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Jihadi Parinde

Daya Shankar Dubey was a common man representing the porn addict generation of today, which would not be wrong if it was called sex ill in normal language.
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Sulagte Ahsaas
Don’t Search the standard of Ghalib, Meer, Faiz etc.. It’s just timepass shayri and Ghazals to relax. If you read light-hearted mood then you will surely like it and especially for present-day’s majnus, it is very useful thing. You can buy this from many platform like..

Everyday, a story is taking place around you .. These short stories give us very deep lessons and if we want to learn, we can learn a lot from them. Every story is an experience that sometimes brings tears to your eyes and sometimes brings a sweet smile to your lips.
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Like eating in life, it is very important to laugh too… At least a little time in the day should be taken, so that you can laugh openly and release all your tension. So come .. Laugh a little… You can take this e-book from all these platforms ..

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