Jihadi Parinde

A long time ago, I met a publisher with a script. The first question he asked on seeing the script was how much content of sex is there in it? It was strange because I did not use to write that kind of stuff. So obviously I reacted negatively but he said that this is what is trending the market nowadays. Without it how the book would sell? It is better to write a book that has a lot of stuff for today’s young generation.

I found it weird that why sex content should unnecessarily be there in a story? But then after a little research, it was clear that the market material was indeed the one which was in demand. 

Then, keeping this thing in mind, I wrote a story which was completely market material but then after reading it several times, I could not dare to go ahead hence I had put it on hold.

But now since I am trying to establish in this field, so I thought why not start with this? Now even writers like Chetan Bhagat write this and people also read. However, after that, I edited such scenes a lot, but the ’market material’ is still there.

In fact, this story is about a sexually sick Indian for whom women of all ages, race and built were acceptable as a sex object and the whole thrill of his life was in them. The craze of the girls and free life of the West was madness for him, due to which he travels all the way from Lucknow to America and he gets the same which he was craving for but unknowingly he becomes a victim of a conspiracy of two white women and accused of several murders.

In an attempt to escape this, he gets trapped in a terrorist group, planning a big suicide attack. Though he had women of his choice available all around him, these were the one who fails all his efforts to escape.

Please read the book to know further. It is available on Almost all big online platform. You can buy from wherever you like.

In India and Abroad:

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