Daya Shankar was someone who could be called sexually sick— a hypersexual disordered paedophilic character, who found women as nothing more than a mere platter of served meat. For him every part of the woman was nothing but a means of sexual driving and arousing his hyper excitement. His imagination was such that he envisioned he could get the same pleasure with any girl or woman in the virtual transition just as any human would get in the realm of reality.

Daya Shankar was the kind of common Indian whose understanding and love for the western culture was full of wrong interpretations of free sex, lust and uncontrollable absurd sexual fantasies, and those very fantasies trapped him in a vortex from where it was impossible to get out of. Starting from a small job and getting trapped in a web of conspiracy for acquiring property and getting entrapped in the connections to a jihadi network, his pursuit of the real happiness that he was seeking came with a real price.

We cannot weigh every person on the scale of ethics… For some people, taboos are minor, and they end up attracting all those who are immoral and extremist. Daya Shankar was a man of that fallen scale.
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