986, Turkey recognized the discovery of Ron Wyatt and preserved it as the Noah’s Ark National Park.

However, even though the remains of sea creatures like snails have been found on Everest and Hindu scholars can also prove the story of Manu with their help.

But regarding these, scientists were of the opinion that Everest was actually a submerged edge of the land separated from East Africa, which later collided with the Asian plate and both sides of the plate, pressing on each other, grew up as Everest and are still growing. It is not surprising to find such remains there.  

It is possible that there might have been such a severe flood anytime, and someone built such a boat. Later on, this legend originated but other things are completely unsubstantiated.

A boat, three hundred cubits long, fifty cubits wide, thirty cubits high, cannot be so large as to have the means to survive for a year. Only a week’s diet of such a big group (birds, animals, humans) would fill it because animals like buffalo, rhinoceros, giraffe, elephant etc. eat big.

An organism of one environment cannot survive in another environment

Getting all animals in ark will include carnivores such as lions, tigers, leopards, hyena, jackals, wolves, etc. Which will eat all the animals present there in the year or a lot of animals will have to be kept to feed them, but then the condition of keeping only one pair of one breed will prove to be fake. Or forcibly one will have to believe that everyone had observed Roza (fast) for that one year.

Secondly, in this category, other special animals such as kangaroos will also be included which are found only in certain parts of the earth. It is also ridiculous to think that in such a short time Noah went to Australia to get a kangaroo and after the flood, he went their again to leave it to the particular area back, where they are found. There are many animals in this category, for which this exercise will have to be done.

Dharm yatra
Animals on Noah’s Ark

And when you talk about the whole earth, then you have to understand that animals living in different geographical conditions cannot survive at the same temperature in one place. That is, the Arctic bear will not survive in the desert heat and the desert ostrich will die in Iceland.

These animals, birds can survive in their favourable environment and not everywhere. It is possible with such advanced technology today that with the help of air conditioners, creatures from different environments can be kept alive in one place, but this was not possible at the very earliest stages of civilization.

In that time, when it would take weeks to reach another city a hundred kilometres away, it was not possible to collect the animals and birds of the whole world sitting at a place while Jehovah had given Noah only seven days for this.

Dharm yatra
Ark and other species

Apart from this, there are millions of species of birds on the earth and if you think that you will catch them and gather them in one place then you are really very naive. One can only assume that there might have been such a huge flood, but there is no reason to believe that it will drown the whole earth.

Here you have to pay attention to one important thing that for Jews and Christians, the whole world meant only Europe, for Muslims the whole world meant just Arab and for Hindus the whole world meant only India.

Why are mountains so significant in all the old stories  

You must have read that Moses met Jehovah at Koh-e-Toor or Mount Sinai. The ten divine commandments were issued from there, but have you ever wondered why only the mountains? Why do all these angels and Gods come out of the mountains?

Dharm Yatra
Greek Mythology

Read the ancient Roman, Greek, Egyptian stories, watch Hollywood movies such as ‘Land of Pharaohs’ ‘Gods of Egypt,’ ‘Clash of Titans’ based on those folk tales. Nowhere will the God, Jehovah, etc. who run this creation be described living outside this earth. They will either be found on the mountain or in heaven (in the earth’s atmosphere)– why?

This confirms the concept that was prevalent among the common people before the fifteenth century. That is the geocentric world. The sky was considered as a roof with a layer made of gas, so obviously, the creators of this world will also be found inside this world. Just because of this, they lived in the best place of the earth i.e. the mountains.

Jehovah also lived on the mountain

I am writing the first chapter of Taurat in brief, guess yourself…  

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the deep waters. God said, Let there be light and there was light. Then he divided the light from the darkness. Then he made land and sky etc. Then he created trees, aquatic creatures, animals, birds etc. After finishing work in six days, he rested and on the seventh day he created Adam from dust.

And in the east, he planted a garden in the land of Eden, where he planted all kinds of fruits and also planted a tree of knowledge. Then a river flowed out from Eden from which four streams Pishon, Gihon, Hiddekel and Euphrates branched out. Then for the entertainment of Adam, he kept all kinds of animals there and then made Eve from Adam’s rib. Till then they had no knowledge of good and bad.

Dharm Yatra
Adam and Eve

Then a snake living there seduced Eve and fed the fruit, and Eve fed to Adam. Then eyes of them both were opened and they realized that they were naked and both covered themselves. Then Jehovah, who wandered in the garden in the cool of the day, started looking for them both, and when they came in front, he saw them covered and became angry. When both of them told the whole thing on his asking, he feared that by eating the fruit of knowledge, they had become equal to him, so that by eating the fruit of life, they do not become immortal like him so he cursed the three (including the snake) and banished from the garden.

That is, all this gimmick was not happening outside the earth, and Jehovah means a God who did not know anything by himself and then also feared that Adam might become equal to him. Then, later on, Adam’s sons named Cain (farmer) and Abel (cattleman) reached to offer to Jehovah. Where did they reach?

Jehovah preferred meat over vegetables

Dharm Yatra
Cain murdered Abel

Somewhere on the mountain, where he liked Abel‘s offering with meat and he rejected Cain‘s offering. Angrily, Cain killed Abel in his return. When Jehovah heard the news, after one conversation he vowed that if someone killed Cain, he would be avenged seven times and fearing that someone might kill Cain, (where did these people come from?), he gave him a symbol and when Cain‘s wife gave birth to Enoch, he settled a city by the name of Enoch. Where did the people come from the city?

The interesting thing is that it is mentioned with the chapter of Noah that demons used to live on the earth in those days. Think where did these demons come from? However, as many stories go on, Jehovah wandering on the earth keeps reaching everyone. Neither Gabriel aka Jibril nor seven skies or paradise. All these things come to light later.

The Gods that you will find in Hindu scriptures did not live anywhere outside the earth, but lived on the picturesque mountains of the Himalayas. Here in Tibet, Uttarakhand, Himachal etc. Indra’s heaven, paradise and Brahm Pradesh on the highest mountains are located, where Mansarovar pilgrimage occurs.

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