Can religion be logical final

Religious scholars define everything as per their own convenience

Have you seen the movie ‘Judai‘ where Johny Lever concludes Upasana Singh saying ‘abba dab a Jabba’ as a love acceptance in his own style? Nowadays religious scholars of this type are also found who deduce meanings of symbolic shlokas or verses in this style.

Most religious scholars are Johny Leavers explaining the meaning of ‘abba dabba jabba‘ in their own way. Suppose eighty things proved to be wrong out of a hundred things said, then they will ignore them and will glorify the rest twenty, proved right (by fluke).

Dharm Yatra
Jews Literature

Well, it’s an irony that to this day, Muslims consider Jews to be the most dangerous people that they are unpredictable. They will reject any of their writings outright, but in the past, they adopted the boasts, fabricated in the name of this Jewish religion with an open heart because it was in their own interest. The literature like Adam, Eve, Abraham, Lut, Moses, David, Suleiman, Jaboor, Taurat, etc. belonged to them. All these people were clan chiefs in their times, and kings in the future, who often used to make stories to prove themselves as an incarnation or messenger of God and propagate it to the people, so that their power would not be challenged or other interests can be fulfilled.

Most religious literature is only meant for the glorification

In India too, from Mauryan period to Shunga Empire (associated with religion) and from Khilji to Aurangzeb (associated with personal glorification and politics), the same spectacles were repeated. Otherwise, God cannot be so biased to not signify any lower class to send incarnations in India or in West Asia all the family members would have been Prophets. It means that in such large civilizations, populations, it was only Abraham‘s family that Prophets were born one after the other. Don’t you feel this is a strange coincidence? Does it not seem that like the Gandhi family, prophecy is also following a dynastic tradition that after the father, only son or brother after the brother will become Prophet. Almost all of them from Abraham to Muhammad are parts of the same dynastic vine. Does God seem like a man with limited intelligence?

In the initial phase, someone set a format of the divine incarnation or messenger and the next ones followed the same track. Since all was written around Jesus and before that it was alive only in the legends so the Jews adjusted it in their own way at the time of writing and to continue this series, they predicted the next Christ in which Jesus was caught.

Dharm Yatra final
Oldest Testament

From here, the twist came. Since all the written history was being prepared, then how would Jesus be recognized as the Messiah? As a result, the high-voltage drama was created and later when the followers of Jesus wrote their Bible (New Testament) then all the old content was verified. Why? Because it was necessary for their own verification. This was to prove their prophecy in Abraham‘s lineage. Whereas the formers (believers of the Old Testament) have been denying Jesus Christ to be Messiah till this day and have always declared them liars.

In the seventh century, Muhammad Sahab did the same. Either by himself or his followers did it, is buried in the past but it is clear that he carried forward the same sequence. They verified the content of the Jews, who have been hated by Muslims since then. Why? Because it was necessary for their own authenticity. But here too the same thing happened that those formers (Christians, Jews) refused to accept him as the sequel of their concept and held a liar who abducted their concept and the angels.

Suitable editing was done in this borrowed literature

A lot of editing has been done to this literature according to the need and time. I am giving two brief examples. The Jews clearly wrote that the Jehovah ordered Abraham to sacrifice his son, in a dream, so he took Isaac (in their conception son of Sarah, Isaac was the son of Abraham, while Ismail was son of maid Hajra), with the sacrificial goods, and when Isaac asked who will we sacrifice, he answered that the one who has given the order will make arrangements and reached to the sacrificial site and tied Isaac. While adopting the same story, the Muslims have replaced Isaac with Ismail and also modified that Abraham had told the truth and Ismail himself was ready. After all, Ismail had to be proved great.

Dharm Yatra final
Lut’s Story

In the same way, anal sex freak citizens of Prophet Lut’s city were buried by the rain of stones (which is now called the Dead Sea) because sodomy was a sin in the eyes of God. They took that much part but deducted the rest story because the basis of this story was morality, and in the next part, morality was torn apart, where both his daughters, who craved male intercourse, drank him, had intercourse with him and conceived his children. That is, it would not suit that a prophet is drinking wine and having sex with daughters, so they removed that part.

However, the stories that are repeated for centuries are automatically accepted as true and then tens of proofs are made to prove them true and the translation like ‘abba dabba jabba‘ containing those stories is prepared according to own convenience. If you read the literature of any religion by being absolutely neutral, then you will see contradictions and holes in fifty places, which the engineers of that religion will try to show you by putting a patch on it.

Both Aryans and Semitic descended from the same stream, but in this case, I would call the Aryans more clever that they coined God in the larger philosophical way so that even after centuries they could justify it in every way, (not the present-day modern Hindu, Vedic religion/Aryasamaji). Whereas the Semitic people started to form God as Jehovah and made a cartoon in the first step instead of a superpower.

The Muslims improved the image due to being the last writers, but even after being described as formless, they made mistakes like long hands to hold the sky and throne, etc. which the engineers have to resort to the ‘abba dabba jabba’ method to cover up.

We can consider incarnations as Gurus

If you want to understand Jesus, then he has to be considered as guru just as the Sikhs do. If you perceive him charmed by the miracles and divine powers, you will probably never understand. He was a social reformer of his time, was a rebel, a revolutionary, but later the writers added many such things with him for his glorification, which made his credibility suspicious. The blame is on the writers and not on him. Similarly, while reading religious books, you have to pay attention to their motives and not on their stories.


If you acknowledge great men as Gurus, then you will be able to understand that they were also human beings, so obviously they can also have some weakness with a hundred characteristics. Or if you will focus on their weaknesses then you will understand their circumstantial reasons too. It can be understood by some examples. There is no solution to blind faith in the world. Everyone is ready to believe some unseen divine power with eyes closed. In such a situation, you pay attention to people around you and you find that they are wild, uncivilized, barbaric and are far away from every rule and regulation. Their life is uncertain and insecure because of their ways and you want to improve them.

So much you will know that no such person will listen to you because you are the same person among them. What is different in you that they listen to you? In such a situation, you can attract people to you by claiming to be a divine incarnation. You can prove your authenticity by putting a seal of ‘verified’ on the stories prevalent already.

You will have to struggle with this, but your personality will be different from them. Here your claims are not important, your motive is important which does not depend on any kind of selfishness, but on the well being of the people. However, it needs courage, because for this purpose you will have to sacrifice all your dreams, your future and your personal life.

And then to change those bad people suppose you show them the dream that those of you who drink here do not drink because it has a negative effect on not only you but also on your family. Control yourself here, you will get river of liquor in heaven. Or don’t do lascivious activities here, and believe that if you control your nature here and live a life of decency, then after death, there will be many hoors you will get. These claims may be false because no one has seen them but the reforms can be seen on the ground.

Later, it was the fault of the next generations that they forgot the motive and claimed and spread the same things for their selfishness (like terrorists, martyrdom for jihad, seventy-two hoors, the greed of Jannat (heaven)). Imagine that namaz meant that salat (connection) where humans could connect with God around him in the form of Brahma element for a moment through meditation, but people offering namaz as a formality, indulge in different thoughts of all over the world while looking at other people around, mosque fans and mats. The same situation is of Hindus who spend hours worshipping in temples, who despite having the art of meditation, are trapped in hypocrisy.

We can learn from religious books

All such books were meant to show the path according to the circumstances of that time, to decide the rules of governance but they never became effective. Why? Because instead of understanding their motives people just mugged up. When all religions give the message of love, peace and brotherhood, then why is there so much chaos in the world? When all religious books teach you best practices, then why are their believers in the world full of evils? Why are they full of hate? According to this, religions were designed to turn humans into deities, then how are devils with demonic tendencies coming out of them?

Dharm Yatra final

After all, why is there so much hatred, so much violence, so much bloodshed in the whole world? Because the religions that were expected to form the social system have failed. Rather the religions have not failed, people have failed to understand their purpose. And that is the reason that people are pretending to be religious, doing hypocrisy day and night but still, there is disturbance, hatred and backwardness in their lives. And those populations of the west who are called atheists, they have absorbed the core of religion and they are living a better life than us.

Religion is not what its stakeholders explain to you in the form of millions of words of fraud, but one that is hidden in your nature, but which you keep on pressing because it strikes your interest or selfishness. And if God exists, then he is not observing you from heaven like a magician or executioner, but he is around you, is inside you.

28 thoughts on “Can religion be logical final

  1. I always thought that what we were told in our homes in the name of our history is so right because after taking all the same things, the other side says something else, so how do you know who is saying the right thing in both of them .. Why the history Should be read from the perspective of some fair people. A similar lesson came from this series.

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  2. We have minimal information about Islam, according to that a lot can be learned from this article .. Keep writing like this. many many congratulations

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  3. You are asking if religion can be logical, then the answer is no. Religion can never be logical, it is just a matter of obeying, with closing the eyes and ears. Just keep on believing, this is religion.

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