Can religion be logical 6

Religious Miracles: Claims v/s reality

People have been living in the forests for thousands of years. In Africa, the forests of Amazon even today tribes have been surviving for thousands of years, far away from the civilised world. Imagine how?

Dharm Yatra
Amazon’s Life

Neither did they get any book, nor did they have any doctor or scientist around but still they know everything about diet and regimen. They know what herb is to be taken if you fall sick. They have been living with this knowledge for centuries. Now if one of them comes to this outer civilized world and after looking at the things here, claims that ‘you became aware of these things now which we had been told by our ancestors centuries ago’. So would you believe that his forefathers were miraculous, scientists etc.?

Let’s talk about present. How are stories, folk stories written? What is the plot of them? One is that it contains the knowledge available till date and secondly fantasies linked with it. These fantasies can be associated with the present and also with the past or future.

Look at Hollywood movies, for example ‘Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind‘, filled with the knowledge available till date and the imagination of the future, where the hero and heroine are getting those memories erased from their mind that is associated with each other. ‘After Earth‘ which fantasises life after the end of life on Earth. There are ‘Day After Tomorrow’ and ‘2012‘ which points to the future issues that could end human civilization on Earth. There are ‘Star Wars‘, and ‘Avatar‘ which take us out of the Earth to a different world.

Fantasies were considered prophecies in the name of religion  

These are all things within the capability of the human mind, but if something happens in the future that is shown in these films and assumes that with this memory you are also shifted in the same future, then would you believe that Charlie Kaufman, Will Smith, Roland Emmerich, George Lucas, or James Cameron, who made/acted in these films were divine and knew the future? Or if a virus infection like ‘World War Z‘, ‘Resident Evil‘, ‘I am the Legend‘ kills human civilization tomorrow, will you believe that the people who made these films knew about the future.

You will never believe. But religious books created with the help of available knowledge and future imaginations similarly, are easily considered to be miraculous. We claim that what science has proved today, had already been mentioned in them fourteen hundred / thousands of years ago.

The Muslims do the publicity of scientists and celebrities that how they started believing such things after seeing miracle. They converted to Islam. Well if those people get overwhelmed by your miracles and start believing you then why don’t you impress your self with the miracles of others? There are some miracles even in Hinduism. Ayurveda is thousands of years old, doesn’t science provide it? Was not the technique of first test-tube baby Louise Joy Brown inspired by the birth of the Kauravas?

Today we know that the calculation of time is different on different planets and if you spend one year on Neptune, 164 years pass on Earth. One day of Mercury is equal to ninety days of Earth but there is a story in Padmapuran and Bhagwat Purana that Indra had called king Muchukand to fight against the Asuras (demons). Thousands of years had passed on Earth in this almost one-year battle on heaven.

Or Manusmriti – 1/67
 दैवे रात्र्यहनी वर्षं प्रविभागस्तयोः पुनः।
 अहस्तत्रोदगयनं रात्रिः स्याद्दक्षिणायनम् ।।

Makar Sankranti

That is, one year of human beings is equivalent to Ahoratra (night and day) of the gods. Uttarayan (transition of sun from Capricorn to Gemini) is the day and Dakshinayan (transition of sun from Cancer to Sagittarius) is the night of the gods. The poles were discovered in the eighteenth-nineteenth century and it is not too old to know that poles have days at night of six months each but it was written in Manusmriti thousands of years ago.

Means they already knew all these things, which scientists have come to know now. So did your faith stagger after hearing these miracles as a Muslim? Could you convert to Hinduism by believing in these miracles? No. And it is interesting that with the help of such miracles they convert others into Islam.

Humans can imagine the future  

Humans have always had amazing fantasies about the future. Recently fictions of J. K. Rowling‘s ‘Harry Potter‘ and James Cameron‘s ‘Avatar‘ brought great excitement amongst people. Although J. K. Rowling’s imagination was amazing but it was still bound by the rule to which 99.99 people are bound. That is, your mind can just imagine the things that you have seen, heard and are related to this world and which your God has already created.

Dharm Yatra
Avtar Concept

Whereas in ‘Avatar‘ (there are many more movies), things were created that did not exist, which were never seen and heard, that is, to stand equivalent to God and create new things, which are out of the human mind. Suppose, after two to three thousand years, if we find similar things on another planet then? It can only be called a coincidence or would people like James Cameron be declared a Prophet? So such a unique talent exists in the humans of this planet, but it does not make them divine or supernatural.

See, whatever discoveries or inventions are made, are inspired by something. As it was written in your religious book five thousand years ago that Harry Potter used to fly with a broom because human interest has always been in flying. And after great efforts, he finally succeeded in paragliding or making an aircraft. So it is the success of that person or those people, you cannot attribute this to your childish Harry Potter tale that they learned to fly today but we had flown Harry Potter five thousand years ago.

The discovery and invention have a mere connection with these religious texts that inspiration can be taken from anywhere. Ramayana, Mahabharata, Quran and also from the stories of Munshi Premchand or J. K. Rowling. If knowledge books had this much of scientific knowledge, then their experts’ maulana or pandits would have made every discovery and invention themselves rather shamelessly giving this credit to their religious books instead of praising others for their hard work.

Islam and miracles

dharm Yatra
Moore’s Book

Among the miracles that are much talked about in religion, one is the Quranic verses 12-14 of Surah Muminun, which contains the process of formation of embryo. Keith Moore, a Canadian scientist who believed the process to be a miracle converted to Islam. He was warmly welcomed by the whole Muslim world and he was recognized by the whole world. Think, if he had not done this, what would have been his identity?Thousands of anonymous scientists are there in the world. He too would have been one of them.

Most people (scientists too) are basically believers who believe in an unseen God, even if their profession is related to science. They never apply science or modern education to themselves. It can be understood very well from the statements of ex-commissioner in India Mr Satyapal or Dr Harshavardhan.

We also have believer scientists like Dr Kalam who used to read the Gita and if were alive, it is possible that he would have converted to Hinduism. Scientists of ISRO are also theists. If they see a miracle somewhere else tomorrow, then they can convert to Buddhism, Christianity or Islam.

In such a situation, it is clear that leaving one religion and moving to another is not an achievement or a rare event. Being a scientist does not mean that the person recognizes science and logic in his job or business as well as personal life.

Can mentioning embriology in Quran be a miracle

Now let’s look at this miracle from the perspective of Moore. According to him, the Quran revealed these things in the seventh century, while science did much later. Now as Moore himself believes, the inhabitants of Arabia and the surrounding areas (to which they were connected) were absolutely muddled before the seventh century. They knew nothing. They might also have been eating food through their nose.

Dharm yatra
Fetus Process

That means they were naive that to the extent that the Quran explained to them that they were born via semen, otherwise they also perceived it as a child whether the children come from the hospital or from an angel brings them from heaven. What would they have thought about coitus and would definitely have considered the semen released after the climax to be worst stage of urine?

And they were so much unaware that they didn’t even know about the surroundings. In India itself, the significance of semen was written thousands of years ago, where the sages were born from the semen of gods dripping here and there. Sages like Dronacharya, Kripacharya were born like this. Sadly, Moore could not see Indian miracles, otherwise he would have converted to Hinduism.

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