Can religion be logical 5

Children were used in the war for the first time in the name of the crusade

The fourth crusade was invoked in 1202 by Pope Innocent III who wanted to unite the Christian society which was divided into two parts and expel the Muslims from the Holy Land. Many kings participated in this war too and there was extreme bloodshed. After this, in 1212, there was a farmer in France named Stephen, who called for crusade declaring himself a messenger who has been sent by God to defeat the Muslims and this defeat would be by the hands of children.

Dharm Yatra
Children’s Crusade

Two teams of thirty and twenty thousand children left from France and Germany. Thousands of children drowned in the sea and the rest were sold as slaves in Alexandria and thousands died on the return journey. After another crusade in 1228, emperor Frederick conquered Jerusalem and the surrounding area but soon this area was conquered by the Muslims again. After this, two crusades occurred in 1248 and 1270 and a similar massacre happened in them. The important thing about these wars was that the Christians themselves also died in large numbers and lost.

The Jerusalem for which all this happened, the Muslims of today may consider it to be their property and the Jews as tenants, but that was always the place where the offsprings of Isaac and Jacob ruled. During Moses‘ time, their people had escaped from Egypt and populated this place as a country and it is also true that no other community was as much massacred as the Jews.

Jerusalem: Root of the quarrel between Muslims, Christians and Jews.

Dharm Yatra
Oldest Mount Temple

Jerusalem has been the root of the quarrels between Muslims, Christians and Jews to this day. A monument is located in Jerusalem, which Muslims call Masjid-e-Aqsa (they used to turn towards it while offering namaz before the conquest of Mecca), and Jews believe that it is Temple Mount (Synagogue) and was built by Suleman (Solomon), son of a Jewish, Dawood (David). They believe that one day their Christ (mentioned in their texts, they do not consider Jesus as their Christ) will come and will get this holy place of theirs free from Muslims while Muslims consider it to be a mosque built during the time of Adam.

Jews settled there in the sixteenth century BC after the Great Exodus, but it was such a region where fights continued until colonial times and Jews were repeatedly killed, eradicated and resettled. They themselves had a confluence of two large castes (Israel and Judah) which also used to fight with each other. Solomon’s era was a golden period for them. It was because of their divisions that they were dominated by most of the others.

In 722 BC, Shalmaneser V captured them. In 610 BC, the Khaldis came to dominate. This was followed by the phase of Hakhamani empire of Iran in 550 BC when emperor Kurush defeated the Khaldis and took possession but the Iranians were moderate. They not only gave the Jews freedom but also settled Joshua, the grandson of the former priest of the temple of Jerusalem and Jerubbaal, exiled descendent of Dawood, returning their looted property, in Jerusalem and renovated the temple at their expense.

When Jews were massacred in Jerusalem repeatedly

In 330 BC Alexander ended the Achaemenid Empire, and his own commander Ptolemy I attacked in and captured both Israel and Judah in 320 BC and in 198 BC, Antiochus IV of the Seleucid dynasty of second Greek family became king who angered by the rebellion in Jerusalem, killed thousands of Jews, looted the temple, demolished the boundary walls of the city and handed over the city to army, where Judaism itself was declared a crime, all copies of Taurat were burnt and Greek idols were installed in temples.  

Dharm Yatra
Attack on Jerusalem

After this, in 141 BC, a Jewish commander Simon declared independence by defeating the Greeks and uniting the two kingdoms, but this independence remained only for 78–80 years. Then in 66 BC, Rome’s General Pompey captured the whole country along with Jerusalem. 12000 Jews were killed in that war. After this, in 135 AD, Roman emperor Hadrian, enraged by the Jews, murdered each of the Jews, razed every part of the city to the ground, made the land plain and on the same land, built the Roman city named Aelia Capitolina

A statue of pig as national symbol of Rome was installed at the city’s main gate and it was proclaimed that no Jews could step in here. 200 years after this, the Christian emperor Constantine re-promoted Jerusalem to its name, and conditions changed here.

The arrival of Muslims in Jerusalem

Dharm Yatra
The arrival of Muslims in Jerusalem

Muslims entered this state when the Caliph Omar defeated the Romans in 636 and captured the whole of Palestine, including both Judah and Israel. An incident is prevalent at that time when Omar along with his companions went to that ancient temple of the Jews, he found it littering and full of filth. Then he cleaned it by his own hands and handed it to the Jews. Then there was no dispute between Jews and Muslims about that place of prayer. This dispute was raised during the Umayyad Sultanate (they built it), which was aimed at expansion of power and its acceptance. Since then it continues till today. Until then, the rule of Muslims mostly remained there until the colonial period.

There are two more points worth mentioning. When the propagation of Buddhism was at its peak before the advent of Christ, this ideology reached the whole of western Asia and this influenced the establishment of the Essenes sect among the Jews. Every Essenes followed the same rules.

Animal sacrifice, meat-eating and drinking were prohibited and they had to pray at the time of initiation ‘I will be a devotee of God, I will always treat people with justice, I will not harm anyone, nor will I ever commit violence. I will always keep my words, I will always be truthful.

And during this period another ideology influenced by Vedic Hindu philosophy was born which is called Kabbalah. Whose principles are – God is eternal, infinite, immense, imperceptible, latent and indescribable. He is beyond existence and consciousness. From that latent, emerged the perspicuous and perceptible originated from the imperceptible. Man can only contemplate this second form of God.

Dharm Yatra
Kabbalah Philosophy

The books of Kabbalah describe the various categories of yoga, the chakras within the body and the secrets of practice. The reason for telling this is to let those people who believe that the Prophet had told everything to people of Arabia, know that 600 years before his time such things and knowledge had spread to the whole of West Asia and Europe.

The scientific revolution drove Europe out of the dark  

As long as Christian society was dominated by the pope and the churches, they were too staunch but Copernicus, Bruno and Galileo broke that dominion hence they managed to come out of idiocy. To this day, most Christians are infrequent churchgoers or they go on special occasions, who consider the Bible no more than the tale that they have confined to churches.

This is the reason that with the increasing use of the internet since the end of the twentieth century, Muslims dominate it in sharing the content, videos, and fake stories of all sorts claiming supremacy of their religion (they are laggards in all other advancements). Christians / Jews are far behind (leading the world in everything else) in such claims. While imitating Muslims, Hindus (number two in laggardness) have also started competing with them.

Now let’s examine their claims from virtual world to real world. What do you deduce by their tagline ‘What science has explained tody, our Prophet had already told fourteen hundred years ago’, ’our sages were aware of it thousands of years ago’. Were they doctors, engineers, scientists?

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